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Letter from Rev. Robert Schuller to President Bill Clinton, dated November 19, 1999, regarding preservation of the Cyclorama Building. PDF image available by request.

November 19, 1999

Dear Mr. President:

We had an unusual ceremony on our campus this past Sunday, November 14,1999. I had as my guest, Dion Neutra, architect--the son of Richard Neutra, who designed our campus from its inception in early 1960. Our Tower of Hope, which Richard designed and Dion presided over, forms the centerpiece of our older campus.

The purpose of the occasion was the rededication of the reconstruction of Neutra's original building, an L-shaped one-story building which contained classroom and office spaces. We spent over $2 million refreshing it after nearly 40 years and I wanted Dion to share my excitement on this happy occasion.

During our conversation, he reminded me of his on-going fight to save other examples of his and his father's elegant and significant work on many fronts, including one on which you personally could have an impact.

If the Federal Government cannot lead the way towards the preservation of our built environment, who can?

In the last two years Dion has watched the world famous Neutra Cyclorama Center at Gettysburg be sacrificed despite numerous nominations on National Registers and Lists. This building is considered among the most important buildings of the Mission 66 program in the country. Hundreds of preservation supporters have been writing letters to you and Hillary pleading to intercede with executive authority to change the course the National Park Service and your Interior Secretary have elected to follow. Dion tells me there has been no official response from your office.

Dion Neutra would be a great asset to a Presidential Commission to examine the state of National Policy on Preservation, or lack of it, that currently allows any of our historical monumentsto be sacrificed over the objections of many constituents. This, no matter what lists they appear on!

Please review the enclosures and let me urge you to take action. In this last year of your presidency, you could leave a legacy on preservation that will be a model for the next century! The commission idea sounds like a winner to me!

We herein California wish you the best for this next year.

With admiration, affection and esteem,


Robert H. Schuller

President Bill Clinton
The White House
East Wing, Room #214
Washington, DC 30500-2000

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