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Botta was born in Mendrisio, Switzerland. He designed his first building at age 16, a two-family house at Morbio Superiore in Ticino. After an apprenticeship with the architectural firm of Carloni and Camenisch in Lugano, he first attended the Art College in Milan and then studied at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice. During Venice he worked for Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn and received his professional degree in 1969. His solo practice started in 1970 in Lugano, building single-family houses all over the world. In 1996 he founded the new academy of architecture in Ticino. His work achieved international renown and multiple important awards. In North Carolina, he designed the Bechtler Art Museum in Charlotte, below.

Botta overview by Gene Brown; biography adapted from Wikipedia and Botta's website.


1963 - aka House for a Parish Priest, Via Laveggio / Piazza Maraini, Genestrerio, Switzerland. Designed witih Tita Carloni. Commissioned 1961. Bottom photos by Larry Speck.

1971 – Houses at Cadenazzo, Switzerland. Commissioned 1970. Bottom two photos by Jan-Richard Kikkert.

1973 – The Carlo and Leontina Bianchi House, Via Forneggie, Riva San Vitale, Switzerland. Top photo by Larry Speck; rest by Jan-Richard Kikkert. Commissioned 1971.

Year unknown - House at Riva San Vitale, Ticino, Switzerland. 


1975 – House in Maggia, Switzerland. Botta designed a Modern church in the small town, too.

1976 – House in Ligornetto, Switzerland. Commissioned 1975. Designed with Martin Boesch.

1979 – Casa Sampietro, Via Arbostra 29, Pregassona, Switzerland. Designed with Rudy Hunziker.

1981 - Casa Robbiani, Via Al Roccolo, Messagno, Switzerland. Top photo by Larry Speck. Commissioned 1979.

1982 - Casa Peter Pfaffli, Via Albanago, Viganello, Switzerland.


1982 – The Liliana and Ovidio Medici House, aka the Round House, aka Casa Rotunda, Via Petane 12, Stabio, Switzerland. Commissioned 1980.

1982 – The Delorenzi House, aka Casa Origlio, Via Platini / Via Fallcette, Tessino, Switzerland.

1982 - The Gerard and Charlotte Moser House, aka House in Cologny, 80 Chemin de Ruth, Cologny, Switzerland.


1983 – The Edmondo Posterla House, Via Lecch / Via Ciap Da Crus ou Croce-Campagna, Morbio Superiore, Switzerland. Commissioned 1982. Featured in Architectural Record Houses of 1986.

1984 – Rowhouses in Pregassona, Switzerland. Unbuilt.

1985 - Urban housing, Turin, Italy. Unbuilt.

1986 – House in Morbio Inferiore, Switzerland. Unbuilt.

1989 - Via Del Riva (near Via Vacallo) / Rossolino), Vacallo, Switzerland. Commissioned 1986. 

1988 – The Sonia and Lionello Genini House, Via Avvocato B. Leoni / Via Dei Panora, Breganzona, Ticino, Switzerland. Commissioned 1984.

1989 – Via Daro, Bellinzona, Switzerland.

1989 – Via Cantonale, Cavigliano, Switzerland. Commissioned 1986.

1989 – Via Ubrio, aka Via In Porta, Losone, Switzerland. Commissioned 1987.

1990 – Via Str Regina / Via Ai Boschetti, Manno, Switzerland. Commissioned 1975.

1994 – The Giorgio Bronz House, aka Casa Montagnola, Via Sabru, Montagnola, Switzerland. Commissioned 1989.

1991 to 2000 – Row Houses and Villa, Strada Per Bernareggio / Via Amerigo Vespucci, Bernareggio, Italy.

2002 – Two Weekend Houses at Cardad Ticino, Switzerland. Commissioned 2000.

Sources include: Jody Brown, Wikipedia, Mario Botta website.