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After graduating from Harvard with a degree in Visual and Environmental Studies, Banta went to Berkeley and earned a Masters in Architecture. He taught at Berkeley and at the University of Texas at Austin. He works in Emeryville CA.


Early 1980's - The John and Martha Cook Cabin, aka Snowshoe Cabin, Soda Springs CA, near Lake Tahoe. 765 sf. Built by John Cook and his contractor, Neal Tye. It took almost a year of weekends and vacations for construction. Featured in the October 1986 Sunset magazine.


Around 1989 - aka the Matrix Beach House, aka Stinson Beach House, Stinson Beach CA. 2800 sf. Located in the Seadrift Community, a gated area closed to the public. As the Seadrift houses are built entirely upon sand, they could potentially disappear beneath the waves if a major earthquake hits this part of the San Andreas Fault. Photos by Andrew McKinney.

1992 - aka the Radius B House, 1 Gilmartin Court, Tiburon CA. Commissioned in the late 1980's. Top photo by Andrew McKinney. Sold to Thomas and Ellen Atwood. Sold to Brian and Lisa Smith. Sold to Stephen and Jodi Shaw. Sold in 2003 to Gilmartin Investment. Sold in 2004 to Fred and Rodney Pistilli.


1992 - The Dan and Ilan Silberstein Renovation, aka Equinox House, 28 Meadow Hill Drive, Tiburon CA. Unsure of original architect. Sold in 1997 to Richard Shenkman, who commissioned Banta for renovation and expansion. Bottom two photos by Matthew Millman.



1993 - aka the XYZ House, 43 Perth Place, Oakland CA. 4000 sf. Named for the shape of its underlying bracing. The decks and roof overhang offering shade; the double-height living-room and stair tower offer natural ventilation; and the concrete provides thermal mass for passive solar heating. Sold to David and Annamarie Shaw.

Year Unknown - aka the Parallax House Renovation, Hillsborough CA. 6500 sf. Address unknown.