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Richard Neutra was born in Vienna, Austria, into a wealthy Jewish family. He attended the Sophiengymnasium in Vienna until 1910, then he studied under Adolf Loos and Otto Wagner at the Vienna University of Technology from 1910 to 1918. In 1912 he undertook a study trip to Italy and the Balkans with Ernst Ludwig Freud (son of Sigmund Freud). Neutra studied at the University of Zurich and worked briefly for landscape architect Gustav Ammann. In 1921 he worked as City Architect in the Planning Department of Luckenwalde, an industrial town in Germany. He also worked briefly for architect Erich Mendelsohn in Berlin. In 1922, Neutra married Dione Niedermann, the daughter of an architect, and they moved to the US in 1923. At the funeral of Louis Sullivan, Neutra met Frank Lloyd Wright, who hired him in 1924 to work at Taliesin in Wisconsin while Wright was in Japan. Work ran out in 1925 and Neutra left Taliesin to work in California with Rudolf Schindler.

Among many projects, Schindler and Neutra collaborated on an entry for the 1927 League of Nations Competition; in the same year they formed a design firm with planner Carol Aronovici called the Architectural Group for Industry and Commerce (AGIC). Neutra and Schindler and their wives were very close; they shared space in Schindler's house on Kings Road in Los Angeles from February 1925 until the Neutras left to tour Europe in May 1930.

The breakup of Neutra and Schindler is often accorded to Neutra "stealing" client Phillip Lovell for the Lovell Health House. According to Neutra's son Raymond, it was not that simple. Schindler was busy with projects like the Buck House on Catalina Island and the unbuilt Transparent House for Aline Barnsdall. Phillip Lovell was grumpy about an earlier 1924 Schindler cabin that collapsed in the snow during its first winter. Schindler was also having an affair with Harriet Freeman, Lovell's sister-in-law (who Lovell intensely disliked) and Lovell didn't want the architect of his Health house under her influence. Schindler was just as happy not to put up with Lovell, and the project shifted to Neutra. The hostility began in late 1930 when Schindler heard from friends that Neutra was not crediting him about the League of Nations project. It got worse when Schindler was rejected from the Philip Johnson's MOMA International Style exhibition in New York which Neutra brought to LA for the 1932 Olympics. Neutra and Schindler ended their partnership and co-residency and rarely interacted after that. When Neutra had a heart attack in 1953, he found himself in the same hospital room as Schindler. They made peace before Schindler died there of cancer. The hostility was mostly on Schindler's side and Neutra was happy to have the reconcilliation.

Novelist and philosopher Ayn Rand based character Howard Roark in The Fountainhead partially on Neutra. She was the second owner of Neutra's Von Sternberg House.

Between 1927 and 1969, Neutra designed more than 300 houses in California and elsewhere. In 1949, Time Magazine featured Neutra on its cover and ranked him second only to Frank Lloyd Wright in American architecture. After that, Neutra had all the work he could ever want. Neutra hired several young architects who went on to independent success including Gregory AinHarwell Hamilton Harris, and Raphael Soriano.

Architect Robert Evans Alexander joined Neutra and the firm became Neutra and Alexander from 1949-1959. They agreed that Neutra would still design residential commissions on his own while larger commercial and institutional commissions would be handled as Neutra and Alexander. Alexander was actively involved in many multi-housing projects but only two single-family houses during that period: the Hall House and the Governor's house on Guam. They broke up in 1959 over disagreements on large-scale jobs.

Neutra visited the NCSU School of Design as a guest lecturer twice, the first time in 1950 and again on December 13, 1957. He led the class in writing a letter to Frank Lloyd Wright: "Certainly today all serious architectural students are aware of your tremendous contribution to both the fiber and spirit of the art, and almost all are in sympathy with the means you have used in giving your ideas form, even though our own incipient philosophies and forms may be directed in many different ways. With these thoughts in mind, we would like to join with Mr. Neutra in sending you heartfelt greetings at this Christmas season. With respectful wishes -- [Signed by fourteen students.]"

In 1965, Neutra formally partnered with architect and son Dion Neutra as Richard and Dion Neutra and Associates. In 1966, he moved back to Vienna, Austria. He died in Germany in 1970 while in the middle of an argument with a client, according to grandson Justin, who later made a short film about Neutra. In 1977 Neutra was awarded the AIA Gold Medal.   The typeface family Neutraface, designed by Christian Schwartz for House Industries, was based on Neutra's architecture and design principles.

Sons Dion Neutra and Raymond Neutra both spoke to NCMH in 2012. Thanks to Harry Pariser for donating neutrahome.com to NCMH in 2014.

Neutra Overview in English and German by Tobias Kaiser

Perspectives in Architecture: Dion Neutra discusses his Dad and the VDL house, with cello music by his Mom Dione.

The Ennis House, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, and the Lovell House, designed by Richard Neutra

Richard Neutra: An Interior View, a film by grandson Justin Neutra. The film was Justin's audition for the American Film Institute. He got in but decided to continue a career as metalurgist and mechanical engineer.

Raymond Neutra discusses his Dad and the VDL house in Los Angeles. Social history of the VDL House.

Two clips of Richard Neutra interviewed on an Austrian TV in the late 1960's


"Architects must have a razor-sharp sense of individuality." -- Richard Neutra

With famed architectural photographer Julius Shulman

1923 - The Adolf Sommerfeld Houses, four homes designed while working withr Erich Mendelsohn, located at 85, 87, 89, and 91 Onkel-Tom-Strasse in Berlin-Zehlendorf, Germany. Bottom two photos by Raymond Neutra. These were the earliest examples of Modernist houses in Berlin.



1927 - The Joseph H. Miller Apartments, aka the Jardinette Apartments, aka the Marathon Apartments, 5128 Marathon Street, Los Angeles CA. Originally was to be a joint project with Rudolf Schindler.  The units were originally called the Jardin Apartments and were to be sited at Van Ness and Harold Way in Hollywood. Miller ran out of funds and left town. The contractor took ownership and finished the job. At the time of construction, it was the most unusual apartment complex in LA. As of 2011, the property had deteriorated but still housed tenants. Bottom photo by Andrea Minton. Sold to Clippinger Properties. Renovated 2017.

1928 - The Conrad Buff II and Mary Marsh Garage and Studio, 1225 Linda Rosa Avenue, Eagle Rock CA. Published in Architectural Record, November 1930.







1929 - The Philip M. and Lea Lovell house, aka the Health House, 4616 Dundee Drive, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1927. 4807 square feet. It was the first US steel-framed house built in the International style and early example of the use of gunite (sprayed-on concrete). Neutra's client, who was a fitness expert, wanted the house to symbolize physical well-being. It lit Neutra's career. Harwell Hamilton Harris was the project architect. Once the house was built, Neutra conducted tours which attracted more than 15,000 visitors. The house was included in the 1932 NY Museum of Modern Art exhibit that redefined the International style. Sold to Edith Bland. Sold in the late 1940's to Leo Goldberg.

Sold around 1960 to Morton and Betty Topper. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971. Deeded in 1973 to Betty L. Topper. Bottom photo taken during construction: Neutra is 4th from right, Harwell Hamilton Harris 2nd from right. The house appeared in the film LA Confidential. Fourth photo by Ken McCown. Sixth photo by Luckhous Studios. Betty Topper still lived in the house with her son Ken as of 2019. 









1932 - The C. R. Van der Leeuw House (aka the VDL Research House orThe Neutra House), 2300 Silver Lake Boulevard, Los Angeles CA. Benefactor Van der Leeuw loaned Neutra the funds to build a prototype Modernist house and use it to research future design challenges. Neutra and his family lived here.

In 1940 an innovative garden wing (2351 Edgewater, behind the property) was added that created north and south patios. Tragically, while Richard Neutra was on a speaking tour, the house burned in 1963. It was rebuilt 1964-1966. B/W photos are pre-fire provided by Raymond Neutra; color photos are post-fire and include the garden wing and the Richard and Dion Neutra VDL II wing.

In 1990 Neutra's wife Dione left the house to California Poly Pomona College of Environmental Design. In 1999 it was named one of the World Monument Fund's 100 Most Endangered Sites but as of 2010 the danger was over. Open for public tours and donations. History of the VDL House.  Bottom two photos by Michael Locke.



1932 - The Austrian Werkbund House, Woinonichgasse 9, Vienna, Austria.  Designed and built for a competition.




1933 - The Ernest and Bertha Mosk House, aka the Study for Steep Hillside Development, 2742 Hollyridge Drive, Los Angeles CA. Sold to Martin and Leslie Suarez. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.



1933 - The Nathan and Malve Koblick House, aka Farmstead Residence, originally 98 Fairview Avenue, Atherton CA. As of 1994, owned by Michelle Gadd Taube, who did renovations in 1995. Re-addressed to 288 Camino Al Lago. 







1934 - The Anna Sten and Eugene Frenke House, aka the Sten-Frenke House, 126 Mabery Road, Santa Monica CA. Featured in House Beautiful in 1934. Actor Charlie Chaplin used the house to hide from publicity in the early 1940's when dating the underage Oona O'Neill. Sten and Frenke bought the adjacent lot and combined it with theirs. Sold to second owner Bernie Gould. Location for the movie Laurel Canyon. Sold to Jeffrey and Jeanne Levy-Hinte who hired Biber Architects in association with Marmol-Radziner for a 2005 renovation. Sold in 2009 to Marc Forster and altered again. Bottom photo by Julius Shulman.


 1934 - The Rosalind Rajogopals Addition, 2126 North Gower Street, Los Angeles CA. Neutra expanded a Spanish-style house by adding a second floor. Later, Paul Sterling Hoag did a studio apartment addition in 1993, bottom photo. Sold to Robert and Hiroko Sloss. Sold in 2013 to Clinton Financial LLC. Bottom two photos by Michael Locke.






1934 - The William and Melba Beard House, 1981 Meadowbrook, Altadena CA. Designed withGregory Ain. The house used rust-resistant coated HH Robertson fluted steel panels assembled according to a system devised by architect Vincent Palmer, who had used the panels to be covered by stucco in Spanish Revival style. A foundation slab composed of diatomaceous material served as a radiant heat source. Middle color photos by Raymond Neutra. Last photo by Raymond Neutra. 1200 square feet. Sold to Charles W. and Erin Devore. Deeded in 2013 to Charles Devore.







1934 - The Galka E. Scheyer House, 1880 Blue Heights Drive, Los Angeles CA. Renovated 1939-1941 by Gregory Ain, bottom two photos by Julius Shulman. Owned at one time by Harvey Schaffer. As of 2007, the owner was Frank M. Devine. 




1936 - The Lydia Fuller Largent House, 49 Hopkins Avenue, San Francisco CA. Commissioned 1935. Sold in 1962 to H. R. Stegman. There was a fire in 1969. Sold in 1972 to Steve Gungl.  Sold in 1982 to Robert Sorenson.  Sold in 2004 to Derrik Andersonand Wayne Edfors II.  Sold in 2013 to Goldberg LLC.  Sold in 2017 to 49Hopkins LLC (Ross Johnston) who without a valid permit destroyed it in early 2018. By December 2018, he was ordered by the Planning Commission to rebuild it. The case on on appeal.


 1935 - Architectural Forum published two Neutra designs in April as part of a competition.  Probably not built.





1936 - The Josef and Gertrude Kun House I, 7960 Fareholm Drive, Los Angeles CA. Designed with Gregory Ain. Sold to Bruce and Kimi Westcott. Sold in 2008 to Gerald V. Casale as a trust. Brilliantly restored by Casale, James Rega, Josh Gorrell, and Christopher Steele. Won a 2015 LA Conservancy Award. Sold in 2015 to CFdL LLC, controlled by Christian Cigrang. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.

After briefly attending UC Berkeley, architectural photographer Julius Shulman returned to Los Angeles where he was enlisted by a friend to take photos of the Kun house. Neutra loved them and launched  Shulman's long career in architectural photography.







1936 - The Douglas Plywood Model Experimental House, aka the Moderne House, aka the Brice House, 427 Beloit Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Originally this 1565 sf metal and plywood prefabricated building was part of the 1936 California House and Garden exhibition at the LA Building Center. A few years later, it was sold to architect Maynard Lyndon. Sold a few years later to William J. (Bill) and Shirley Brice, who moved it to this address and lived there until at least 2008. Deeded to John Brice. B/W photos by Edward Van Altena. Color photos by Raymond Neutra. Featured in Architectural Forum, July 1936. Featured in the 1938 Book of Small Houses. Top photo by Michael Locke.




1936 - The Josef Von Sternberg House, 10000 Tampa Avenue, Northridge CA. Commissioned 1935. Movie director Von Sternberg famously insisted that there be no door locks on the bathrooms in case a temperamental actor or actress decided to kill themselves there. After passing through several owners including Lou Bach, author Ayn Rand bought the house with her husband, Frank O'Connor, and lived there from 1943 to 1951 when they moved to New York. She called it "unbelievably wonderful." She wrote much of Atlas Shurgged here. Rand rented the house in 1951 to Ruth Beebe Hill, which continued under the new 1963 owner, Kathryn Houchins, who also owned an adjacent horse farm. When the Hills decided to move, Houchins decided, out of a fear of "hippies" moving in, to destroy the house immediately. The site became part of the horse farm which was later sold to developers.

Video of the destruction courtesy of Andy Moore, Hill's neighbor, friend and the house's part-time groundskeeper and caretaker. He shot this film when he was 15. Photos by Julius Shulman.




1937 - The Harry Koblick Duplex, 1816-1818 Silverwood Terrace, Los Angeles CA. Harry was a cousin of Neutra client Nathan Koblick. Designed with Gregory Ain. Sold to Barbara Legere. Ain designed a kitchen remodel which was not built. As of 2007, the owner was Marcia Legere Binns. Deeded to her daughter, Brigit Binns. Sold in 2012 to Cyrus Galen Eternad. Bottom photo by Raymond Neutra.


1937 - The Albert and Ruth Ruben Remodel, 50 Haldeman Road, Santa Monica CA. Original house built 1923; was been expanded and remodeled several times. Destroyed around 1993. As of 2008, owned by Ronald and Catherine Kurstin. As of 2018, a new build is underway by Richard Thompson, Assembledge+ Architects. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.



1937 - The Charles and Lillian B. Richter House, 1820 Kenneth Way, Pasadena CA. Designed with Peter Pfisterer. Richter invented the Richter scale for measuring earthquakes. 1245 square feet designed to be earthquake-proof. The house was seized by the state and destroyed in 1973 to make way for the 210 Foothill Freeway. Featured in Architectural Forum, 1937. 


Interestingly, there is a another house with an address of 1820 Kenneth Way, built in 1951, shown in the photo above. It's still there, showing an owner of Roberta Bailey.


1937 - The Ford-Aquino Duplex at 2430 Leavenworth, San Francisco CA. Owned through various entities by Michael Aquino. Last deeded in 2014 to Michael and Lilith Aquino.


1937 - The Darling House, 90 Woodland Avenue, San Francisco CA. Stayed in the family for 81 years, including Alvin and Elaine Pelavin; for sale in 2018.



1937 - The Edward and Thelma Kaufman House, 234 Hilgard Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Designed with Peter Pfisterer. Bottom photo by Michael Locke. Sold in 1949 to Marcel and Clara Roman. Deeded to the Marcel and Clara Roman Trust. Sold in 1983 to Richard Edlund.






1937 - The Grace Lewis Miller House, aka the Mensendieck House, 2311 North Indian Canyon Drive, Palm Springs CA. This was the first Modernist house in Palm Springs. After Miller left Palm Springs in 1943, she rented to military friends stationed in town. When she returned, the house had fallen into such disrepair she closed up the house and left town. It was listed for sale in 1947 but did not sell until 1950, when she sold to Charlie Farrell. He rented it to various tenants and in 1959 converted the garage into a second rental apartment. Farrell sold it to a family who did awful alterations to break up the space into smaller spaces. In 1999, Hal Meltzer bought the house initially to restore but flipped a year later. Sold in 2000 to Catherine Meyler whose first problem was keeping out the crack addicts who seemed to have taken up temporary residence.

 Meyler's restoration efforts included replacing the roof; re-piping and re-plumbing; replacing the electrical system; reframing the living room and garage; installing new insulation in all walls and ceilings; replacing window glass; refinishing the concrete floor; and adding a six-foot wall around the property. She also had a new HVAC system designed to fit seamlessly into the existing structure and commissioned craftsmen to recreate the original built-in furniture in the living room/studio and master bedroom. She spoke about it in 2004. 

Meyler also put in a guest house addition, designed by Neutra in 1938 but never built. Meyler had the original plans and it was constructed with little modification. As she reports, the guest house "stands in the exact spot it was designed for and is enjoyed enormously by friends who previously only had day beds as an option for overnight stays." Interior color photos by Raymond Neutra.




1937 - The George Kraigher House I, aka the Brownsville House, 525 Paredes Line Road, Brownsville TX, the state's first Modernist house. Kraigher was making a landing at the Los Angeles Airport and he saw a radical design off of the runway, according to Gene Fernandez of the Brownsville Historical Association. He contacted Neutra and asked to build one in Brownsville. Kraigher left for WWII and did not return to Brownsville until after the war. He sold the house in 1946. In the 1950s Neutra designed a second house near Litchfield CT where Kraigher lived until his death in 1984. As of 1998, the house had been empty for 20 years and was covered in graffiti. In 1999, it was purchased by the City Of Brownsville. In 2005, the City leased it for 99 years to the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College, who did a complete restoration (bottom photo). As of 2012, maintenance funding was in question as TSC and UT-Brownsville ended their partnership. A nonprofit called Neutra Cultural Center in 2014 signed a three-year lease with the City of Brownsville to teach architecture, design, visual arts and culture to low- and moderate-income children. In early 2015, the AC units were stolen. As of 2016 the building had a new tenant and a historical marker was installed.History.




1937 - The David Malcolmson Guest House, 491 Mesa Road, Santa Monica CA. Designed with Peter Pfisterer. Published in Architectural Forum, April 1937. Featured in the 1938 Book of Small Houses. Sold to Marjorie Stimmel Forrey. Deeded to Anne Forrey Brody. Deeded in 2013 to a Brody family trust.  Bottom photo by Michael Locke.




1937 - The Arthur and Mona Hofmann House,

1048 La Cuesta Road, Hillsborough CA. Bottom three photos by Raymond Neutra. Sold in 1997 to Frederick Bolander.





1937 - The Frank and Kathryn Davis House, 2914 West 21st Street, Bakersfield CA. Sold to Frank A. Ghezzi Family Trust. Sold in 2003 to David Coffey. Photos by David Coffey.





1937 - The Landfair Apartments, 10940-10954 Ophir Drive, Los Angeles CA. Designed with Peter Pfisterer. Sold in 1941 to the University Cooperative Housing Association at UCLA.  The apartments were popularly known as "The Glass House" and were renamed Robison Hall after alumnus Everett Robison was drafted and killed in action in World War II. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.





1937 - The Strathmore Apartments, 11005-11013 1/3 Strathmore Drive, Los Angeles CA.

There were originally 4 units, then Neutra bought lot next door and added 4 more for himself, those 4 then were owned by Dion Neutra, who sold them in 1999. In 2008 those 4 units were converted into condo ownership.Over the years a number of distinguished people rented here, including Orson Welles, Rita Hayworth, Louise Reiner, and Charles and Ray Eames. Interior photos by Raymond Neutra.

11005 Strathmore: Sold in 2008 to Lin Cherry and Amy Turkel. Sold in 2010 to Daniel J. Margolis. Sold in 2017 to Suzanne Classen and Gottfried Konecny.

11007 Strathmore: Sold in 2007 to Richard Crowly. Sold in 2011 to Elizabeth Gregory.

11009 Strathmore: Sold in 2010 to Mark Seltzer.11009 1/2 Strathmore: Sold to Nicholas Gruber. Sold in 2006 to Adam Eeuwens and Rebeca Mendez. Granted in 2017 to Rebeca Mendez as her sole property.11011 Strathmore: Sold to Gaby and Gregory Chazanes. 


1937 - A 20th Century Home for the Harnischfeger Corporation, Houses Division, Milwaukee WI. Featured in Architectural Forum, February 1937 and February 1942; Architectural Record, July 1939. Designed with Peter Pfisterer. Unbuilt, nor were othere in the competition. Instead, Harnischfeger built 133 steel frame non-Modern panel houses in 1938 such as 1724 North Harriman, Appleton WI.





1938 - The John Nicholas Brown and Anne Kinsolving Brown Residence, aka the Windshield House, Fisher's Island, New York. Designed with Peter Pfisterer. As Neutra's only house on the East Coast at the time, it was severely damaged by a hurricane a month after completion. The Browns rebuilt the house immediately and lived there until 1959. After several years on the market, it was given to the Fishers Island Club, which later sold it to Michael Laughlin - who did some unfavorable modifications. Destroyed by fire in 1973. There was a travelling exhibition about the house in 2002-03. Subject of the documentary Windshield: a Vanished Vision by Elissa Brown, granddaughter of the Browns.



1938 - The Leon and Helen Barsha Residence, now located at 302 Mesa Road, Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1937. Saved from destruction by the Hollywood Freeway expansion with relocation to Santa Monica Canyon. As of 2005, owned by Anne Elizabeth Jones Vadja. Sold in 2008 to Scott Lander who did a restoration. Designated in 2010 as Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument 983. Available for rent as of 2012. Top photo by Michael Locke.





1938 - The William Schiff/Ernst Wolfes Duplex, aka the Ilse Schiff Duplex, aka the Schiff-Overway House, 2056-2058 Jefferson Street, in the Marina District of San Francisco. Built for two doctors, William Schiff and Ernest Wolfes. Schiff's wife Ilse Schiff made a number of trendy changes in the building towards the end of her life. Architect Chad Overway, still owner as of 2014, purchased the building from Schiff in 1993 and undid many of those changes. Color photos by Thomas Story and Mark Darley. 






 1938 - The Albert Lewin House, 512-514 Palisades Beach Road, on the ocean at Santa Monica CA. Designed witih Peter Pfisterer. Built by Frank A. Hellenthal. Sold to Mae West in 1954. She did renovations in 1957, including nude gladiators painted on the curved wall leading to six bedrooms upstairs. She frequently held ESP demonstrations with favorite psychic Richard Ireland. Sold several more times. Leased to Francois De Menil as of 1981. Charles Gwathmey did a total renovation and added a pool in 1981, bottom photo. Bruce Nagel was the project architect. Sold in 1988. Restored by architect Steven Ehrlich 1996-1998. As of 2007, the owners were John Law and Hope Warschaw. 5400 square feet.




1939 - The James Ward and Harry Berger House, aka the Ward-Berger House, 3156 Lake Hollywood Drive, Los Angeles CA. As of 2007, the owners were Samuel E. Robertson, D. Janet, and Benjamin D. Robertson. Top photo by Fritz Block, second by Michael Locke.








1939 - The Harrison (Harry) and Robert McIntosh House, 1317 Maltman Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 1992 to Brad Dunning and Ann Magnuson. Deeded to Ann Magnuson, who later married Neutra expert John Bertram, principal of Bertram Architects, shown in bottom photo by Christine House.



1939 - The Jacqueline Johnson House, aka the Neutra House, aka House for a Poet, 183 Hillview Avenue, one of three originally at 180/182/184 Marvin Avenue, Los Altos CA. In 1935, Neutra started the design for Jacqueline Johnson who owned two, and Clayton Stafford. At 750 square feet, this house was moved to Los Altos City-owned land in November 2005 and became a community center. Photos by Raymond Neutra.




1939 - The Philip Gill House, 542 Suncourt Terrace, Glendale CA. Deeded to Gerard H. Gill. Sold in 1997 to Frank M. and Tracey Lentz III. Restored at some point. Top two photos by Raymond Neutra, third by Michael Locke.




1939 - The Alvin Eurich House, 13081 West Sunset Drive, Los Altos CA. Sold to Jan Howard. Sold in 2012 to Jan and Orion Howard. Photos by Raymond Neutra.



1939 - The Scioberetti House, 35 Alamo Avenue, Berkeley CA. Sold to Diana K. Bordner. Sold around 1998 to Jean Paul Bourdier and Trinh T. Minh Ha.





1940 - The Sidney Kahn House, 66-70 Calhoun Terrace, San Francisco CA. Commissioned 1938. Sold in 1989 to Joseph Devalle Jr. Sold in 2009 to David Davies and John D. Weeden. Sold in 2012 to a trust controlled by John D. Weeden. Bottom photo by Raymond Neutra.










1940 - The William (Bill) and Alice Davey House, located on Jack's Peak, 522 Loma Alta Road, Carmel CA. Commissioned in 1939. The Daveys separated shortly after completion and sold it (ad above) to Lawrence and Anne Blinks. A studio building was added around 1979 (second photo from bottom). Sold in 1995 to Peterson Conway whose remodels and additions removed much of the oringal Neutra design, including replacing the flat roof with a shed roof, adding on to the front of the house, and adding a connector building (lilac rooftop) between the garage and the studio (bottom photo). Sold tohis son, Petersen Conway Jr. Most photos provided by the Blinks' granddaughter, Sally Shapiro.

1956 Monterey Herald
1954 Neutra Letter to Blinks
1942 House and Garden


1940 - The Matilda Sweet House, 541 Suncourt Terrace, Glendale CA. Sold to CR and Vivienne Dunham. Sold in 1993 to Dorothy Roush. Sold to Victoria M. Pinkham. Sold in 2012 to a Pinkham family trust. Photo by Michael Locke.




1940 - The Jan De Graaff House, 1900 SW Palatine Hill Road, Portland OR. Designed with Van Evera Bailey. Extensively renovated, such that most of Neutra's design is unrecognizable. Sold in 2003 to Andy and Laura Ford.



1940 - The William H. De Graaff House, 6308 Southeast 28th Avenue, Portland OR. Also extensively renovated, such that most of Neutra's design is completely unrecognizable (bottom photo). Sold to Brian and Maureen Unruh. Sold in 2010 to Richard and Susan Hildreth.



1940 - The Frieda Hauswirth House, 11 El Portal Court, Berkeley CA. Sold to Angela T. Boryczka. Sold in 2008 to Carolyn and Reva Walker.


1940 - The Mildred and Grant Beckstrand House, 1400 Via Montemar, Palos Verdes Estates, CA. Renovated in 1978. Sold in 1995 to second owner David Goldhammer. Bottom photo by Raymond Neutra.

1941 - Avion Village, 800 Skyline Road, Dallas (Grand Prairie) TX. Built under the auspices of the Federal Works Agency and its assistant administrator, Texas native Lawrence Westbrook, the facilities were designed by Roscoe DeWitt and David R. Williams in cooperation with Neutra. The first unit was built in less than one hour. The entire development was finished in 100 days with the help of an on-site makeshift prefabrication plant. Civilian employees of the North American Aviation Company were the first to live in the complex. The Avion Village Mutual Housing Corporation purchased the development from the federal government in 1948. Avion Village continues to be mutually owned by residents. Photos by Raymond Neutra.





 Richard Neutra Interior by Woodson Rummerfield Design (9)

1941 - The Ted Bonnet House, 2256 El Contento Drive, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1938. Sold to David Hay in 1989 who did a renovation. According to Hay, "previous owners had painted the exterior pink, then white. The living room wood paneling had been painted, the closet doors replaced with sliding mirrored versions. And a new bathroom mirror featured a distinctly un-Modernist light fixture. The hardwood floors had been pickled white and further desecrated by an indoor plant, which had left an ugly stain." Sold in 2003 to Jonathan P. Anastas. Interior renovation by Woodson & Rummerfield's House of Design. Sold in 2018 to David C. Morrison, became a rental.






1941 - The Charles and Sybil Maxwell House, 475 North Bowling Green Way, Los Angeles CA. Neutra did an addition in 1959. Sold in 2002 to Jeffrey and Karen Brandlin -- who threatened demolition in 2003. Sold to developer Barbara Behm, aka Princess Blovana, in 2004 and moved (middle photo) in 2008 to 822 East Edgeware Road, Los Angeles CA. Photos by Brian Thomas Jones.



1942 - The Pueblo del Rio Housing Project, 1801 East 53rd Street, South Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1940. Designed by Southeast Housing Architects Associated which included Neutra, Paul R. Williams, Gordon B. Kaufmann, Adrian Wilson, and the firm Wurdeman & Becket. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.







1942 - The John Nesbitt House, 414 Avondale Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Won a 1947 Distinguished Honor Award from the Southern California AIA. Sold in 1992 to Phillippa Scott. Top photo by Edward Van Altena. B/W photos by Julius Shulman. Bottom color photos by Annie Wells and Raymond Neutra. Restored by designer Barbara Barry and architect David Serrurier. Sold in 2014 to James and Dana Jacobsen.



1942 - The Channel Heights Housing Project, North Western Avenue and West Capitol Drive, San Pedro CA. Designed with Lewis E. Wilson as low-cost housing for shipyard workers. 600 units on 160 acres. Won an Honor Award from the Southern California Chapter of the AIA in January 1947. Destroyed. Neutra designed the Boomerang Chair for these houses, shown in the bottom photo by Julius Shulman.





1942 - The Geza Rethy House, 2101 Santa Anita Avenue, Sierra Madre CA. As of 2007, owned by John Scheliga. Featured in Arts and Architecture Magazine, March 1947. Color photos by Raymond Neutra.


1942 - The Russell and Elizabeth Branch House, 7716 Firenze Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Has been altered beyond recognition from Neutra's design. Sold to Jesse Beaton and Carl M. Franklin. Three bedrooms, 3356 square feet. Sold in 2016 to Sigurjon Sighvatsson and Sigridur Thorisdottir.


1942 - The Richard Neutra Renovation, aka the VDLA Pavilion House, aka VDL Annex, 2353 Edgewater Terrace, Los Angeles CA. Located behind the VDLA house. Deeded to the Dion Neutra Trust. Sold in 1993 to Patricia B. Oliver. Sold in 1998 to Stanley G. Hubert. Sold in 2001 to Shinazia LLC.






1942 - The Kelton Apartments, 644-646-648 Kelton Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Neutra designed them for his in-laws, Alfred Balthasar Niedermann, his wife Antoinette and their four daughters, Regula, Verena, Doris, and his wife Dionne. The apartments are grouped in two buildings with each unit having its own private outdoor terrace.

 Designated a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument (No. 365) in 1988.  BW photo by Ezra Stoller/ESTO. 2nd photo by Raymond Neutra, 3 to 5 by Andrea Minton.

6306 Denny

6307 Denny (has been added on)

6312 Denny

6313 Denny

6318 Denny

6319 Denny (house on the left)

6322 Denny

6323 Denny

6328 Denny

6329 Denny

6334 Denny

6335 Denny

6338 Denny

6339 Denny

Inline image 1
6330 Denny (photo by Andreas Larsson)

1942 - The Progressive Builders Homes, Denny Avenue, near the Burbank Airport, Los Angeles CA. Built for defense worker housing near the Lockheed aircraft factory, these modest homes were originally around 1000 sf and 2-3 bedrooms. SFValleyBlog documented 14 homes, listed above. Bottom photo by Raymond Neutra.






1943 - The Howard C. Bald House, 917 McAndrew Road, Ojai CA. Commissioned 1941. Sold to a second owner around 1981 who made a few changes. Sold around 1985 to Sidney and Susan Baldwin (Baldwin Family Trust). Photographer Julius Shulman gave them his old photos so they could restore the house properly. According to Sidney Baldwin, "Mr. Shulman told us that Neutra stood with him and told him exactly how to frame the shots. It has been a dream to live here." Third photo by Sidney Baldwin. Interior shots by Raymond Neutra.


Around 1944 - The Four Courter House for Tomorrow. Designed with Dion Neutra to incorporate the needs of both adults and children in the same house. Unbuilt. Source: Pencil Points (May 1944), the former name for Progressive Architecture magazine.


1945 - Case Study House#6, aka the Omega House, Lasheart Drive, La Canada Flintridge CA. Unbuilt.

3D visualization.




1946 - The Harry and Alice McDonald Schmidt House, 1460 Chamberlain Road, Pasadena CA. Sold to Mike and Ricki Harpster. Sold to the Robert Deblasis and Pizzo family trusts. Rental house as of 2007. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.







1946 - The Edgar and Liliane Kaufmann Desert House, 470 West Vista Chino Road, Palm Springs CA. Designed for the same family that owned Frank Lloyd Wright's Fallingwater in Pennsylvania. When Edgar Kaufmann died in 1955, the house was vacant for a number of years.  Sold to Francis C. Park. Sold in 1962 to Joseph and Nelda Linsk.

Nelda Linsk hired William Cody in 1964 to convert a patio into a media room. Additional air conditioning was placed on the roof. Furnishings selected by Neutra were replaced by interior designer Arthur Elrod. Sold in 1971 to Eugene and Francis Klein. Sold in 1980 to Barry Manilow (as the Barney Property Trust) who did a number of unfortunate renovations.

Sold in 1993 to Brent and Beth Edwards Harris. Marmol Radziner did a well-publicized and immaculate 1995 restoration. Chris Shanley was the project architect. Featured in the movie Visual Acoustics. Deeded in 2009 to Brent Harris. Bottom two photos by Brent Harris.


1946 - The Case Study House #13, aka the Alpha House, Lasheart Drive, La Canada Flintridge CA. This specific design was never built, but see the Wilkins House below.






1946 - The Stuart G. Bailey House, aka Case Study House #20, 219 Chautauqua Boulevard, Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles CA. Marmol/Radziner did a renovation in 2003. Sold in 2005 to Samuel (Sam) Simon, co-creator of The Simpsons. The adjacent house burned, and Simon built a new house there in 2007, using this one as an office and guest house. Sold in 2016 to LJWJCorona LLC, controlled by Lorna Jane and William Clarkson.



1947 - The Joseph and Ruth Sinay House, 1861 North Heather Court, Beverly Hills CA. Sold to Linda and Morris Halfon. Won first prize in House+Garden's 1947 Architectural Awards. Sold in 2001 to Mark Haddawy and Kathleen Rodriguez who still owned it as of 2014. Named in 2008 as a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Landmark. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.


1948 - The David Treweek House, 2250 Silver Lake Boulevard, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 1999 to Yoshiye Honda. Deeded in 2010 to Bob Honda. Inaccessible to photo due to high hedge.


1948 - The Goodson House, 8310 Grand View Drive, Laurel Canyon area of Los Angeles CA. Sold to Jack F. and Nancy Sanders. Destroyed in a 1979 fire. 



1948 - The Maxime Van Cleef House, 651 Warner Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1942. Sold to Howard and Barbara K. Katzman. Sold in 2004 to Kevin Crotty and Phyllis Alia. Sold in 2009 to Sanjeev Narayan and Prabhu Smrithi. Top photo by Michael Locke.


Around 1948 - The Cooperative Apartments near Sierra Nevada Mountains in Southern CA. Appeared in Architectural Record, February 1948. Views of Mount Wilson and Mount Lowe. Unbuilt.




1948 - The Holiday House Motel and Restaurant, 27400 Pacific Coast Highway #101, Malibu CA. Commissioned by director Dudley Murphy, it catered to celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Lana Turner and Marilyn Monroe. Featured in Arts and Architecture Magazine, September 1948. Dion Neutra added 12 apartment units in 1954. The restaurant became Geoffrey's in 1983 and its stunning ocean views make for memorable meals. The upper floors were converted to private condos. Sold in 1999 to Jeff Peterson.




1948 - The Louis Kievman Apartments, aka the ElKay Apartments, 638-642 Kelton Avenue, Los Angeles CA. ElKay is derived from his initials. Despite objections from the owner, in 1988 the City of Los Angeles designated the building a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument. Neutra's 1941 Kelton Apartments are next door. Deeded to Kievman's daughter Karen Bruderlin. Bottom two photos by Andrea Minton.



1948 - The Sokol House, 2242 East Silver Lake Boulevard, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 1984 to Kenneth K. Lee. Deeded in 2007 to a Lee family trust.






1948 - The Warren D. and Katharine Tremaine House, 1636 Moore Road, Montecito area of Santa Barbara CA. The lot was subdivided years ago and this house was renumbered to 1642. What now stands on 1636 Moore Road is another interesting Modernist house designed by Donald Hensman. The Tremaines divorced in the late 1960's. First two B/W photos by Ezra Stoller/ESTO. Last B/W photo by Julius Shulman. Sold to the Cowell Family Trust.


1949 - The Gordon Wilkins House,528 Hermosa Street, South Pasadena, CA. Sold in 2000 to Stacey and Jeff Mann who did a restoration. Almost a carbon copy of Case Study House #13, as discovered by Barbara Lamprecht in 2004.


1949 - The G. and Betty Rourke House, 9228 Hazen Drive, Beverly Hills CA. Sold in 1988 to Adam and Melanie Levin, still owners as of 2010. Top photo by Michael Locke.




1949 - The Alpha Wirin House, 2622 Glendower Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Across the street from Frank Lloyd Wright's Ennis-Brown House. Was headed for a teardown in 2004 when sold to Mark Seliger and restored by architect Sharon Johnston-Lee. Sold in 2014 to Alberto Chehebar. Bottom two photos by Raymond Neutra.




1949 - The Chase House, 4254 Cresta Avenue, Santa Barbara, Goleta CA. Destroyed, replaced with a massive villa in 1987, bottom photo. 


1949 - The Coe House, 7 Cinchring Road, Rolling Hills CA. Sold to Bruno and Rosina Baur. Deeded in 2014 to the Bruno and Rosina Baur Trust. Gated community; no public access.



1949 - The Joseph Tuta House, 1800 Via Visalia, Palos Verdes Estates CA. 2.7 acres. In the late 1970's, it was destroyed by Gloria Marshall (of figure salon fame) who built this massive home, bottom photo. Top photo by Jane Haylor.



1949 - The Atwell House, 1411 Atwell Road, El Cerrito CA. Color photo by Raymond Neutra, 2002. Sold in 2003 to Ben Galick and Nancy Woodruff. 




1949 - The Benedict and Nancy Freedman House, 315 Via De La Paz, Pacific Palisades area of Los Angeles CA. They were the authors of the novel, Mrs. Mike. Architect Peter Grueneisen did renovations for two different subsequent owners. The first, 1995 to 1999, centered on the landscape/hardscape. Sold in 2000 to Jeffrey Ayeroff and Marty Longbine. The second phase involved significant renovation of the first-floor master bathroom and kitchen and the addition of a second story containing two bedrooms, a bath, and a sitting area. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.



1949 - The Hines House, 760 Via Somonte, Palos Verdes Estates CA. 
Destroyed. A massive home, bottom photo, was built in its place in 1999. 

1949 - The Allan and Janis Greenberg House, 10525 Garwood Place, Los Angeles CA. Since 1989, the owner has been Philip N. Colman or his family trust. Photos by Michael Locke. 



1949 - The Reunion House, 2440 Earl Street, aka 2440 Neutra Place, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 1966 to Neutra's son Dion Neutra, who remodeled it and has lived there since. Dion Neutra also designed apartments on land he owns behind the house. Photos by Michael Locke.




1950 - The Nick Helburn House, 3425 Sourdough Road, Bozeman MT. 2589 square feet. Sold to Steve and Cindy Kleimer. Deeded in 2010 to Gretchen Kleimer.



1950 - The Alexander Meltzer House, 1508 Murray Drive, Los Angeles CA. Sold to Charles Milhaupt. Sold in 1994 to Alan Lindgren. Deeded since then to various Lindgren trusts. Restored by designer Daniel Sachs. Large photo by Michael Locke.



1950 - The Josef Kun House II, 7947 Fareholm Drive, Los Angeles CA. Kun moved here from across the street after the death of his wife Gertrude. Original landscape design by Lockwood de Forest and Ralph Stephens. In 1997, a landslide lead to the failure of one slope. As of 2007, the owners were Christopher J. Hacker and William F. Thomas. New landscaping design by Lisa Gimmy. Photos by Michael Locke.

 Bottom aerial photo is of the Kun House I (left) and II (right).



1950 - The Grant and Mildred B. Beckstrand Lodge, aka Drycreek Ranch, 1570 Highway 133, Meadow UT. Has been sold several times. Photos by Greg Allen. 






1950 - The Hees House, 250 Trino Way, Pacific Palisades CA. Sold at least once. Sold to Ed Barlow and Patrick Convey. Sold in 2013 to Steven Gelon, Trino Way Trust. Sold in 2015 to to Sean Michael Clifford.




 1950 - The William O'Brien House, 4740 Richmond Avenue, Shreveport LA. Frank Lloyd Wright was originally hired but proved too difficult for the clients. This is the only Neutra house in Louisiana. Won an AIA National Award of Merit in 1952. Sold to Wesley Glassell for about 20 years, who did a series of renovations. After Glassell moved out, it sat five years empty. Sold in 2000 to Steve and Diann London who built an addition designed by Charles Kellogg and Dion Neutra. Sold in 2015 to Nicole and Jeff Spikes.



1950 - The Sanders House, 868 Via Del Monte, Palos Verdes Estates CA. Sold to the Arun K. Mittal Trust.

1950 - The Samuel Miller House, 6400 Drexel Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 1999 to Shaun R. Caley. Photo by Michael Locke.





1951 - The Milton Goldman Residence, 3970 Archdale Road, Encino CA. Sold to Aileen and Robert Coulter. Greatly expanded and updated in 2001 by architect Roberta Weiser. Sold in 2006 to Steven and Melissa Bochco. Has appeared in several films including Superman 4. Sold in 2015 to the Erik Murkoff Trust.



1951 - The Everist House, aka the Herbert House, 400 West 45th Street, Sioux City IA. 11 acres. Sold to Gia and Ron Emory. Photos from Neutra.org.


1951 - The Jay D. and Katherine Hinds House, 3940 San Rafael Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1947. House actually rests on Glenalbyn Drive. As of 2007, owned by Ruby Nomura. Bottom two photos by Michael Locke.



1951 - The Nelson House, 511 Miner Road, Orinda CA. Sold to James and Judith Fletcher. Sold in 2001 to Timothy and Syndi Master.


1951 - The Fischer House, 1618 Pine Crest Road, Spokane WA. Sold in 2007 to John Maurice and Jose Conceicao.


1951 - The Hunter House, 2311 Bancroft Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 1999 to Susan and Elisa Johnson. As of 2018, run down with a tarp on the roof.



1951 - The Logar House, 17728 Ridgeway Road, Granada Hills CA. Sold around 1966 to someone who did not occupy it. Sold in 1970 to Juanita and Gage Wilson. Sold in 2010 to Farshad Asl and Mina Ghaemmaghami.

1951 - The Earl and Mady Brod House, 1203 North Oakwood Drive, Arcadia CA. Sold to Lawrence C. Papp. Photos by Michael Locke.


1951 - The Gloria and Donald L. Heryford House, 3444 Bonnie Hill Drive, Los Angeles CA. Still owned by the Heryfords in a trust as of 2008.




1951 - The Arthur James Mosby and Ruth Mosby House, 103 West Artemos Drive, Missoula MT. After Mosby's death in 1970, it was donated to the University of Montana for a President's residence. Sold by the University in 2010. Photos by Philip Maechling. Available for rental.



1952 - The Barbara Carol Weston House, 3220 Durand Drive, Los Angeles CA. She was a schoolteacher who wanted an inexpensive Modernist house. Sold in 1999 to Niels Ostergard. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.









1952 - The Maurice L. Heller House, 811 North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills CA. A U-shaped house. B/W photos by Julius Shulman. Destroyed and replaced, bottom photo.


1952 - The Richard A. Matlock House, 1560 Ramillo Avenue, Long Beach CA. The eight-room house plus three-car garage is of wood frame and stucco construction. Building regulations dictated the use of pitched roofs. Built by the Matlocks after they had seen the Neutra house of Dr. Grant Beckstrand. The house was purchased in 1968 by the Matlocks' daughter and her husband, John A. Masterson.


 1952 - The Goodman House, 4225 North Golden Avenue, San Bernardino CA. Burned down as part of the 2003 Old Fire in the San Bernardino Mountains.



1952 - The John Miller House, 941 Arlington Boulevard, El Cerrito CA. Sold to Thomas and Megan Bennett. Sold in 1999 to June Peterson and Michael Simcich. Photo by Andrea Minton.



1952 - The Marshall House, 5303 Linea Del Cielo, Rancho Santa Fe CA. B/W photo by Julius Shulman. Has been significantly expanded.


1952 - The I .B. Van Sicklen House, 6009 Mimulus Road, Rancho Santa Fe CA. Has been greatly expanded. Sold in 1998 to Kimberly Oregon Realty Inc.



1952 - The McElvain House, 6323 Lindley Avenue, Reseda area of Los Angeles CA. Has been significantlly altered. Sold to Wilfram and Renate Berger.


1952 - The Frederick and Mary Jane Auerbacher Lodge, 31483 Pleasant Drive, Running Springs CA. Sold in 1990. Sold in 2002 to John C. Berley and Sian Winship. Photos by Raymond Neutra.





1953 - The Frederick and Mary Jane Auerbacher House, 121 Sierra Vista Drive, Redlands CA. Commissioned 1951. Neutra created furniture, including a coffee table and living room chairs, that were still in place (along with the original owners) nearly 60 years later. Most of the north walls are glass. Added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2012.



1953 - The Kramer House, 108 West 8th Street, Corona (Norco) CA. Needs field verification: no W 8th street in Norco. Address in Corona is currently a parking lot for the medical center, historic aerials show no houses there as far back as 1966. Photo by Julius Shulman, whose archive photos read Norco, however, 8th street in Norco isn't West and there is no 108.

 Image result for governor's house, agana guam, neutra

1953 - The Governor's House, Agana, Guam. Designed with Robert E. Alexander. Commissioned 1951. Rebuilt as non-Modernist following destruction by Supertyphoon Pamela in 1976.





1953 - The Price House, 255 South Gillette, Bayport NY. BW photos by Ezra Stoller/ESTO. Has been greatly altered, bottom photo. Sold in 1998 to Lawrence and Faith Bernard.






1953 - The Robert and Opal Kesler House, 1367 Monument Street, Pacific Palisades CA. Sold in 1960 to a Mr. and Mrs. Cash, according to daughter Robin Kesler. Sold in 2006 to Lynn Fehr. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.



1953 - The Elliot House, 7125 Connelly Boulevard, Bedford OH.
Sold in 2009 to Erica Yang and Gregory Kinzelman.



1953 - The Ray Moore House, 2507 North Valley Drive, Manhattan Beach CA. Destroyed, replaced with bottom photo.




1953 - The Schaarman House, 7850 Torreyson Drive, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 1993 to Jeffery B. Gorman and the Liebert Family Trust. Featured in the 2001 movie, The Anniversary Party. Tom Cruise tried to buy it several times. Sold in 2017 to Hiroko Nakamura.






1953 - The Olin G. and Aida Hafley House, 5561 East La Pasada Street, Long Beach CA. Designed by Neutra at the same time as the Moore house next door. Put on the National Register July 12, 2011. Sold around 2010 for the first time to 5561 Las Paseda Street LLC, controlled by architect Kelly Sutherlin McLeod who led an award-winning restoration.

1953 - The Bethuel and Doris Moore House, 5551 La Pasada Street, Long Beach CA. In 1968, following the death of Mr. Moore by a heart attack, the home was purchased by Evelyn Blackman. Sold in 1971 to Terry and Janice Atzen. In 1981, the house was refurbished. With the exception of the peninsula counter dividing the kitchen from the living room, there were no significant architectural changes. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.



1953 - The James and Orline Moore House, 512 North Foothill Road, Ojai CA. Received a national AIA First Honor Award in 1954. The Moores were disciples of Krishnamurti, a spiritual leader based in Ojai. Located on 40 acres. Commissioned 1950. Sold to a second owner. Sold in 1987 to Hugh and Joyce Syme.





1953 - The Hall House, 900 West Bay Avenue, Newport Beach CA. Designed with Robert E. Alexander. Destroyed and replaced with a much larger house, bottom photo.


1954 - The Young House, 5355 Shirley Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Destroyed. New huge house, above, was built there in 2001. Do you have a photo of the original house?

1954 - The Mountain Home AFB Housing, aka Capehart-Wherry, designed with Robert E. Alexander. They designed 270 Capehart units, but more than 770 units were built during the first phases at MHAFB. In all, nearly 250,000 units were built for the military nationwide. However, Lemoore Naval Station CA and MHAFB were the only installations that Neutra and Alexander received housing design commissions. In 1959, MHAFB won the best new housing award.


1954 - The Richard and Clare Hammerman House, 201 Bentley Circle, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 2003 by the Hammerman heirs to Adele and Gordon Binder. Sold in 2005 to Thomas and Kathy Mendoza. Bottom photo by Michael Locke. For sale in 2017.






1955 - The Constance (Connie) Perkins House, 1540 Poppy Peak Drive, Pasadena CA. Perkins died in March 1991 and left the house to the Huntington Library and Art Gallery. Sold in 2004 to John Mack Faragher and Michele Hoffnung. Bottom two photos by Raymond Neutra. Second photo by Julius Shulman.






1955 - The Brown-Sidney House, 10801 Chalon Road, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 2000 to fashion mogul Tom Ford (second photo, left). Sold 18 days later to Ten 801 Chalon Road Holding Trust, controlled by Ford. Restored by Marmol-Radziner (principal Ron Radziner, standing, next to Ford lying down). Chris Shanley and John Bertram were design associates. Brad Dunning assisted with the interiors. 






1955 - The Corwin Hansch House, 4070 Olive Knoll Place, Claremont CA. The street was formerly called Via Padova. Bottom photo by Raymond Neutra.




1955 - The Cohen House #1, 8805 Cheltenham Avenue, Springfield PA. Sold in 2012 to Daniel Peterson and Katherine Hawkins.


1955 - The Henry and Betty L. Corwin House, 25 Huckleberry Lane, Weston CT.
Transferred around 2006 to Thomas and Pamela Corwin.







1955 - The J. M. Roberts House, 621 Wrede Way, former address 539 South Grand Avenue, West Covina CA. Sold in 2014 to W Squared Partners LLC. Bottom two photos by Raymond Neutra. Remodeled in 2015 by Deborah Chumi Paul. Sold in 2017 to Eric and Ana Brill May.




1955 - The Weihe House, 25 Sweetbay Road, Rancho Palos Verde CA. Sold in 1994 to Lynn and William Petak. Inaccessible to photograph.








1955 - The Herbert Kronish House, 9439 Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills CA. Kronish bought the property from actress Shirley Temple. At 6891 sf, it was one of Neutra's largest. Two acres. Six bedrooms. At one time it was owned by industrialist/philanthropist Norton Simon and actress Jennifer Jones. The kitchen (last photo) was renovated - poorly, says son Dion Neutra.

Sold in 1999 to Massoud Yashouafar. Foreclosed in January 2011 and sold toSoda Partners LLC for about $6M, according to Blockshopper LA. Saved from demolition; sold in October 2011 for $12.8M to Hestia Properties LLC controlled by Stavros Niarchos III, young Greek shipping tycoon. Color photos by Michal Cherwonka.







1955 - The George and Dorothy Serulnic House, 3947 Markridge Road, La Crescenta CA. Dorothy Serulnic was Neutra's secretary. Fordyce S. Marsh was the builder. Featured as an Architectural Record house in 1956. Sold in 1998 to Lari Pittman and Roy Dowell. In 2009, they turned the Serulnic house into a guest house and built a new main dwelling, bottom photo, designed by Michael Maltzan. Both sold in 2018 to Michael Balzary, aka Flea, and Frankie Rayder.


1955 - The Joseph A. and Ruth Artega House, 12960 Gladstone Avenue, Lake View Terraces, Sylmar CA. Top photo, the Neutra house is on the right. There is a second house on the same lot, left. Deeded in 1999 from Joseph Artega to Michael Artega. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.




1956 - The Slavin House, 1322 Dover Road, Santa Barbara CA. Sold in 2002 to Levine Family Trust.






1956 - The Sidney R. and Arilla Troxell House, 766 Paseo Miramar, Pacific Palisades CA. Sold in 2003 to architect Charles Scott Hughes who renovated and expanded it in 2005. Interiors by Brad Dunning. Sold around 2005 to Hikaru Utada and Kazuhiro Iwashita. Sold in 2013. Bottom three photos by Brad Dunning. The house features a reflecting pool, glass walls, radiant-heat pipes under the concrete floors, recessed lighting, and a catwalk outside the master bedroom to make it easier to clean the windows.






1956 - The Alfred de Schulthess House, 19A #15012, Cubanacan Playa, Havana, Cuba. 9350 square feet. Raul Alvarez worked as supervising architect; Benno Fischer, Serge Koschin, John Blanton all worked on the architectural design. Brazilian landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx collaborated on the landscape design of the three-acre property. Now a diplomatic residence for the Swiss Ambassador to Cuba. Received the 1958 National College of Architects Gold Medal. Color photos by Patrick Denker, except for last two by Raymond Neutra. 





1956 - The Staller House (aka the Levinsohn House), 901 Bel Air Road, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1955. Sold to Gary Levinsohn in 1998. Restored by Lorcan O'Herlihy in 2001. Over 6,000 sf. Features a 4200-bottle wine cellar. Sold in 2014 to Sa Lesjardins. Bottom photo by Roger Straus III/ESTO.






1956 - The Schwind House, 1430 Carlton Road, Hillsborough CA. Photos by Raymond Neutra and Andrea Minton. Sold in 2005 to Jordan and Linda Goodman.







1956 - The Fred and Alicia Gulbis Adler House, 1438 North Kenter Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Was renovated and added onto, badly. Sold in 2013 to Jeffrey (Tyler) and Margaret (Marge) Lemkin who did a restoration, including removing the structure over the pool. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.

 Inline image 8

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1956 - The Gillen House, 4411 Quail Canyon Road, formerly 7 Quail Canyon Road, San Bernardino CA. Sold to Mary Lou White. Bottom photo is of the poolhouse, not by Neutra.








1956 - The Philip H. and Jean Livingston House, 1718 Minnekahda Road, Chattanooga TN. Because of Neutra's busy schedule, the Livingstons hired family friend and local architect Mary Lou Droston to oversee construction. The contractor was Creed W. Maynard, a patient of Philip Livingston. Their daughter, Ann Livingston Raines, lived there for years. Most photos by Steve Arnaudin, 1990. Sold in 2015 to George I. and Jamy F. Bock III, who destroyed it. Last two photos by John Shearer.






1956 - The Frank and Betty Miller House, 109 South Whitehall Road, Norristown PA. As of 2001 owned by Jerold and Margaret Hill.




1956 - The Louis Nash House, 35 Marine View Drive, Camarillo CA. Sold in 2003 to Michael and Elayne A. Harbert. Sold to Scott McBryde. Sold in 2013 to Kurt and Stephanie Zierhut.



1956 - The Cohen House #2, 27360 Escondido Beach Road, Malibu CA. Sold in 1998 to Daniel Alberstone and Lisa Ogawa. Has been a rental house for several years.






1956 - The Robert and Josephine Cohen Chuey Residence, 2460 Sunset Plaza Drive, Los Angeles CA. Photos by Julius Shulman. Josephine was previously married to  Gregory Ain. Deeded to Paul and Gigi Shepherd. Went into bankruptcy. For sale in 2017.


1957 - The Gene Field House, 4341 Lanai Road, Encino CA. The owners got tired of modern and destroyed the house, building another in its place, above photo. 










1957 - The Maury Sorrells House, Old CA-127, Shoshone CA. Featured in Architectural Record, March 1960. Engineering by Eugene D. Birnbaum. Built by Robert A. Waymire. As of 2001, it was owned by Susan E. Sorrells, the daughter of the original owners. Interior color photos by Raymond Neutra. B/W photos by Julius Shulman.





1957 - The Edward J. Flavin House, 2218 Neutra Place, Los Angeles CA. The Flavins tried to buy Neutra's Meltzer House and Sokol House. Not succeeding, they hired Neutra to do their own custom design. Sold to Natt Leipzig and Lynn Whitney. Sold in 2001 to Brock and Martha Houghton. Sold later in 2001 to Dana Balkin and George Grandchamp. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.


 1957 - The John P. and DeVee Clark House, 1780 Devon Road, Pasadena CA. Sold for the first time in 2002 to Miriam Kelly. Restoration by Marmol Radziner. Sold in 2017 to Julius Metoyer.


1957 - The Yew House, 2226 Silver Lake Boulevard, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 1998 to Hatsumi Adler.



1957 - The Wise House, 1371 West Paseo del Mar, San Pedro area of Los Angeles CA. Sold in 2001 by Gaylord Carter to Tiberio P. Lizza. Sold in 2003 to Maureen and Stanley Bradford. 


1958 - The Cole-Perkins House, 1362 Kashlan Road, La Habra Heights CA. Sold in 1999 to Foek Nan Teng and Han Yong Teng. Inaccessible to photograph.











1958 - The Jack and Annette Friedland House, 1020 North Lane, Gladwyne PA. Resident architect, Thaddeus Longstreth. Featured in Architectural Record, May 1968. As of 2012, still owned by the Friedlands. Color photos by son Mark Friedland.





Red and White and Yellow Exterior

1958 - The Hailey House, aka Villard Investment Inc. House, 3319 Tareco Drive, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 1996 to Gabriel Ramirez. Sold in 2013 to Patrick O'Neill. Top four photos by Cameron Carothers. Bottom two photos by Douglas Freeman.



1958 - The Mary Helen Kilbury House, 920 Via Nogales, Palos Verdes Estates CA. Commissioned 1956. Renovations in 1961. Sold for the first time in 2014 to William and Celeste Hughes. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.




 1958 - The Sue Oxley Residence, 2680 Greentree Lane, La Jolla CA. Original address was 9302 La Jolla Farms Road. Previous owners moved it to the edge of a large lot and then built a new large house in the middle. Sold to Thomas Masserat who did a restoration. Bottom photo by Julius Shulman. Sold in 2012 to Simon D. and Elizabeth Pritscher-Lewis.







1958 - The Hassrick House (aka Hasserick), 3033 Cherry Lane, formerly called 3033 West School House Road, Philadelphia PA. 4800 sf. Cabinetry by George Nakashima. An addition was put on at some point. Sold to John Hauser who purchased the house out of foreclosure around 2008 and spent two years in renovations. According to Hauser, the addition, a peaked roof room with the planter and tiled floor, bottom photo, was not by Neutra. Sold in 2017 to Thomas Jefferson University.


1958 - The Huebsch House, 320 de la Fuente, Monterey Park CA.
In 2002 it was still owned by the Huebsch family.



1958 - The Alfred Hughes House, 1560 Oriole Lane, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 2008 to Burt Levitch. Bottom three photos by Michael Locke.


1958 - The Millard Kaufman Addition, 3574 Multiview Drive, Los Angeles CA. Kaufman was a screenwriter who invented the character Mr. Magoo. Landscaping by Garrett Eckbo. Sold in 2002 to Michael La Fetra. Sold in 2004 to Van Scott Jones and Thierry Marchand. Sold in 2007 to Thierry Marchand. Sold in 2014 to Harrison and Laura Gray. Sold in 2016 to Joann Yi Yung Huh and John Jeffrey Eichmann. For sale in 2018. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.



1958 - The George Kraigher House II, 167 Litchfield Road, formerly Bethlehem Road, Litchfield CT. Correspondence between Neutra and Kraigher reveals this is now Route 63, Morris CT. Julius Shulman photographed the house in the summer of 1958. As of 2013 under restoration by designer Paul Worthington, who provided the above photo.





1958 - The John and Etta P. Rados House, 2209 West Daladier Drive, Rancho Palos Verdes CA. Deeded to Robert and Marjorie Rados. Bottom photo by Cameron Carothers. Bottom two photos by Michael Locke. For sale for the first time in 2019.




1958 - The Albert M. and Patricia Leddy House, 2501 Dracena Street, Bakersfield CA. Still owned by the Leddys as of 2013. According to Patricia Leddy, construction was a group effort between her husband, an attorney, and his attorney friends working on the weekend like an old-fashioned barnraising. They had to build it themselves as no bank would lend money for this Modernist design. Color photos by Raymond Neutra.

 Connell 3


1958 - The Arthur (Art) L. and Kathleen Connell House, 1170 Signal Hill Road, Pebble Beach CA. 4124 sf on 2.13 acres. Sold in 1985 to Clifford and Patricia Mettler. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Sold in 2004 to Massy Mehdipour who rented it out for several years. She transferred the property in March 2010 to a personal trust then to her LLC, Signal Hill LLC. Plans were submitted in June 2010 to Monterey County for destruction of the house and replacement with a new three-level 15,740 square foot house designed by Bernstein Zubieta Architects of Venice CA. The plan has since been changed to around 12,000 sf. Strong public opposition and the designation of the house as historic delayed demolition. The owner consented to mothballing the house while arguments - and deterioration - continue into 2019. Photos by Tony Kirk and David Royal.





1959 - The June and Hitoshi Ohara House,

2210 Neutra Place, Los Angeles CA. Sold to Patricia Marie Moritz. Sold in 2003 to Christopher J. Bonura. Sold in 2003 to David Netto. One of the locations for the movie The Holiday. Featured in Vogue magazine January 2015.





1959 - The Henry E. Singleton House, 15000 Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 2004 to Vidal and Rhonda (Ronnie) Sassoon. Interior remodel by Tim Campbell. Sold in 2013 to Francois Pinault.




1959 - The Ninneman House, 

4218 Via Padova, Claremont CA.
Sold in 1999 to Domingo and Martha N. Paglia. Photos by Raymond Neutra.






1959 - The Dailey House, 953 Granvia Altamira, Palos Verdes Estates CA. Sold for the first time in 2008 to Charles A. Bennett, Jr. Restored by John Blanton who had worked with Neutra. Sold in 2013.


1959 - The Larsen House, 5434 Jed Smith Road, Calabasas CA. Located in Hidden Hills. Sold to the Castleman family. Sold in 1989 to Vicki Schankman. Gated community; no access.





1959 - The Eugene Loring House, 2456 Astral Drive, Los Angeles CA. Sold to Lewis S. Baskerville. Master suite addition designed by EscherGuneWardena. Two bedroom guest house designed by Steven Ehrlich. Top three photos by Tim Street-Porter/ESTO. Still owned by Baskerville as of 2017. For sale in 2018.




1959 - The Arthur F. McSorley House, 1248 La Peresa Drive, Thousand Oaks CA. Deeded to Ila McSorley. Deed to the Ila McSorley Trust in 2018.




1959 - The Richard F. Oyler House, 771 Thundercloud Lane, Lone Pine CA. Sold in thte late 1970's to art dealer Ruth Schaffner, heir to the Hart Schaffner and Marx company, who did a number of unfortunate modifications. Sold around 1994 to Mitch Glazer and Kelly Lynch who did a restoration. Incredible mountain views and a pool set into a giant boulder. Mike Dorsey, Oyler's grandson, made a documentary in 2012 calledThe Oyler House. Oyler died a few months later, and his wife three days after that. Bottom two photos by Raymond Neutra. 







1959 - The Daniel and Gertrude (Trudi) Pariser House, 27 Judith Street, Uniontown PA. This redwood and sandstone suburban house is two interlocking rectangles. Walls of different heights and textures separate public and private entrances. Renovated in 2013. Sold in 2014.




1959 - The Lloyd and Mildred Warner House, 22 Summitt Drive, Dune Acres IN. Mailing address Chesterton IN. Sold in 2007.


1959 - The Lew House, 1456 Sunset Plaza Drive, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 1999 to Caroline Stokely Chaffin. Renovated by architects Leo Marmol and Ron Radziner. Photos 2 and 3 by Mai al-Kawari; bottom photo by Michael Locke. Available for rent.



1960 - The Julian Bond House, now at 4449 Yerba Santa Drive, San Diego CA. Moved from its original location at 2680 Greentree Lane, La Jolla, San Diego CA. Sold to the Koutz Trust. Sold in 1999 to Susan Camiel. Sold in 2006 to Tamara Well.



 1960 - The Yoshi Inadomi House, 2238 Silver Lake Boulevard, Los Angeles CA. Part of a grouping of ten houses known as the Neutra Colony. Sold to Dinah Lee. Sold in 2005 to Eli Bonerz.


1960 - The Kambara House, 2232 Silver Lake Boulevard, Los Angeles CA. Part of a grouping of ten houses known as the Neutra Colony. Sold for the first time in 2014 to Trust E. McTrusterton.  The new owner has a good sense of humor.  Photos by Michael Locke.




1960 - The Bizzari House, 6070 Kenridge Drive, Cincinnati OH. Sold to Joan Morgan. Sold in 1997 to Diane Travis. 


Neutra in the house!





1960 - The David J. and Sarah Coveney House, 301 Hughes Road, Norristown PA near King of Prussia. Renovations in 1968 and 1977. Featured in Architectural Record, May 1968. The original house had three bedrooms and two baths. Neutra designed a bunk bed in one bedroom, as well as built-ins for the children and planned for the family to add more children. Thaddeus Longstreth, who collaborated with Neutra, supervised the Neutra-planned western extension of the house to accommodate two more bedrooms and another full bath. Longstreth included built-ins in the same style in the expansion. After Neutra's death, Longstreth supervised the design and installation of an artist studio for Sarah Coveney in 1976, bringing the total square footage to 3,217. Neutra designated a swimming pool which was never installed. Sold in 2013 to Nelson Tolentino and Allen Fair. Renovated by Robert Jamieson.


1960 - The Bell House, 222 East Constance Avenue, Santa Barbara CA. Sold to John and Joy Kuntz.




 The project clearly distinguishes between new and restoration.

1960 - The Glen House, 130 Brookhollow Lane, Stamford CT. Commissioned 1959. Sold to Eric C. Rota. Restored by architect Joeb Moore around 2010. Won an AIA CT 2011 Design Award. Bottom photo by Michael Biando.


 1960 - The Quandt House, 28681 Castle Rock Road, formerly 13 Castle Rock Road, Lucerne Valley CA. Sold to Royal Way Spiritual Retreat.



Richard Neutra’s little known Sale Residence hits the market for the first time ever


Richard Neutra’s little known Sale Residence hits the market for the first time ever 

1960 - The Robert D. and Elsa Sale House, 1531 Tigertail Road, Los Angeles CA.  Photos by Cameron Carothers.  For sale for the first time in 2018.




1960 - The Thomas E. and Ellen Pickering House, 225 Via Genoa, Newport Beach CA. Has been significantly altered, bottom photo. As of 2012, the owners were Susan O'Neal and Stephen J. Kearney.



1960 - The BEWO-Bau GmbH Development I, Walldorf, Germany. Neutra's first housing development project in Europe after World War II, a dense estate of detached houses near Frankfurt Airport, later partly spoiled by subsequent alterations. Interior photos by Iwan Baan.



1961 - The Oberholtzer House, 27274 Eastvale Road, Rolling Hills CA. Has been expanded. Sold to Steven and Dana Traversal.




1961 - The Leo and Tillie Cytron House, 2249 Benedict Canyon Drive, Beverly Hills CA. Deeded to Shirley C. Cytron. Top photo by Mai al-Kawari. Appears run down as of 2018.


1961 - The Levitt House, 1705 Summitridge Drive, Beverly Hills CA. Sold to Matthew Rolston and Ted Russell.





1961 - The Linn House, 7820 Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles CA. Sold to James B. Byrnes. Sold in 2012 to Clifford Watts. Was up for historical status in LA in 2014; status unknown. For sale in 2018. Video.




 1961 - The Rang House, Hardtbergweg 15 624 Koenigstein, Koenigstein in Taunus, Germany. Small detached house built in a woodland clearing. Owned as of 2012 by architect Hilmer Goedeking who specializes in restoring Neutra houses. Bottom two photos by Iwan Baan. 




1961 - The Carl List House, 679 Manhattan Road SE, Grand Rapids MI. Sold in 2000. Sold to Thor and Kathryn Sorenson.




1962 - The Akai House, 2200 Neutra Place, Los Angeles CA. Part of a grouping of ten houses known as the Neutra Colony. Sold to William L. and Susie Akai Fukuhara. Sold in 2008 to a Fukuhara family trust. Photos by Raymond Neutra.





1962 - The Samuel and Luella Maslon House, 70900 Fairway Drive, Rancho Mirage CA. Located at the Thunderbird Country Club, formerly the Tamarisk Country Club, a gated community with no public access. For unknown reasons, Luella, who died in 2002, resisted placing the house on the National Register of Historic Places, or incorporating restrictions into its title. The Maslon heirs sold it to Richard J. Rotenberg in 2002 on the promise he would preserve it. Shortly thereafter, he demolished it (middle photos) touching off great controversy among historic preservationists in Southern California -- as the house was in pristine condition. The building was replaced by the house in the bottom photo, which Neutra's son Dion photographed in 2008.



1962 - The Gonzales-Gorrondona House, Avenida de la Linea 65 Sabana Grande, Caracas, Venezuela. Photos by Raymond Neutra.




1962 - The Hrabe House, 5851 Clear Valley Road, Hidden Hills, Calabasas CA. In 1980, it was added on and substantially altered from the original design. Sold to Donald and Margee Menell. Sold in 2005 to Bentley Max Richards.



1962 - The Taylor House, aka the Solomon House, 3816 Lockerbie Court, Glendale CA. Sold in 2006 to John L. Solomon. Photos by Tim Street-Porter/ESTO.







1962 - The Harold (Harry) Goldman House, 3417 Southern Hills Drive, Des Moines IA. In October 1961, construction crews unearthed a solid granite, 25-ton boulder near Second and School Streets. The enormous rock mass was the largest rock deposit of its kind ever seen this far south in Iowa (similar deposits have been found in the Marshalltown area). The boulder was a glacial deposit, having been brought down by the ice from someplace in Canada perhaps 200,000 years ago, well prior to Iowa's last glacier 25,000 to 30,000 years ago. In May of 1962, the huge rock was moved to the Goldman's lawn where it was made available to Drake University's geology classes for examination and study. Sold to son Thomas C. Goldman. Deeded to Cathy Goldman, trustee.




1962 - The Eugene D. and Rowene Erman House, 16535 Oldham Street, Encino CA. As of 2008, still owned by the Ermans. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.




1962 - The Robert L. Hendershot and Harami Taniguchi House, 2866 Westbrook Avenue, Los Angeles CA. For sale for the first time in 2017. Photos by Michael Locke.



3625 Oakfield

3801 Oakfield

3701 Oakfield

3611 Oakfield

1962 - The Stone-Fisher Speculative Houses, Oakfield Drive, Sherman Oaks CA. Photos by Michael Locke. There were at least 12 planned. Neutra designed the unique platform concept but disliked that the developers changed his plans and withdrew from the project.

Architect William S. Beckett finished the houses and did at least one more similar house at 2231 Gloaming, Beverly Hills, completed in 1961.








1962 - The Feodor U. Pitcairn House, 2860 Paper Mill Road, Bryn Athyn area of Huntingdon Valley PA. Designed with Thaddeus Longstreth. Neutra added a 1966 "dependency building". Built by Synnsetvedt Construction. Featured in Architectural Record, May 1968. Sold in 2017.



1962 - The Baldwin House, 6025 Lubao Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 2000 to Scott Cort and Jeanne Young Yang. 


1963 - The Stone-Fisher Speculative House, 2105 Trentham Road, Lake Sherwood CA near Thousand Oaks. Overlooks Lake Sherwood. Sold to Russell A. and Donna J. Goodman. Sold to the Goodman family Trust.


1963 - The Maximilian (Milan) and Blanca Roven / Abraham Spiegel Houses, 900 and 910 North Alpine Drive, Beverly Hills CA. The Rovens (upper lot, 910) and Abraham Spiegel (lower lot, 900) engaged Neutra to design two 6000 sf+ houses starting in 1956. However, according to Neutra expert Barbara Lamprecht, several factors including uneasy client relations, questions about the legality of the subdivided lot, and Neutra's two bouts in the hospital led to his losing the clients.

In 1961, architect Benno Fischer, former project architect for Neutra, redesigned the site based in part on Neutra's original layout.

The Speigel House (ad above) was sold around 2005 to the Afshani family and destroyed for a new house. The Roven House is still there as of 2018, optioned by the Roven Trust in January 2018, under North Alpine LLC and Alon Abady Trust.





1963 - The Hans Grelling House, aka Casa Tuja, Strada del Roccolo 11, Ascona, Switzerland. Commissioned 1961. Neutra oriented this two-story house to look out over Lake Maggiore above Ascona. On the upper floor, kitchens, closets, and maid's quarters line the west side, leaving the living room and master bedroom a panoramic view of the lake. Below, a garage, extra bedroom, and an added living space. Well-preserved.




1964 - The John L. and Pauline Booker Kuhns House, 4359 Camello Road, Woodland Hills area of Los Angeles CA. Transferred to the Kuhns Estate, Laura Kuhns Moody, Trustee. Photos by Scott Moody and Michael Locke.





1964 - The David and Grace Poster Apartments, 6847 Radford Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Eight units. Commissioned 1959. Fell into disrepair. Sold in 2005 to Mike Resnick who did extensive renovations. Bottom two photos by Mike Resnick and Michael Locke.





1965 - The BEWO-Bau GmbH Development II, Quickborn, Germany. About 13 miles outside Hamburg. A dense estate of 67 detached houses; they have been better preserved than the first BEWO development of 1960. According to Der Spiegel 26 August 1964, the development got off to a very difficult start - with only four homes sold 18 months in. The houses were expensive and did not sell well. Material and craftsmanship were outstanding, but Neutra demanded a new thinking from the purchasers by offering smallish homes tightly packed together, 44 of them even attached, with small private gardens but blocked views. Bewobau subsequently cancelled plans for another 422 houses. For the remaining homes, historic preservation status came in 2005. As of 1994, 62 of the homes are supposedly kept in the Neutra-spirit, and only five homes got major alterations. Interior color photos by Iwan Baan.







1966 - The Ebelin Bucerius House, aka Casa Navegna, Via Val Resa, Brione sopra Minusio, Switzerland. The landscape architect was Ernst Cramer. Job captain, Egon Wilkins. Resident architect, Bruno Honegger. High above Lake Maggiore, this has a breathtaking view exploited by Neutra to the fullest. This huge villa, which cost a small fortune to build, was the most elaborate ever erected by Neutra in Europe and is a milestone of his later work. It has been painstakingly and exquisitely restored and renovated. BW photos by Martin Hesse. Featured in Architectural Record, May 1968. Color photos by Iwan Baan.






1966 - The Rentsch House, In der Ledi, Wengen 3823 in Lauterbrunnen Switzerland. The landscape architect was Ernst Cramer. Commissioned 1964. Built on the outskirts of Wengen with an impressive view of the Eiger mountain massif. Originally designed with a flat roof, Neutra was forced by planning officials to add a gabled roof. Color photos by Iwan Baan.



1966 - The Joseph A. Virzintas Addition, aka Penthouse, 4338 1/2 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Los Angeles CA. It was a second story addition, not really a penthouse. The address of the main building is 4336. Sold in 2006 to David Berger and Seth Caplan. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.


1966 - The Von Huene Cabin, 168 Joaquin Road, Mammoth Lakes CA.


1967 - The Wilhelm Kemper House, Dorner Weg 100, Wuppertal-Ronsdorf, Germany. The interior has been dramatically altered from Neutra's original design.


1967 - The Harold D. and Monica S. Nuffer Cabin, 433 Mono Street, Mammoth Lakes CA. Photo by Raymond Neutra. Sold in 2012 to Karin N. Hunt.


1967 - The Paul and Alice Shinoda House, 1124 Camino Del Rio, Santa Barbara CA. Destroyed by the Painted Cave wildfire in 1991. The Shinodas chose not to rebuild and sold the land.



1968 - The Stern House, 621 North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills CA. Sold to Farshid and Sandy Shohed. Destroyed and replaced with a new house, bottom photo.





1968 - The Walter and Inga Rice House, 1000 Old Locke Lane, on an island in the James River, Richmond VA. Built by Kayhoe Construction. Neutra's only house in Richmond. Deeded to Inga Rice. Donated to the Science Museum of Virginia Foundation in 1996. 6,000 square feet. Sold in 2015 to David and Christy Cottrell who did a complete restoration.




1968 - The Ann and Donald Brown House, 3005 Audubon Terrace NW, Washington DC. Heather Willson Cass designed an addition (bottom left photo) in the early 1990's. 4000 square feet. Neutra's only house in DC and his last in the United States.





1969 - The Pescher House, Am Freudenberg 75, Wuppertal, Germany. Commissioned 1968. Well-preserved in original condition, similar to the Rentsch House. Bottom photo by Iwan Baan.



1969 - The Marcel Delcourt House, 18bis Avenue General de Gaulle, Croix, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France. Neutra's last house, and his only house in France. Surrounded by a high wall. Top two photos by Iwan Baan, rest by Julien Lanoo. For sale in 2018.



1970 - The Stettfurt House, aka the Jurgen Tillmann House, Thurgau, Switzerland. Begun as a low-budget project drawn by his son Dion, and completed (after a break during which financing was unavailable) by Honegger, a Swiss architect who previously worked with Neutra. Even so, a few months before he died, Neutra requested in a letter to be referred to as the home's original architect. Sold to a second owner, an attorney. Sold in the late 1980's to the Bachmanns, third owners. The interior has been renovated. Photo by Iwan Baan.



 1972 - The Lou Scheimer House, 18918 La Montana Place, Tarzana CA. Commissioned 1970. Neutra died early in the design and it was completed by his son Dion Neutra. Sold in 2013 to the Ira Epstein Trust.


2011 - A house for sale in Madrid is listed as designed by Richard Neutra. However, Neutra never designed any houses in Spain. NCMH alerted noted Neutra expert Barbara Lamprecht. She commmunicated with the family of the owner. According to the owner's nephew, "This project was done in the 60's for the soldiers of the American base in Torrejon de Ardoz, that is why it was called Aneutra." The real estate listing agent saw this term and made an incorrect assumption. Case closed.

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