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Kappe was born in Minneapolis MN to Romanian immigrant parents who changed the family name from Kapelowitz to Kappe. In 1940, the family moved to Los Angeles, where he attended Emerson Middle School designed by Richard Neutra. He graduated with honors from the University of California at Berkeley in 1951 then he worked as a draftsman on Eichler Homes for the admired Northern California firm Anshen+Allen. He then moved back to LA to work two years with Carl Maston.

Kappe went on his own in 1954, completing dozens of custom post-and-beam houses and winning many awards. By 1968 he was the head of Kahn Kappe Lotery Boccato. After serving as Founding Chairman of the Department of Architecture at California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, Kappe resigned in 1972 and started the Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-ARC) which "encourages learning through creative discourse and supports diversity of opinion within the framework of a common vision." Unlike many design school startups, SCI-Arc succeeded, turned out several thousand graduates, and is considered one of the top architecture schools in the country. Kappe attributes success in part to experience he gained working in his parents' store. "I knew how to keep books - which most architects don't."

In 1978, his firm became Kappe Lotery Boccato. In 1985, he split off to form Kappe Architects Planners. Kappe received many individual awards including the 1987 Richard Neutra International Medal for Design Excellence, the 1995 California Council/AIA Bernard Maybeck Award for Design, and the Topaz Medal. Many thanks to Catherine Westergaard Cramer, Jim McCarthy, and Andrea Minton for research and photos.

1954 - The National Boulevard Apartments, 10565 National Boulevard, Culver City CA. Kappe's earliest design was this six-unit apartment complex in the Palms section of West Los Angeles. The building sits next to 10567 National Boulevard, the Garden Apartment Building, designed by Los Angeles architect Carl Maston, whom Kappe worked with for two years. Owned by the Raymond and Rochelle Kappe Family Trust.

 1954 - The Gordon and Hildred Goetschel House, 272 Mesa Lila Road, Glendale CA. Sold to Walter and Sylvia Gads. Sold to Anca Barbu. Sold in 2014 to Anca Barbu. Top photo by Michael Locke.


1956 - The Phineas and Betty Kappe House, 15541 Woodcrest Drive, Sherman Oaks CA. They were Ray Kappe's parents. The 2300 sf house has walls of glass, vaulted ceilings, a private gated zen garden, interior reflecting pool, and an outdoor spa with a waterfall. Sold in 2003 to Anne E. Zimmerman Trust and Mark Piaia. Sold in 2016 to Mark Piaia. Photos by Michael Locke.





1956 - The Stoner House, 5679 Corso di Napoli, Long Beach CA. As of 2013 owned by the Katherine Stoner Trust. Sold in 2018 to David and Susan Erickson. Photos by Don Stoner.

1956 - The Arthur M. and Luis Enstedt Apartment Additions, 3351/3353/3355/3357 Shelby Drive, Los Angeles CA. These were to be additional units behind an existing complex. Unbuilt. The original apartments were destroyed in 1983.

1956 - The Luis Enstedt Kitchen Renovation, 2108 Benecia Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Sold around 2003 to Michael and Shirley Kiley.

1956 - The Paul Nass Apartments, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.


1957 - The Merrill and Connie Friend Residence, 4727 Louise Avenue, Encino CA. As of 2013 owned by Richard Rabkin. Photo by Michael Locke.


1957 - The Eric Lowens House, 1542 Rising Glen Road, Los Angeles CA. This house was originally a 1900sf post-and-beam residence built of redwood and glass. Sold to the Kahane Trust. Sold in 2005 to Babak (Bob) Ghassemieh. Renovated by Kappe in 2007 to 2300sf, built by Tom Hinerfeld and Joanne Costello of Hinerfeld-Ward Inc. Photos by David Lena. Bottom photo by Andrea Minton. Sold in 2017 to Joshua Schulman and James G. Conley III. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.


1957 - The Forrest House Remodel, Los Angeles CA. Status unknown, unsure if built.


1957 - The Margaret O. Smith Residence, 8322 Ridpath Drive, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 2000 to William Miller who still owned it as of 2014. Photo by Michael Locke.


1958 - The Lee and Helen Kasof Residence, 5909 Wrightcrest Drive, Culver City CA. Commissioned 1957. According to their son, Joseph Kasof, "when my parents owned this extraordinary home, it was maintained beautifully and without departing from Kappe’s vision (except to install a small cement basketball area when I was a lad)." Subsequent owners have substantially modifed the house with “improvements” that greatly reduced the Kappe look and feel. B/W construction photo and photo of Kappe with Audrey Kasof supplied by Joseph Kasof. Sold in 2000 to James Hayden.


1958 - The Buzza Residence, Beverly Hills CA. Unbuilt.


1958 - The Berkus-Kappe Apartments, 4150 Hillcrest Drive, Los Angeles CA. Eight units. Sold around 2002 to Dan Ramirez. Photos by Andrea Minton. Sold to Kelly Kane LLC in 2013. Top photo by Michael Locke.

1958 - The Arthur Taylor Residence, 7586 Woodrow Wilson Drive, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt. A house unrelated to Kappe was built there around 1963.

 1958 - The Howard Waymire House, 4245 Don Alanis Place, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1957. Sold to Linda Griego and Ronald C. Peterson. Sold in 2000 to Barbara Brodsky and Janice Ritter. Sold in 2005 to Ivan P. and Audrey Morrissey. Bottom three photos by Michael Locke. For sale in 2018.


1958 - The Sy and Maxine Gomberg House, 681 Brooktree, Santa Monica CA. Kappe later put on an addition. Sold in 2000 to David Entin. Sold to F. Elliott Leonard and Roger Litz. Sold in 2012 to Elizabeth Latshaw. Top photo by Michael Locke.


1959 - The Hal Erdley Residence, 1210 El Medio Avenue, Pacific Palisades CA. Still owned by the Erdleys as of 2014. According to Mrs. Erdley, they went out to look at the Phineas Kappe Residence and she said to Hal "I'd like a house like that, with a tree growing through it." Kappe was architect and builder and did an addition in 1982. Top photo by Michael Locke, remaining photos by Andrea Minton.

1959 - The Frishberg Addition, Hargis Street, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.


1959 - The Earl Clemmons Residence, 2941 Briar Knoll Drive, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 2000 to Charles (Chuck) and Elizabeth McCann and Tally Productions.

1959 - The Jerry and Janet Glaser Remodel, 7252 West 94th Street, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt. Original house built in 1952, designed by Henry J. Friel; later destroyed for LAX expansion. 

1959 - The Seligman Addition, Los Angeles CA. Probably unbuilt, no record of its construction. 

1959 - The Robert Hayes Residence, 3943 Woodfield Drive, Sherman Oaks CA. Commissioned 1958. Top three photos by Julius Shulman, bottom by Michael Locke. Featured in House and Home, November 1960. As of 2013 still owned by Robert Hayes.

1960 - The Wohlstadter Residence, North Hollywood, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1960 - The Sarna Residence, 2275 Betty Lane, Los Angeles CA. Sold to Aharon Ipale.


1960 - The Murray B. and Genevieve B. Davis Residence, 1151 Angelo Drive, Los Angeles CA. As of 2014 owned by the Genevieve B. Davis Trust. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.

1960 - The Kosser Residence, Los Angeles CA. Lot 17, tract 12594. Unbuilt.



1960 - The Rex and Helena Ragan Residence, 1184 Rancheros Place, Pasadena CA. Built by Ted Tyler. Sold in 2006 to the Barbara F. Vomela Trust. Photo by Michael Locke.

1960 - The Paul Hammond Apartments, 3540 Sawtelle Boulevard and 3739 McLaughlin Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Ten units. These units once had a pool. Each unit had its own terraces that are now enclosed. 3540 sold to Jeanne E. Fujimoto Trust; 3739 sold in 1988 to Alan L. Saunders Trust. Photos by Andrea Minton.

1960 - The Cotzen Residence, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.




1961 - The Leon M. and Helen Pollock Barsha Residence, 3515 Royal Woods Drive, Sherman Oaks CA. In 1974, Kappe added a 2nd story master suite. As of 2013 owned by Robert Miller. Photos by Michael Locke.

1961 - The Willard and Betty Beling Residence, 5280 Darro Road, Woodland Hills CA. 2400sf. As of 2013 owned by the Beling Living Trust. Bottom photo of another house on the property, not by Kappe, by Andrea Minton.



1961 - The Melvin Brody Residence, 936 Kenter Way, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 1998. Features a secret room behind a bookcase. Sold in 2013. Sold in 2015 to Marc Heenan. Bottom two photos by Andrea Minton.


1961 - The Howard P. Gates Jr. Residence, 727 Brooktree Road, Pacific Palisades CA. Commissioned 1959. Built by Val Powelson. The children’s rooms separated from each other by moveable walls. B/W photos provided by their son Guilbert Gates. Bottom photo by Michael Locke. Article from the LA Herald-Examiner. The Gates family moved out in 1964. Sold in 1994 to Albert and Joan Dorman.


1961 - The Stanley and Marjorie Meyer Residence, 3893 Deervale Drive, Sherman Oaks CA. Sold in 1993 to Catherine and Stephen Brown. Color photos by Michael Locke.


1961 - The Reinhardt Residence, 620 Resolano Drive, Pacific Palisades CA. Sold in 2003 to Sandra and Hubie Kerns.

1961 - The Vedanta Society Apartments, 2000 North Ivar Avenue, Hollywood CA. Commissioned 1958. The apartments were designed for a religious Indian organization but occupancy was not limited to society members. There were 5 studio apartments, 6 1-bedroom, and 5 two-bedroom apartments. Built by Ted Tyler. Kappe did not design the Temple building. Bottom two photos by Michael Locke.

1961 - The Mummey Residence, 5284 Vanalden, Tarzana CA. As of 2013 owned by the Meymarian Family Trust. Photo by Andrea Minton.

1961 - The Pace Residence, Rhone Drive, Palos Verdes CA. Unbuilt.

1961 - Apartments, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1962 - The Morton K. and Cynthia E. Bernheim House, 1000 Kenfield Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Deeded to Cynthia E. Bernheim. Sold in 2015 to the Katherine Bacon Trust.

1962 - The Maurine Clauson Residence, 8936 Appian Way, Los Angeles CA. As of 2013 owned by Patricial Glough and Glenn Johnson. Bottom photo by Andrea Minton.


1962 - The Martin Gale House, 1009 Lindenwood, Los Angeles CA. The original 1950 Bonderman House on the site was designed by Quincy Jones and Whitney Smith. There was a fire in 1961, the house was destroyed, then the land was sold to Gale. Sold in 2011 to Daniel and Lisa Lee. Top photo by Michael Locke.


1962 - The Harry and Sophie Rubin Residence, 7220 Chelan Way, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt. There was a dispute between the Rubins and the sellers of the land. The site appears to have been renumbered.

1962 - The California Governor's Mansion Competition, Sacramento CA. Unbuilt.

1962 - The Carson Residence, Brentwood CA. Unbuilt.


1963 - The C & C Development, aka Moorpark Apartments, 12642 Moorpark Street, Studio City CA. Sold in 2017 to Studio City Manor LLC. 


1963 - The Handman House, 3872 Royal Woods, Sherman Oaks CA. 4193 sf. Later sold to Tina Turner who built a panic room inside. Sold to Brian C. Lee. Bottom two photos by Andrea Minton.

1964 - The Fredonia Apartments, 3625 Fredonia Drive, Studio City CA. Photos by Andrea Minton. Converted to condos. Most units have been faithfully restored.

1964 - The Kling Street Apartments, aka the C & C Development Apartments, 11905 Kling Street, Los Angeles CA. Two buildings across the street from each other. Color photos by Andrea Minton.

1964 - The Gale Drive Associates Apartments, aka the Phil Gepner and Dave Beck Apartments, aka The Point, 131 North Gale Drive, Beverly Hills CA. Three story apartments with underground garage. Kappe did a remodel in 2003. Photos by Andrea Minton.

1964 - The Cruz Apartments, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.


1964 - The Walter H. and Elma H. G. Drane III Residence, 4122 Terraza Drive, Baldwin Hills area, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1963. Sold to William and Virginia Green. Sold to Don and Marjorie Wilson. Altered in 1989 to build a 2-story tower behind the carport plus add two bathrooms. Deeded to the Marjorie Wilson Trust.

1964 - The Joel Coleman Residence Addition, 755 Brooktree Road, Pacific Palisades CA. 1000 sf addition. As of 2012 owned by Mavette and Habib Salo. Bottom two photos by Andrea Minton.

1964 - The Stanley Strimling Residence, 17269 Oak View Drive, Encino CA. Sold in 1997 to Daniel P. Chester. Sold in 2010 to Neng Chen and Jeen Whang Tsay. Restored by Sarah Rosenhaus. Sold in 2014 to the Jubelirer Living Trust.

1964 - The Greene Residence, 1293 Chautauqua Boulevard, Pacific Palisades CA. Unbuilt. A 1966 Modernist house was designed and built later on this site, but not by Kappe.

1964 - The Kirkwood Renovation, 1355 Berea Place, Pacific Palisades CA. Unbuilt. In 2008, Robert and Patricia Kirkwood deeded the original ranch house to the Kirkwood Family Trust. Sold in 2016 and destroyed. New building permit pulled 2017.

1965 - The Earl Curtis Residence, 2424 Tuna Canyon Road, Topanga Canyon CA. Unbuilt. Bottom photo is what's there as of 2012.

1965 - The Lawrence Office and Apartments, 5525 Balboa Boulevard, Encino CA. 61 units. Destroyed, replaced by a commercial building, above. Photo by Andrea Minton.

1965 - The George Moss Residence, Marboro Drive, Encino CA. Unbuilt.

1965 - The Harold Staw Residence, 2545 Mountain Avenue, Claremont CA. Sold to Fredrick and Ofet Bet Pera. Destroyed by the Padua fire in 2003.

1965 - The Sears Residence, Taos NM. Status unknown.

1965 - The Nicosia Residence, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.



1966 - The Bernard (Bernie) and Eleanor K. Butnik Residence, 16136 Royal Mount Drive, Encino area of Los Angeles CA. Altered in 1976. Sold to Michael and Georgia T. Jeffries. Sold in 1998 to Mehrdad Azami. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.

1966 - The James Pregerson House, 680 Brooktree, Pacific Palisades CA. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2,500 sq. ft. Sold in 1973 to Jean Brady. B/W photos by Julius Shulman. Color exterior photos by Andrea Minton and Kent von Severin. For rent in 2015.

1966 - The LGM Apartments, Encino area of Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1966 - The Vaughn Residence Remodel, likely unbuilt.

1967 - The Sorrel Wildhorn Residence Remodel, 16517 Las Casas Place, Pacific Palisades CA. Sold to Jessie Bochco. Remodeled and added onto around 2008. Photos by Kent Von Severin. Sold in 2012 Thomas Knoll and Cheryl Dimont.

1967 - The Cohee Residence, 8400 Skyline Drive, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt. A house was built there in 1972, not by Kappe.


1967 - The James F. Digby Residence Addition, 20773 Big Rock Drive, Malibu CA. Added a trellis, storage area, and master suite. Deeded to the Digby Trust. Sold in 2002 to Clark Spencer. Sold in 2007 to Rio Caraeff and Melinda Moore. Sold in 2009 to Liu Zheng Jun. 

1968 - The Bernard Residence, Oxnard Shores Lot 3, tract 899, Oxnard CA. Unbuilt due to height violations of local ordinances.

1968 - The Gershwin Residence, Trancas Canyon CA. Unbuilt.



1967 - The Ray Kappe House, 715 Brooktree Road, Pacific Palisades CA. As of 2017 still owned by the Kappe family. Top two photos by Julius Shulman; rest by Michael Locke. Designated in 1996 as a Cultural Heritage Monument by the City of Los Angeles.


1969 - The R. G. Harris House, 25002 Malibu Road, Malibu CA. Commissioned 1967. Interiors by Carol Sagar and Associates. There has been at least one renovation. Still owned by the Harris Family Trust as of 2017.

1968 - The Leon Gould-Jacobson House, aka the Gould-LeFetra House, 12256 Canna Road, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1966. The five-bedroom, 3 1/2 -bathroom building is a house of glass that appears to float among the trees. Sold to Alexander and Rebecca D. Jacobson whom later placed it under ownership of the Jacobson Trust. Sold in 2003 to the Michael W. LaFetra Trust. Designated a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument (886) in 2007. Sold in 2009 to Alison C. Leston. Sold in 2012 to Wallace Cheng.


1970 - The Leonard and Judith Gertler Residence, 14623 Hilltree, Santa Monica CA. Featured in GA Houses 1, 1976. Commissioned 1968. Sold in 2011 to Michael LaFetra. Sold in 2013 to Christopher J. Ahearn and Marla J. Mayer.


1969 - The Jack Faivus Residence, 539 West Rustic Road (originally 537 according to the building permit), Santa Monica Canyon CA. Engineering by Reiss and Brown.

1969 - The Lesser Residence, 24548 Malibu Road, Malibu CA. Unbuilt.

1969 - The Max and Penelope Greeven Residence, 2533 Via Anita, Palos Verdes CA. Built. Could also be 96 or 28463 Headland Drive. Needs verification.




1969 - The A. D. Schultz Condominiums, aka the Ravenspur Condominiums, 5658 Ravenspur Drive, Palos Verdes CA. Commissioned 1966. Won the 1966 Architectural Gran Prix.

1969 - The Wasserman Residence, 5803 Overlake Avenue, San Carlos Estates, Overland Avenue, San Diego CA. Designed with Rex Lotery. Has been altered. Photo by Andrea Minton.

1972 - The Pepper Townhouse Manor, aka Kings Villages, 1141-1281 North Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena CA. 255 unit HUD housing project. The original plans included a multilevel commercial space for grocery stores, a co-op and other services however, there is no evidence for these as of 2015. Color photos by Andrea Minton.

1970 - The Igo Residence, Pacific Palisades CA. Unbuilt.

1970 - The Dietsch Residence Remodel. Status unknown, presumed unbuilt.

1971 - The Residential Development, Ventura CA. Unbuilt.

1971 - New town, Newhall-Saugus CA. Unbuilt. In association with Richard Barron.

1972 - The Toba M. and Norman Rubin Residence, 3950 La Cresta Drive, San Diego CA. Commissioned 1970. Still owned by the Rubins as of 2013.

1972 - The Aardvark Apartment Center, Rohnert Park CA. Status unknown, presumed unbuilt.


1972 - The Marvin Spanner Residence Remodel, 4143 Cachalote Street, Woodland Hills CA. Original date of house was 1968. Designed with Rex Lotery. Marvin Spanner Trust still owners as of 2013. Was for sale in 2017. Top photo by Michael Locke.

1972 - The Village Apartments, Rohnert Park CA. Status unknown, presumed unbuilt.

1973 - The Elaine Stone Condominiums, 3815, 3817, 3819 Ocean Front Walk, Venice CA. Designed with Herbert Kahn and Rex Lotery to maximize ocean views. Each unit has a family play room at beach level and a loft overlooking a two-story living room. Sold to Charles W. Vasile.

1973 - Student Housing Cal State Poly, San Luis Obispo and Cal State Sonoma. These were competition entries for student housing. Kappe won for San Luis Obispo but not for Cal State Sonoma.


1973 - The Curtis A. Massey Residence, 4949 Terracita Lane, La Canada Flintridge CA. Sold in 2001 to Duane B. and Jill A. Meltzer. Sold in 2003 to Melvin and Anna Lin. Has been added onto; quite large. 





1973 - The Paul F. and Nancy C. Fink Residence, 1220 Toro Canyon Road, Montecito CA. 10 acres. Sold in 2016.

1974 - Residential Development, Inglewood CA. Status unknown.

1974 - The Henry Katzenstein House, 739 Brooktree Road, Pacific Palisades CA. Designed with Rex Lotery. Sold to Leo Moore. Sold in 2003 to Kadosh Investments Inc. Sold in 2006 to the Northern and Max E. Wheeler Trust. Sold in 2014 to the Millman Levitius Family Trust. Bottom two photos by Michael Locke.

1975 - The Penn/Crowell House, 218 Rivo Alto Canal, Long Beach CA. Commissioned 1973. Sold in 2004 to the William L. Robinson Trust.

Ray Kappe's Sultan House

1976 - The Hattenbach House, aka Sultan-Price House, 14173 Alisal Lane, Santa Monica CA. Designed with Herbert Kahn and Rex Lotery. Commissioned 1972. 7000 sf. Featured in GA Houses 1, 1976. Sold to Bruce Sultan. Sold to Dallas and David Price. Kappe did an addition in 1982. Sold in 2010 to Susan Winfield and Stephen M. Grynberg. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.

1976 - The Hellinger Residence, 1670 North San Remo Drive, Brentwood CA. Kappe did a few sketches (top photo) but later gave this "challenging" client to architect Carl Maston whose design was built in 1981. Still owned in 2014 by the Sam and Judith Hellinger Trust.

1976 - The Barry Collen Residence, 762 Latimer Road, Pacific Palisades CA. Unbuilt. The land was sold and the Borghei/Cookston House, also by Kappe, later built on the site.

1977 - The Suzanne Dunaway-Chappell Residence, 1970 North Beverly Glen Boulevard, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1977 - The Greystone Manor and Park Restoration, Beverly Hills CA. No mention of his work at the location's website. Needs verification.

1978 - The Selber-Grauel Condominiums, Shoup Avenue and Sherman Way, Canoga Park CA. Unbuilt.

1978 - The Gurnee Residence, Toro Canyon Road, Santa Barbara CA. Unbuilt.

1978 - Apartment Complex at University of California, Santa Barbara CA. 150 units. Part of a competition; Kappe did not win.

1978 - La Jolla Shores, San Diego CA. Status unknown, presumed unbuilt.

1979 - The Siskin Ranchos, San Joaquin Bluff Plan, Fresno CA. Status unknown, presumed unbuilt.

1979 - The Sherry Broida Residence, 639 Hightree, Pacific Palisades CA. Unbuilt.

1979 - The Rozet Residence, Pacific Palisades CA. Unbuilt.

1979 - The Freedman Housing Project, Los Angeles CA. Unsure if built.

1980 - The Puro Residence, Santa Monica CA. Status unknown.

1980 - The Benton Residence, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1980 - The Uni-West Condominiums, Phoenix AZ, unsure if built. Listed in his book but not in his papers.

1981 - The Gary Freedman House, 533 9th Street, Santa Monica CA. Commissioned 1978. This was Kappe's first house for a small infill city lot. As of 2013 still owned by Gary Freedman.

1981 - The Jack Maxwell House, 20706 Rockpoint Way, Malibu CA, designed with Manuel de la Iglesia. Unbuilt due to cost.

1981 - The Jerry and Ruth Goldstein House, 131 Gunston Drive, Brentwood CA. Unbuilt.

1981 - The Block Residence, 1839 Westridge Road, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1977. Sold to Abdulla B. Al-Mulla. Sold in 1994 to Secured California Investments. Sold in 1995 to Gary W. McKenzie who still owned it as of 2014. 

1981 - The Clifford D. Rome Proposal for eight residences, about 244 sf each, no location, unbuilt.

1983 - The Daniel Ned Finegood and Bonnie Finegood House, 27550 Winding Way, Malibu CA, in association with Finn Kappe. Included pool and tennis courts.

1984 - The Leonard Kapelovitz Residence, 6300 Plateau Drive, Cherry Hills Village CO. Three levels of living space were created for panoramic views of the sunset and the surrounding mountains. Observation tower-fireplace-study is a major feture of the house and built high enough to enjoy Pikes Peak to the south. Still owned by Kapelovitz in 2013.

1984 - The Houshang Borghei House, aka the Borghei-Cookston House, 762 Latimer Road, Santa Monica CA. Commissioned 1977. Barry Collen started the project and early during construction sold to Borghei, but still the house sat for six years unfinished until it was sold to Stephen and Shirley Cookston, who completed it. Sold to Janice Blakemore. Deeded in 2008 to David and Janice Blakemore. Deeded in 2010 to the Janice and David Blakemore Trust.

1986 - The Harkham Residence, Beverly Hills CA, in association with Finn Kappe. Unbuilt.

1986 - The Jeff Greene Residence, 23 Oakmont Drive, Los Angeles CA, in association with Finn Kappe. Unbuilt.

1986 - The Alfred Roven Residence, 800 Cord Circle, Beverly Hills CA. Designed with Finn Kappe. Sold in 1993 to the Cord Circle Association. Sold in 1993 to BA Properties. Sold in 1995 to Kearny St Real Estate. Sold in 1999 to Ryong and Mi Song. Still owned by the Songs as of 2013. Photo by Michael Locke.

1985 - The Lou Scheimer Residence, 1600 The Strand, Manhattan Beach CA. Commissioned 1982 in association with Dean Nota. Sold for the first time in 2011 to Kristopher Dukes and Matt Jacobson who did a renovation. Bottom two photos by Misha Gravenor.

1986 - University of UCLA Northwest Campus Student Housing and Recreation Development, unbuilt.

1987 - The George Padgett Residence, 5610 Naples Canal, Long Beach CA, listed as designed by Ron Kappe. As of 2013 still owned by the Padgett family.

1987 - The Alice and Bill Unger Residence, 320 Mount Holyoke Avenue, Pacific Palisades CA, designed with Finn Kappe. Unbuilt.

1987 - The Ron and Jacqueline Behling House, 1128 Tigertail Road, Los Angeles CA. Designed with Finn Kappe. Unbuilt. Land belonged to architect Dale Yonkin as of 2012.



1987 - The Lederer Residence Remodel, 390 Vance Street, Pacific Palisades CA, designed with Finn Kappe. Kept the Spanish exterior and added a Modernist interior. Sold in 2012 to Paul Solomon Trust.

1987 - The Millar Residence, Pacific Palisades CA, with Finn Kappe. Status unknown.

1988 - The Mark Slotkin Residence, 1330 Beverly Estates Drive, Los Angeles CA. Kappe's design was unbuilt, and the lot was later sold.

1989 - The Charles W. Vasile Condominiums, 3815 Ocean Front Walk, Venice CA. Commissioned 1988.

1989 - The Jamal Tamer/Investcal House, 2348 Ocean Avenue, Venice CA. An older home was demolished and a new 3,400 sf house designed. Unsure if built.

1989 - The Svensson Residence, Corona del Mar CA. Unbuilt.

1989 - The Samuel Secof Apartments Remodel, 1861 Roscomare Road, Bel Air area of Los Angeles CA. Deeded in 2003 to a Secof family trust. Sold in 2007 to Opportune Enterprises LLC.

1990 - The Srebnik Residence, Palos Verdes CA, designed with Finn Kappe. Unbuilt.

1990 - The Harold and Lee Kapelovitz Remodel and Addition, 811 Hillcrest Road, Beverly Hills CA. Harold was the son of Kappe's earlier client. Still owned by the Kapelovitz's as of 2014. Photo by Michael Locke.

1990 - The Anne Keeler-Melcher and Robert Myers Remodel, aka the Melcher-Keeler Residence, 16525 Akron Street, Pacific Palisades CA. Commissioned 1986. Sold to the Anne H. Keeler Trust, who still owned it as of 2014. 4142 sf.

1991 - The Michel and Doug Knoll House, 917 Stonehill, Los Angeles CA. Built on the site of a former Quincy Jones house. Photo by Michael Locke.

1992 - The Wendy Carson and Michael Lindsey House, 313 29th Street, Manhattan Beach CA. Still owned by the original clients as of 2014.

1993 - The Hatzer Residence, 27 64th Place, Long Beach CA. Unbuilt.

1994 - Housing for the Homeless, Las Vegas NV, designed with Ron Kappe. Unbuilt.

1994 - The Esther Benton Residence, 136 South Canyon View Drive, Los Angeles CA. 5000 sf. Commissioned 1987. Designed with Ron Kappe. Part of an episode of Californication was filmed there. The interior was also featured on the show Shark. Still owned as of 2016 by Benton through her trust.

1995 - The Steve and Cathy Brown Residence, 3893 Deervale Drive, Sherman Oaks CA. Still owned by the Browns as of 2014.

1997 - The Bruce Shapiro Residence, 596 Dryad Road, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1993. Sold in 2007 to Cherry and Christian Timario. Deeded to Cherry Timario. 

2001 - The Sam Culbert and Rosella Forte Residence, 19854 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu CA. Commissioned 1998. This home replaced a two-unit house. It was built upon the piling suppported floor of the previous structure. At living and master bedroom level, sliding glass doors stack so that the entire face towards the sea can be opened. Still owned by Culbert and Forte as of 2014.

1999 - The Daniel and Gusti Frankel Residence, 2012 Tory Drive, Yadkinville NC. As of 2014 still owned by the Frankels.

2001 - The Jefery and Pamela Levy Residence, 7315 Woodrow Wilson Drive, Los Angeles CA. Featured in GA Houses 66. Sold in 2003 to David Lederer. Deeded by Lederer to a trust in 2005.

 2006 - The Steve Glenn House, aka the Z6 House, aka the LivingHome House I, 2914 Highland Avenue, Santa Monica. As of 2011 still owned by Glenn, who developed the idea for the LivingHome, a steel-framed, LEED Platinum, 2500 sf prototype prefab and got Kappe to do the design. This prototype, named Z6, was built over a period of 13 hours.

2007 - The Philip Beron House, aka LivingHome II, aka the Rochedale House, 12321 Rochedale Lane, Los Angeles CA. Kappe's second design for Steve Glenn's LivingHome series. Sold to Adam F. Streisand.

2010 - The Janice Cowen House, aka LivingHome, 569, 571, and 573 Lassen Street, Los Altos CA. Three units of different sizes. Sold in 2011 to Daniel Cornell, who transferred them into Lassen Green LLC.

2012 - The LivingHome House Canada, 20A Senlac, Toronto ON, Canada. The first upscale prefab in Toronto. A spec house built in two days by Nexterra Green Homes, the LivingHome franchise for Toronto. Sold in 2013.

2014 - The David G. Brown House, aka LivingHome, 721 Adelaide Place, Santa Monica CA.

2016 - The Mr. C. Residences, 1224 Beverwil Drive, five condos in Los Angeles. Designed with Marcello Pozzi. Located beside the Mr. C. Hotel. Both sites were developed by Babak (Bob) Ghassemieh.

2016 - The Babak (Bob) Ghassemieh House, 1160 San Ysidro Drive, Beverly Hills CA. Commissioned around 2011. For sale in 2018.

2019 - 541 Stassi Lane, Santa Monica CA.  Designed as a speculative venture for LivingHomes LLC.  For sale in 2019.  Photos by Michael Locke.

Sources include: Catherine Westergaard Cramer; Getty Center Ray Kappe Papers, Blockshopper LA; Architecture4Sale; Steve Glenn; Michael La Fetra, Themes and Variations: House Design: Ray Kappe by Michael Webb.