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USModernist and NCModernist are the definitive online resources for mid-century Modernist residential architecture, representing over a terabyte of rich data, including 26,000 photos and 3 million pages of scanned architecture magazines. The detailed content is unrivaled -- causing visitors to return again and again. All sponsorships include company name and link on the relevant webpages and promotional materials; invitation to annual Mod Squad Member party. For assistance, contact Development Director Rebekah Laney at, (865) 414-5800.

USModernist Masters Gallery Yearly underwriting supports ongoing research and documentation of 8,000 iconic mid-century Modernist houses and 100 architects $15,000 per sponsor, $35,000 exclusive
Magazines USModernist Magazine Library Yearly underwriting supports the world's largest open digital archive of architecture magazines: 3,000,000 pages of 80 titles such as Architectural Record, Arts+Architecture, Progressive Architecture, and Atomic Ranch $15,000 per sponsor, $35,000 exclusive
USModernist at February 2021 Palm Springs Modernism Week   USModernist hosts annual magical evening gala benefit for 200 people and a daytime tour for 600 people at the Kirk Douglas Estate; the USModernist Compound is our headquarters for taping USModernist Radio episodes $15,000 Kirk Douglas Benefit Gala; $20,000 Kirk Douglas Tour; $35,000 naming of USModernist Compound (includes room and two tickets to every USM event)
USModernist Radio Podcast Yearly underwriting supports production and distribution of USModernist Radio, the #2 architecture and design podcast, with 160+ shows and 250+ exciting guests from around the world $15,000 for a 60-second spot for 50 weeks, $10,000 for
The George Matsumoto Prize Yearly underwriting supports the George Matsumoto Prize, North Carolina's highest design honor exclusively for Modernist houses $6,000 per year, including six months prior publicity and participation in awards ceremony
National, International, and NC Modernist Tours Gain access to important potential clients as they experience exciting Modernist buildings Exclusive: $1,500-$4,000 local, $4,000-6,000 state, $25,000 national, $45,000 intl, includes two tickets to all events; 200hx300v pixel logo & link, direct participant materials, and interaction
NCModernist Website Yearly underwriting supports extensive documentation of 2,400 houses and biographies of 300 architects snd designers $1,000 per six months, $1,900 for a year, includes 200x300 pixel graphic and link
USModernist Website Yearly underwriting supports unrivaled detail on 7,500 iconic Modernist houses by the most-recognized 100 Modernist architects across America $1,200 per six months, $2,100 for a year, includes 200x300 pixel graphic and link
  USModernist Newsletter  Widely-read weekly informative newsletter going out to 18,000 architecture fans $1,200 per six months for 25 issues, $2,100 for a year for 50 issues, includes 200x300 pixel graphic and link
Project Bauhow Rural High School Initiative Inspiring underserved drafting students and teachers in rural NC high schools through scholarships, architect visits, and college visits to nearly 1,000 kids $10,000 per year; exclusive $50,000
NCModernist Architecture Movie Series Annual six-film series featuring visually brilliant,  hard-to-find modern architecture documentaries along with talks from producers and stars   $499 for powerpoint slides pre-show at each movie/year, $150 for just one movie; series naming rights $3,500/year
T4A Monthly Design Networking Parties Wildly popular monthly design networking events attracting 45-200 architecture fans and professionals in the Triangle $399 hosting per event, plus site, food, and drinks; naming rights $3,500 per year

USModernistFor assistance, contact Development Director Rebekah Laney at, (865) 414-5800. Payment is due at time of sponsorship. We are a 501C3 nonprofit; donations and sponsorships are tax-deductible.