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Atomic Ranch: The Accidental Archivist by George Smart
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2019 Florida MCM Survey by Christine Madrid French and Marty Hylton
2012 1950's Modernist Mail-Order houses by David Hill
2010 Richard Neutra's Cyclorama in Gettysburg PA

2009 Modernist House Survey, New Canaan CT. Report. Appendices

Powerpoints and Videos by Jean-Paul Bonfils

2018 US Modernist Houses 1930-1960 
2018 US Modernist Houses 1960-1980
2018 US Modernist Houses 1980-2010

2018 US Contemporary Museums 1
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2018 US Contemporary Museums 3

2018 US Libraries
2018 World Heritage and Modernity 1
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2018 World Iconic Houses
2018 Worldwide Churches and Chapels 1
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2018 Worldwide Opera and Performing Arts Halls 1
2018 Worldwide Opera and Performing Arts Halls 2
2019 Worldwide Transport/Airports
2019 Houses South of France

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USModernist is the largest open digital archive of midcentury Modernist houses in the the world. Nearly every Wright, Neutra, Schindler, Lautner, and more - built and unbuilt.



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