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Romero grew up in Chile. She received a Bachelors of Architecture from UC-Berkeley in 1993 and a Masters of Architecture from the Southern California Institute of Architecture in 1999. Before starting her own design firm Rocio Romero LLC in Perryvile MO in 2001, she worked for Guthrie+Buresh, Eric Rosen, Matias Klotz, and Space International. Romero's prefab homes are affordable, easily built, and highly customizable. They contain the exterior shell and can be delivered anywhere. The Laguna Verde (LV) series uses traditional construction materials and techniques so any General Contractor can build it. In contrast to most prefab, where major pieces are factory-assembled, this is a gigantic erector set. Her website lists a staggering amount of media articles and extensive details on each model. In April 2013, ArchDaily called her the "reigning queen of pre-fab."

Frank DiPiazza took these photos, brilliant juxtapositions of fruit, flowers, furniture, Kennedy, and Nixon around Rocio Romero and her husband Cale Bradford. 

2000 - The Romero Vacation House, aka LV Prototype, Laguna Verde, Chile. 960 sf. Commissioned 1999. Designed for her parents, this was her first prefab.

2003 - The Rocio Romero and Cale Bradford House, her own house in Perryville MO. 1150 sf. Photo by Aaron Eisenhaur. This was house #2.

2003 - The Rocio Romero Fish Camp House Prototype, 312 sf, located on Romero's property in Perryville.

2004 - The Marian Anderson House and Studio, South Haven MI. Located as part of 7 acres overlooking Lake Michigan.

December 2004 - The Shane and Holly Thompson House, Crestwood area of St Louis MO. They purchased an LV kit. Unsure if built. By this point, Romero had sold three other LVLs and six LVs, according to the Riverfront Times.

2005 - The Jennifer Watson and Barry Bless Vacation House, aka Luminhaus, 336 Forks of Buffalo Drive, Amherst VA. 6.2 acres. They were Romero's first paying customers for the LV Home, which they built themselves along with friends and local contractors for just under $100,000. Top two photos by Steve Rapport, bottom by Jennifer Watson. Available for rent.

At one time, Bless and Watson were thinking about starting a 30-acre vacation community with one of every modern prefab home on the market. This would potential buyers to test out a prefab home before taking the plunge. A great idea - but it did not happen.

Around 2005 - The George and Sue House, Wisconsin.

Around 2005 - The Karl and Karin House, California.

Around 2005 - The Chris and Beth House, Gardiner NY.

2005 - The Fred and Jane House, New York.

 2007 - The Dan and Chris Edmonds-Waters House, aka the Dan and Chris House, Pope Valley CA. 48 acres. Available for rent. Video.

Around 2007 - The Matt and Teri Addition, Washington State.

 2006 - The Gregg T. Schultz House, 90 Welsh Hollow Lane, Sperryville VA. 1200 sf. Sold in 2012.

Around 2006 - The James and Rui House, Eliot ME. Lakefront house. LVL model. Second photo by Traci Roloff.

Around 2006 - The Tony and Cheryl House, Arizona.

Around 2007 - The Susy and John House, Texas.

2007 - The Thomas House, Ohio. LVL model.

2007 - 4645 Handy Road, Clinton WA. Located on Whidbey Island. 1190 sf. 11 acres. Sale pending as of Nov 2014.

2008 - The Michael/Aaron Jones House, aka the Copper House, aka the Vacation House, aka Casa Solariega, Tucson AZ. Featured in Sunset Magazine in 2009. Available for rental.


2008 - The Joe and Jeanne Marie Spezia House, 4827 Theiss Road, St. Louis MO. 1453 sf. Top two photos by Toby Weiss; bottom photo by Joanna Linsley.

2008 - The Matthew and Allison Meek House, County Route 2, Elizaville NY. Sold to Ross Partridge and Allison Meek. 1453 sf. LVL Model. Available for rent.

Around 2008 - The Chad House, Indiana.

Around 2008 - The Jim and Mary House, Minnesota.

Around 2008 - The Ethan and Heidi House, Arkansas.

Around 2008 - The Catherine House, Arkansas.

Around 2008 - The Deborah and John House, California.

Around 2008 - The Lisa and Matt House, Wisconsin.

Around 2008 - aka the Texas Build, somewhere in Texas.

Around 2008 - The Jim and Bill House, Washington State.

2008 - The Andrew and Arlette Parker House, 19942 Valley View Drive, Topanga Canyon CA. Sold in 2011 to Bryce and Bianca Duffy. Kitchen was renovated, bottom photo. Available for rental.

Around 2009 - The Arthur and Alistair House, New York.

Around 2009 - The Neil and Mary House, New York.

Around 2009 - The Justin House, West Virginia.

Around 2009 - The Corey and Rachel House, Iowa.

2009 - The Darvin (Dar) and Rebecca Kuehl House, 607 North M-553, Sands Township, Marquette MI.

Around 2009 - The Rick House, Colorado.

Around 2009 - The Sara and Peter House, California.

Around 2009 - The Charles and Donna House, California. Completed.

Around 2010 - The Oliver and Siara Berkeley House, Kootenay Lake Village, Nelson BC, Canada. LVL model. 1453 sf.

2011 - The Steve Rapport House, aka the Minnie House, 451 Talbot Avenue, Pacifica CA. An LV model. The site architect was Ben Hidalgo. The contractor was SEA Construction. Photos by Steve Rapport.

2011 - The Zoe Bissell and Bryan Buryk House, 59 Vinegar Hill Road, West Hurley NY. Featured in the New York Times, 4/18/2012, about prefab construction costs coming in way over budget. Exterior photo by Trevor Tondro.

Around 2016 - The Bobby and Helen House, 32 Glade Farm Drive, Rehoboth Beach DE.

Around 2016 - The Paul Gardner House, 275 Hulett Hill Road, Sheffield MA. 

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