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Schindler was born to a middle class family in Vienna, Austria. He attended the Imperial and Royal High School from 1899 to 1906 then enrolled in the Wagnersschule of Vienna Polytechnic University, graduating in 1911 with a degree in architecture. Schindler worked for Hans and Theodore Mayer from 1911 to 1914. While at a concert in Vienna, he met future colleague Richard Neutra.

 Encouraged by fellow Austrian architect Adolph Loos, Schindler moved to Chicago in 1914 to work for Ottenheimer Stern and Reichert. In 1916, he delivered 12 elaborate lectures at the Church School of Design in Chicago which became known as the Schindler Program, his central design philosophy.

Schindler always wanted to work for Frank Lloyd Wright and in late 1918 Wright hired him. After Wright obtained the commission for the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, a major project that involved Wright being in Japan for several years, Schindler was promoted to run Wright's American operations out of the Oak Park IL studio.

In 1919, Schindler married Pauline Gibling (1893-1977) and in 1920 Wright sent Schindler west to Los Angeles to work on the Aline Barnsdall House. Beyond his job for Wright, Schindler started his own independent practice in 1922. Schindler and Wright argued frequently and eventually Schindler quit.

He became a huge success in Los Angeles.  Known as Michael, never Mike, he and Pauline hosted many events at their Kings Road house, itself a model of architectural brilliance (and still there, you can visit). The Schindlers hung out with the era's celebrities in art, sculpture, design, and dance. They had one son, Mark, in 1922.

 Schindler had a number of affairs and the couple divorced in the 1930's but continued to live separately in the King's Road house.  After Schindler's death, Pauline Schindler stayed there until her own death in 1977. Schindler's great-grandson Guillaume was as of 2017 a docent at the King's Road house.

Richard Neutra worked for Wright in 1924 at Taliesin East but left after a few months to work in California with Schindler. Neutra and his wife lived at King's Road with Schindlers for several years. Their firm was called Schindler and Neutra.

Philip Johnson famously rejected Schindler's inclusion in the 1932 exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art because he felt Schindler was outside the International Style. Schindler responded by rejecting the categorizing of his designs as part of any style. Schindler and Neutra's relationship began to unravel and the Neutra's moved out. They rarely interacted after that. When Neutra had a heart attack in 1953, he found himself in the same Cedars Sinai hospital room as Schindler who was dying of cancer. They made their peace before Schindler died.



His only church design, the 1945 Bethlehem Baptist Church, 7403 South Normandie Avenue, was abandoned for years in South Los Angeles. Faith Build International restored it as an active church in 2014. Photos by Michael Locke.

Schindler overview in German and English

Additional Resources: Facebook Fan Page * Schindler Houses Open to the Public * Schindler's Houses DVD * Research/3D models by Steve Wallet * Schindler Archives at UCSB.  Drawings and many photos from  R. M. Schindler Papers, Architecture and Design Collection, Art Design & Architecture Museum, UC Santa Barbara.

Because there are multiple Schindler project lists floating around, we've included buildings which are listed as houses but we found to be otherwise. Thanks to Catherine Westergaard Cramer for her extensive research.

1914 - A summer house, near Vienna, Austria. Unbuilt.

1915 - The Thomas Paul Martin House, Taos NM. Unbuilt. Designed while working for Ottenheimer Stern and Reichert.

1916 - aka the Log House named for its materials (not the owner). Unbuilt. Designed while working for Ottenheimer Stern and Reichert.

1916 - The J. B. Lee House renovation, Maywood IL. Designed while working for Ottenheimer Stern and Reichert. Was significantly altered. Destroyed.

1916 - A three-room house, Oak Park IL. Designed while working for Ottenheimer Stern and Reichert. Unsure if built.

1919 - One-room apartments, Chicago IL. Designed while working for Ottenheimer Stern and Reichert. Unsure if built.

1920 - The James L. Irving Cottage, 1320 Isabella Street, Wilmette IL. Designed while working for Frank Lloyd Wright. The client lived here while his larger house next door (1318) designed by John S. Van Bergen was under construction. Sold to Joe Catrambone in May 2012 who took the house apart and planned to move the house to his Wauconda lakefront property in 2013.

1921 - The Jacob Korsen Apartments, aka Bungalow Court, 1038 Ardmore Street, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1922 - The Rudolf Schindler and Clyde Chace House, aka the Kings Road House, 833 North Kings Road, West Hollywood CA. Initially, the building functioned as house and studio for Schindler, Clyde Chace, and their wives. The Chaces moved out after a short time and Richard and Dionne Neutra moved in for a few years.  Schindler's son Mark and his wife Mary lived there later as well.  Owned by the nonprofit Friends of the Schindler House, with support from the Austrian Museum of Applied Arts (MAK). Open to the public for visits. Featured in the movie Visual Acoustics. Top photo by Chris Mottalini.

1922 - The Mrs. F. Henderson Duplex, address unknown, Los Angeles CA. Built. Destroyed.

1922 - The Mrs. V. Ellis Duplex. Unbuilt.

1) Duplex at 8235 Romaine Street, aka 1001 LaJolla, West Hollywood CA. Sold in 2014 to the Adrienne and Arthur Iclisoy Trust.

2) Duplex at 1000 Harper / 8245 Romaine Street, Los Angeles CA. Actor Leon Balasco lived here at some point. Photos by Michael Locke.

3) The Mrs. R. Lindquist House, 5075 Romaine, Los Angeles CA. Photo by Andrea Minton. Sold in 2009 to Jesus Aguilar.

4) The O. S. Floren and Jordon Duplex, 1427-1429 North Alexandria Street, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 2002 to Lorena Celis. Bottom 2014 photo by Andrea Minton.

5) The Charles J. Adolphson and O. S. Floren duplex, Carlton Way, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1922 - Various rental houses for O. S. Floren.

1922 - The B. Caplan, H. Yaffee, and S. Tuck Apartment Renovations, 2236 West 15th Street, Los Angeles CA. The Schindler archives have the plans. Destroyed.


1922 - The Mrs. E. E. Lacey Duplex, Los Angeles CA.  Needs verification.

1922 - The W. G. Duncan House, 832 Laguna Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Later made into a triplex. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.

1922 - The Port L. Mix Bungalow, 3804 South Grand Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1922 - The Malcolm Peter Campbell and Emily Bayard Johnson House, 1323 South Burlington Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1922 - The I. Binder and H. Gross Apartments, 103-111 North Soto Street, Los Angeles CA. Remodeled. Photo by Andrea Minton.

1922 - The Mrs. Russell Duplex. Location unknown. Unbuilt.

1922 - The Mrs. Edgar Temple Apartments, 947 Hyperion Street, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1923 - The Charles P. Lowe House I, 325 Ellenwood Drive, Eagle Rock CA. Designed while working for Frank Lloyd Wright. Commissioned 1922. Destroyed and replaced by the Ventura Freeway.

1923 - The Mrs. M. Davis Baker House, Hollywood area of Los Angeles CA. One of the the country's first triangle-based house designs. Unbuilt.

1923 - The William Dohs Duplex, aka the Four Flat Apartment Building, 5427 Harold Way, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt, as per the Schindler archives.

1923 - The S. Friedman and A. Koploy Apartments, 115 North Soto Street, Los Angeles CA. Sold around 1978 to Frank and David Whitehead. Sold in 2006 to East LA Community Corporation. Sold in 2008 to LA Community Redevelopment. Sold to Las Margaritas, LLC in 2011. It is a 16 bed apartment complex.

1923 - The Celia Kreutzer Apartments, 1620-1626 North Gower Street, Los Angeles CA. Now listed as one address, 1622. Converted to an office building. Around 1988, sold to Rick and Jeff Spalla, owners of Hollywood Newsreel Syndicate.

1923 - The Anne L. Paine Duplex, 1022-1024 Havenhurst Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Remodeled. Photo by Andrea Minton. Sold in 2011 to Venus and Samsum Shadanloo.

1923 - The Arthur Louis Fisher and Clara Fisher Apartments, 312 Breed Street South, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1922. This was a bungelow design that was unbuilt.

1923 - The Harvey Leepa and Esther Levine Beach Studio and Store, aka Castel La Mar, aka Castle by the Sea. Built on stilts. The bedrooms and the kitchen faced the ocean. They lived off the lobster he trapped and bartered for everything. It was all destroyed in a storm.

Harvey Leepa was the lover then husband to Esther Gentle, who became Leepa when they married. Harvey was a painter who loved to fish and restore artwork. Esther was an artist, a sculptor and designer of objects who came from Brooklyn. She married before WWI and that husband died very soon after son Allen was born. She met Leepa, a watercolorist from Latvia, they were together several years, then married, and Allen took his name. In her circles of artists she got to know Richard Neutra as well as Schindler. After her marriage to Leepa dissolved, she was involved in an affair with a man that she married later, with whom she had twins. After that relationship, she left her kids with her mother, got an occupational therapy license, moved to Florida, and in 1949 married Abraham Rattner.

1923 - The Willis E. Purviance Duplex, 944 Maltman Avenue, Los Angeles CA. A dispute between Schindler and Purviance resulted in a pressed-brick facade in the front section. Photo by Michael Locke.

1923 - Four apartments for Annie Burrell, Los Angeles CA: Commissioned 1922. According to the Schindler archives, none were built.

1924 - The Mrs. Laura Davies House, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1922. Unbuilt.

1924 - The Paul Popenoe Desert Cabin, Coachella CA. His name is sometimes spelled in error as Popinoe or Popinoff. Destroyed. Commissioned 1922.


1924 - The Mrs. E. Braun Apartments Renovations, 6092 Selma Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 1994 to Rafael and Rosa Ochoa. Photo by Andrea Minton.

1924 - The John Cooper Packard House, 931 North Gainsborough Drive, South Pasadena CA. Many renovations. Destroyed in 2001 and replaced with this house, bottom photo.

1924 - The A. Plotkin House, Alvarado Street, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1924 - The Hyman Levin House, 2673 Dundee Place, Los Angeles CA. Landscaping by Richard Neutra. Restored by Stephanos Polyzoides in 1984. Photos by Michael Locke. Sold in 2006 to the William Cooney Trust.

1924 - The F. M. Weiner House Renovation, 1120 Court Street, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1924 - The Helena J. Rubenstein Remodel and Addition, aka the Edward William Titus House, aka Tall Trees, 4 Indian Chase Drive, Greenwich CT. The original house was built in 1909. Commissioned 1923. Sold in 1965 to James and Ann Leary. Sold in 1998 to Sheryl Leach who did renovations in 2003. Sold in 2008. Photo above from around 2010. Sold in 2017 to Lisa Audet.

1924 - The Mr. and Mrs. Job Harriman Colony, a community based on egalitarian living, Langdon Avenue (Longdon Drive) San Gabriel CA. Unbuilt.

1924 - The Philip M. Lovell Mountain House, Wrightwood CA.  Collapsed from snow the very first winter after completion.

1925 - The Philip M. Lovell Farmhouse, aka the Carlton Park Ranch, Fallbrook CA. Destroyed, burned down.


1925 - The James Eads How House, 2422 Silver Ridge Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Built by J. H. Heckman. Eads How was known as "king of the hoboes." The bottom floor was for years a dorm for homeless people coming up from the railroad area below. Landscaping by Richard Neutra. Sold to Michael La Fetra. Renovated by Jeff Fink. Was on the market for four years. Sold in 2012 to Brad Kemble and Jimmy Ferrareze. Sold in 2016 to Spencer Velasquez.

1925 - The El Pueblo Ribera Apartments, aka El Pueblo Rivera, 230-248 Gravilla Street, La Jolla, San Diego CA. These were 12 vacation rentals owned by for W. L. Lloyd, arranged for excellent views of the Pacific Ocean with large garden courts. They have been altered since (bottom color photos) and were partially damaged from a fire. The 12 units were merged into 6 and turned into condos.

230: Sold to Mary Tellep. Sold in 1989 to Gerald Nahas. Sold in 1993 to William Rogers. Sold in 1996 to Hagen Trust. Sold in 2000 to John Sanborn.  Sold in 2015.

234: Sold to Leslie Rogers. Sold in 2001 to Ryan Stein. Sold in 2012 to Newton Family Trust.

238: Sold to Roy Hagen.

242: Sold to William Rogers. Sold in 1998 to Capers-Hedges. Sold in 2004 to Ryan Stein. Sold in 2011 Harvey S. Moltz.

246 : Sold to William P. Rogers. Sold in 1998 to David and Heather Dickens. Sold in 2000 to William Webb. Sold in 2004 to Capers-Hedges. Sold to Jeffrey and Reena Racki.

248: Sold in 1998 to William Webb. Sold in 2007 to Gerald V. Casale Trust, Gina V. Nieto.

1925 - The Brundin House, El Monte CA. Unbuilt.

1925 - The S. Breacher Apartments, 5806 Carlton Way, Los Angeles CA.  Destroyed around 1947 for the 101 Freeway.

1926 - The Hain House, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt, according to Vienna to Los Angeles by Esther McCoy. Schindler did design the Hain Health Food Store at 329 West Third Street that same year.

1926 - The Jessica Morganthau Studio, Palm Springs CA. Unsure if built. Needs verification.


1926 - The Dr. Marie Elizabeth Sorg House, 250 South Walnut Grove Avenue, formerly addressed 530 South Putney Avenue, San Gabriel CA. Commissioned 1924. Richard Neutra was likely the co-designer; howevert two reliable sources only mention Schindler: architectural historians David Gebhard and Richard Winter (An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles) and architects Elizabeth Moule and Stefanos Polyzoides who gave a lecture about the house in 1982. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.  Around 1985, sold to Chen-Yueh Kuo.  Destroyed.  House on the site looks like a Schindler but was built in 1987.

1926 - The Philip Lovell Beach House, 1242 West Ocean Front, Newport Beach CA. Commissioned 1922 with the first of several sets of drawings. Alterations in 1947. Transferred to Gary Lovell and his wife, Bobby.

1926 - The Briggs House, Bay Island, address unknown, Newport Beach CA. Built.

1926 - The Levy Apartments, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1926 - The Hennessy Brothers Apartment Building, Mariposa Street, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt. Designed with Richard Neutra.

1926 - The M. Brown Apartments, LaJolla and Olive Streets, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1927 - The Hutsen House. Unbuilt.

1927 - The Joseph H. Miller Apartments, 1807 North Wilton Place, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1927 - The Joseph H. Miller Apartments, Shenendoah Drive, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1927 - The J. E. Richardson House Remodel, 8272 Marmont Lane, Los Angeles CA. Has been extensively remodeled since Schindler, so much so that most of the Modernism is gone. Sold in 1997 to Stewart Paul. Sold in 2003 to John McCourt. A rental as of 2013.

1927 - The Olga Anna "Anushka" Zacsek House, Sayre Lane, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt. Born in Budapest, she previously was an actress in Hollywood under the name Olga Grey and left the profession in 1920. Zacsek passed the bar in 1932 and became an attorney. She represented Schindler in his business dealings and his divorce. Schindler designed a beach house for her in Playa del Rey (see below).

1927 - The Translucent House for Aline Barnsdall, Palos Verdes CA. Unbuilt.

1928 - The Martel House, Los Angeles CA.  Commissioned 1926. Unbuilt.

1928 - The Mrs. Slemmons House, Arcadia CA. Unbuilt.

1928 - The Edmund J. Gibling House, Schindler's wife's father, 2152 Parnell Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1924. Remodeled in 1935. Destroyed, replaced in 1952 with another house (photo above), not by Schindler.

1928 - The C. B. Price House, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1926. Unbuilt.

1929 - The David N. and Fae H. Heller Grokowsky House, 816 Bonita Drive, South Pasadena CA. Commissioned 1928.  Sold to Max H. and Winifred Hopkins.  Deeded to Clarence and Jane Hopkins Berry. Deeded to Jane Hopkins Berry.  Destined for demolition for a new highway, it was sold to CALTRANS who has neglected it for decades - and never built the road.  At some point, it was restored by the ARG Group. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.  Offered for sale by CALTRANS in 2017.  Sold in 2018 to Dan and Patricia P. Ross.

1929 - The Abernathy Hotel. Address unknown. Sometimes listed as a house. Built.

1929 - The H. D. Diffen House Remodel, Avalon, Catalina Island CA. Unbuilt.

1929 - The Frankel Apartments, 619 Heliotrope Drive, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1929 - The J. J. Newberry Store, developed in association with Herman Sachs. Unbuilt. Sometimes this building is listed as a house.

1929 - The A. Press Apartments, 4325 Willow Brook Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1929 - The S. Vorkapic Addition, 2100 Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills CA. Unbuilt.

1929 - The Herman Sachs Apartments, aka Manola Court, aka Manolina Court, 1811 Edgecliff Drive, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1926. Also listed on Lucile Street, as the two streets are on opposite sides of the site. Expanded 1934-40 to a total of sixteen cityview residences. Schindler stepped the buildings up the hillside, and created community by connecting living space with garden walkways. Schindler did original furniture for the building as well.

1929 - The W. E. Kent House, 4947 Malta Street, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1922. Unbuilt.

1930 - The Viroque Baker and Pratt Project. Turns out this was an interior remodel of a commercial building in Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1930 - The Gisela Bennati Project. Not a house but signage for a store, Lucca Olive Oil Company, at3281 Oakshore Drive,Los Angeles CA.

1930 - The J. M. Cohan Project, 3069 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles CA. Turns out this was not a house but a market. Photo by Andrea Minton.

1930 - The Foley House. Location unknown. Unbuilt.

1930 - The Paul Sloan Renovations, 8241 De Longpre, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1930 - The George L. Wing Project, Banning CA. Turns out this was a hotel and subdivision. Unbuilt.

1930 - The Wornow House, Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1930 - The Kopenlanoff House, Palm Springs CA. Part of a subdivision scheme. Neither house nor subdivision was built.

1930 - The Robert F. Elliott House, 4237 Newdale Drive, Los Angeles CA.  Sold in 1999 to Cameron Silver and Jeff Snyder, who restored it.

1930 - The Henry Braxton and Viola Brothers Shore House, 5705 Ocean Front Walk, Marina del Rey, CA.
Unbuilt, as the clients decided to move to New York. Commissioned 1928.

1931 - The Mrs. Cherry House Renovations, 3910 South Walton Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Original house was built in 1918. Sold to Burnett Realty in 2003.

1931 - The Elmer A. George Project. Turns out this was not a house but a store.  Commissioned 1930. Unbuilt.

1931 - The Ethel and Charles H. Wolfe Summer House, Old Stage Road, Avalon, Catalina Island CA. Commissioned 1928. The Wolfes met Schindler at a party for the Lovell Beach House. There were three living areas: a top apartment for the Wolfes, an middle apartment for guests, and a lower servant quarters. Sold to a Los Angeles attorney. By 1996, according to architect David LeClerc, the long-neglected Wolfe apartment was used by locals to hook up and the middle apartment was occupied by a "surfer dude." Sadly destroyed in 2002. Right photo by David LeClerc. Bottom photo by Ezra Stoller/ESTO.

1931 - The Monti Hicks Project. Turns out this was not a house; it was a retail commercial building. Unbuilt.

1931 - The William Hiller Playroom (top) and Studio (bottom) additions. Location unknown. Probably unbuilt.

1931 - The Rudolph Marx House Remodel, 1557 North Courtney Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Originally built in 1922. Sold to actress Sally A. Struthers since at least 2006. Appears to be a multi-unit rental.

1931 - The G. Stojano House Garage, 3501 Dahlia Street, Los Angeles CA. Original house built in 1922. Owner as of 2011 is Jenice Enge.

1932 - The Hans N. Von Koerber House, 408 Via Monte d'Oro, Redondo Beach area of Torrance CA. Commissioned 1931. Owned by Patrick M. Smith since 1998. Deteriorating fast.

1932 - The H. Lierd and Ethel Todd House, West Vernon Place, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1932 - The E. H. Shirley Farmhouse. Part of a development which included farm buildings. Unbuilt.

1933 - The O. F. Fredericks project. Turns out this was not a house but a bakery booth at Grand Central Market in Los Angeles.

1933 - The Orlof K. Farr Dance Hall addition in Denver CO. Unbuilt.

1933 - The Sid Grauman dance hall and restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1933 - The Eric Locke House, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1933 - The Perstein House Renovations, 111 and 111A Tamalpais Road, Berkeley CA. Sold to E. O. Lawrence who owned it for about 70 years.At some point it was converted to a duplex. Sold again. One side for rent in 2012.

1934 - The E. Brandstetter House Remodel. Location unknown, status unknown.

1934 - The John J. Buck House, 5958 Eighth Street, Los Angeles CA. Listed as Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument #122. Country Club Projects, an art gallery coop, operates from this house as of 2012.

1934 - The William Lingenbrink Cabin, 3978 Blackbird Way, Calabasas CA. Lingenbrink had hoped to develop an entire community of modernist homes called Park Moderne but they never caught on. Schindler was commissioned in 1929 to build three houses. One was destroyed, one never completed (probably the top photo), and the third one here was indeed built in 1934. The Park Moderne project was abandoned in 1938. Sold to Mark and Pip Field. There were several additions between 1982 and 1993. Sold in 1993 to Timothy and Jan Grimm. Sold in 1996 to Michael and Cheryl Adler. Photos by Andrea Minton.

1934 - The Dondo House Renovation, originally 583 Tamalpais Road, Berkeley CA. Address is now 58-60 Tamalpais; 58 is the main house up on the hill, and 60 is a small cottage at the street. Sold. Sold for a third time in the 1970's. Color photos by Sydnor Elkins.

The 2014 owner believes that the Schindler renovation as drawn was never built. When they moved into the house in the early 70's, they did renovations, and added a south facing enclosed entry porch, somewhat similar to what is shown in the Schindler drawing.

1934 - The Mrs. C. Goodman House Renovation, 2149 Casitas Avenue, Altadena CA. Unbuilt.

1934 - The Mrs. B. Hunter House. Location unknown. Unbuilt.

1934 - The H. R. King House Renovations, 10354 La Grange, Los Angeles CA. This is a small complex of storybook cottages at the corner of three streets, each with different addresses. 10354 La Grange is the structure to the right of the garage. Photos by Andrea Minton.

1934 - The Nerenbaum Project, not a house but a service station. Unbuilt.

1934 - The Patrick S. O'Reilly House, Glendale CA. Unbuilt.

1934 - The Ransom House, Palm Springs CA. Unbuilt.

1934 - House at Leimert Park, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1934 - Gail Rheingold, 8730 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles CA. This was not a house; it was for King's Club Bar. Destroyed in 1965 for Sunset Towers.

1934 - The William E. and Stephanie Oliver House, 2236 Micheltorena Street, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1931. Top photo is an early draft; the house was reduced in size when finally built.  Featured in the 1938 Book of Small Houses. Deeded to Hugh D. and Julie Oliver. Bottom photo by Michael Locke. Sold in 2013 to Noel Osheroff.

1934 - Renovations to the E. Pavaroff House, 1641 North Crescent Heights Boulevard, Los Angeles CA.  Original house built 1923. Schindler added an entrance hall and broke out additional windows.Sold around 1965 to Russell Washburn who added an entrance canopy designed by architect Stanley Kou-Chih Shu.  Sold to James Burnett. Sold to Bruce Ross. Sold in 1997 to Gloria Grossman. Sold to Peter O'Meara and Kayla Apert. Sold in 2013. Sold in 2018 to Neggin Yassini. 

1935 - The Lionel Stander Remodel, 2006 La Brea Terrace, Los Angeles CA. Original was a 1908 farm house. Subsequent remodels include tile work in 1936 and 1939.  Sold in 1939 to the Von Cube's who added a private garage and servants quarters, designed by architect Frederick Hust.  Sold before 2005 to the Michael and Robin McConnell Family Trust. Sold in 2010 to Lucas White and Normandie Keith. Sold in 2017 to Alexander Lowe and Kara Walters.




1935 - The Lionel Stander Apartment, Vine Street, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1935 - The Phil Heraty House, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt. Heraty was later a developer associated with Eichler in northern California in the 1950's.

1935 - The Mrs. Clore Warne House, 2039 North Alvarado Street, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1923. Unbuilt.

1935 - The Haines House, 5112 Alicia Drive, Dana Point CA. Commissioned 1934. Drawings from the Architecture & Design Collection, UCSB University Art Museum. Destroyed in the 1980's.


1935 - The Elizabeth Van Patten House, 2320 Moreno Drive, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1934. It was originally a three-unit apartment for three women, with a common living area.  Schindler also designed the furniture. Sold in 1997 to Timothy Armstrong.

1935 - The Mrs. F. Miller House, a residence initially planned for Milton and Ruth Shep (later Polen). Built. Commissioned 1932.  Where is it?

1936 - The Alexander and Sasha Kaun House, 112 Western Drive, Richmond CA. Commissioned 1935. Photo from California Arts & Architecture, May 1937. Also published in the November 1936 Architectural Forum in a group of houses designed for under $5,000. Featured in the 1938 Book of Small Houses.  Has been remodeled and added onto such that the Schindler plan is unrecognizable.

1935 - The John de Keysor Duplex, 1911 Highland Avenue, aka 1965 North Glencoe, Los Angeles CA. Often listed as DeKeyser. Published in Architectural Forum March 1936. Sold to Edmund Fladung. Sold to Xavier Carrica. Sold in 2007 to Head to The Hills LLC, owned by Carrica. There was some sort of lien, and the property ended up with Bank of America which sold it in 2013 to Krikor Kirikian.

1935 - The W. J. Delahoyde House, Redcliff Street, Glendale CA. Unbuilt.

1936 - The Manya S. Kahn House, First Street and Harper Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt. Commissioned 1934.

1936 - The William Jacobs House, Stadella Road, Beverly Glen CA. Unbuilt.

1936 - The Warshaw House, North Lucile Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1936 - The D. Malloy Renovations, 1881 Laurel Canyon Drive, Studio City CA. Unbuilt. Original house built in 1920. As of 2013, owned by Lance Pereira and Victoria Miller Trust.

1936 - The Morris Geggie House, Pasadena CA. Commissioned 1935.

Mid Century Modern - Vacation Rental - Fitzpatrick-Leland House, Los Angeles, California

Mid Century Modern - Vacation Rental - Fitzpatrick-Leland House, Los Angeles, California

1936 - The Clifton C. Fitzpatrick House, aka the Fitzpatrick/Leland House, 8078 Woodrow Wilson Drive, Los Angeles CA. Sold to actress Martha Raye. Sold in 1990 to Russ Leland. Previous owners had covered over the large windows with sheetrock, walled in the second-floor balcony and plastered over a fireplace. Working with architect and contractor Jeff Fink, Leland successfully recaptured the spirit of Schindler's vision. In 2008 he donated it to the MAK Center. For his generous donation Leland was honored by Austria. The house was used for a few years as the MAK Urban Future Initiative. Second photo by Wayne Andrews/ESTO. Available to visit but quite expensive.

1936 - The Ralph G. Walker House, 2100 Kenilworth Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Renovations in 1939 and 1941.  Commissioned 1935. Owned since at least 2008 by Janice R. Morrow; put into her trust in 2010. Sold in 2018 to Andrew Romano.  A nomination for historic status was underway in January 2018. Top photo by Wayne Andrews/ESTO, rest by Michael Locke. 

1936 - The Hacienda Place Residence, city unknown. Likely unbuilt.

1936 - The J. Veissi House, 32-36 Hilldale Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1932. Unbuilt.

1936 - The Victoria McAlmon House, 2717-2721 Waverly Drive, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1935. Sold to Vickie Sue Holder (trustee) and Donald E Johnson (family trust). Sold in 2008 to Lawrence Schaffer and Eric Jan Lamers.



1936 - The Eric Mack House,1258 North Hilldale, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 2010 to Deborah Macmillan. Photos by Andrea Minton.

1936 - The Schuettner House, Los Tilos Street, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1936 - The S. Seligson Renovations, 1761 Orange Grove Drive, Los Angeles CA. Built. Remodeled again. Sold to 2003 Caren Michael Trust.  Top two photos by Andrea Minton. Sold in 2015 to Lauren G. and Lincoln M. Stubblefield.

1936 - The Seff House Renovations, 605 North Arden, Beverly Hills CA. Sold to Anne and David Bell. Sold in 2001 to Jeff Shahram. Sold in 2001 to Bijan and Shahdokht Dokhanian.

1937 - The Charles P. Lowe House II, 5360 College View Avenue, Eagle Rock area of Los Angeles CA. Destroyed by the Ventura Highway.



1937 - The Gisela Bennati Cabin, Lake Arrowhead CA. Commissioned 1934. Her husband's name, known only at A., was on the original plans. This is considered America's first A-frame house, a style that did not catch on elsewhere until 20 years later.

1937 - The Gus Kahn Remodel, 917 Benedict Canyon, Beverly Hills CA. The original house was built in 1926. Remodeled again in 1956. Arthur Marx, Groucho's son, and wife Irene, appear to be living at the address about the same time as the Kahn's (1944) according to the US census. Sold to Eva and Frank Hammer. Sold in 1998 to the Samuel K. Freshman Trust. Photo by Michael Locke.

1937 - The A. E. Rose Beach Colony, aka the Cabania City Project, Santa Monica CA. It was to be a recreational facility featuring 30+ cabanas and a pool on the ocean. While the development was never built, a prototype cabin shown above was completed at 8575 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles CA. Has been destroyed.

1937 - The H. Warren Remodel, 1115 North Beverly Drive, Beverly Hills CA. Schindler designed furniture for the house as well. Extensively remodeled in 2008, photo above. Sold in 2002 to the Douglas and Ann Netter Trust.  Photo by Michael Locke.

1937 - The Fredman House, Franklin Place, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1937 - The Nicolai Remisoff House, Hadgrave Drive, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1937 - The Henwar Rodakiewicz House, 9121 Alta Cedro Drive, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 2003 toJacqueline Monash. Restored, but not in much sympathy with Schindler's original design.

1938 - The Peter Yates and Frances Mullen Studio remodel, 1735 Micheltorena Street, Los Angeles CA. Later made into a duplex. Sold in 1996 to current owner Thom Andersen who undid the duplex and did a restoration. Top photo by Michael Locke, rest by Roger Straus III/ESTO.

1938 - The A. L. and Luby Bubeshko Apartments, 2036 Griffith Park Boulevard, Los Angeles CA. The building on the right was built first. The left building was added by Schindler in 1941. Sold for the first time to Joe DeMarie and Madeleine Brand. Renovated around 2016 by DSH Architects.

1938 - The Irving Cummings Addition and Renovation, 630 North Oakhurst Drive, Beverly Hills CA. The house was originally built in 1937. Project unbuilt.

1938 - The Jane Storm House, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1938 - The I. Rosenthal Apartments, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1938 - The Mrs. A. Sharpless Studio House, 1500 Viewsite Terrace, Los Angeles CA. As of 2006, owned by George D. Mancini. Sold to Richard Byrd. Sold in 2010 to Viewsite LLC. Sold in 2011 to 1500 Viewsite Terrace. Sold in 2013 to Iris Partners. Has been extensively remodeled. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.

1938 - The Mildred Southhall Studio and House, 1855 Park Drive, Los Angeles CA. Owned since 1998 by Katharine Gosho and Bernard Kim. Top photo by Maynard Parker; bottom by Michael Locke. Sold in 2017 to Brendan Ravenhill and Marjory Garrison.

1938 - The Arthur Timme House, 1745-47 North Vista, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1938 - The Selmer N. Westby House,1805 Maltman Avenue, Los Angeles CA.  Sold in 2010 to Leeat Yariv.


1938 - The Harry H. Wolff Jr. House, 4000 Sunnyslope Avenue, Studio City CA. Sold to Paula Kelley. Sold in 1992 to Thomas Mitchell. Sold in 2000 to Michael LaFetra who did a restoration. Sold in 2006 to Gina Nieto. Middle photo by Michael Locke.

1938 - Speculative House No. 3, Park Moderne, Woodland Hills CA. Destroyed.

1938 - The Kay Francis Remodel, 9033 Briarcrest Lane, Los Angeles CA. The original house, above, was built in 1937. Photo by Maynard Parker. The house appeared in a 1939 Home and Garden and a 1943 Architectural Digest. Unclear if the Schindler remodel, bottom photos, was ever built; needs verification. Modified in 1965. Has been sold.

1938 - The Frank Hanna House, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1938 - The Burke House and Apartments, Balboa, Newport Beach CA. Unbuilt.

1938 - The El Djey and M. Aldrich House, 2432 Laurel Pass, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.


1938 - The Olga Zacsek Beach House, 114 Ellen Avenue, Playa Del Rey CA. Commissioned 1936. Additions by Schindler in 1950. Destroyed when the land was absorbed into LAX airport. Photo from R. M. Schindlerby Judith Sheine and Gustavo Gili.

1939 - The Guy C. Wilson House, 2090 Redcliff Street, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1935. Sold to Ken Reiner (who commissioned John Lautner's Silvertop). Sold to architect Donald Hensmen. Sold in 1972 to architect Bernard Zimmerman. Sold in 1977. Sold in 2005 to Noah Baylin. Top left photo by Wayne Andrews/ESTO. Top right photo by Michael Locke.

1939 - The Mrs. S. Ted Falk Apartments, 1810 Lucile, aka 3631 Carnation Avenue, Los Angeles CA.  Commissioned 1938. Sold for the first time in 2015 to John Mark Horton.

1939 - The Alfio Bissiri House, 3896 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Built, but often listed as unbuilt. Schindler, according to neighbors, had an affair with Bissiri's wife and was fired. Schindler distanced himself from the project after that. Sold to Joan Gabrielson. Sold in 1998 to Jaime Frankfurt. Sold in 2012 to Brian and Julie Baumgartner.

1939 - The Tibor Balkany House, 3855 Broadlawn Drive, Los Angeles CA.  Unbuilt.

1939 - The Pearl Mackey Apartments, 1137 South Cochran Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Sold to the Republic of Austria and home to the MAK Center Artists and Architects in Residence program.

1940 - The Ruth Shep House, 1809 Silverwood Terrace, Los Angeles. Commissioned 1938. There were other schemes in 1935 and 1936. The 1936 address was Fanning Street, right behind the house, so the site plan may have been changed to the Silverwood address. Remodeled 1950. Sold in 2005 to Clinton and Rachel Lukens. Sold in 2011. Sold in 2018 to Adrianne Ho.

1940 - The Anna May Wong House Remodel, 326 San Vicente Boulevard, Santa Monica CA. Commissioned 1939. Additional work by Schindler 1946-47. Has been destroyed. The address is now a multi-unit apartment complex built in 1956.

1940 - The Samuel (Sam) and Yolanda Goodwin House, 3807 Reklaw Drive, Studio City CA. Top photo by Wayne Andrews/ESTO. Owned by one family until sold by heirs in 2013 to Goodwin House LLC who did a renovation. Sold in 2015 to Patrick and Angela Currie. Sold in 2019 to Patrick and Angela Currie.

1940 - The G. H. Hodel Remodel, 1800 Huntington Drive, San Marino CA. Schindler designed furniture for this home but no structural design.

1940 - The Lapotka Apartments, 1821 Park Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1940 - Speculative House #1,
423 West Ellis Avenue, Inglewood CA. Designed with E. Richard Lind. Sold to Barbara A. Richardson and Brian Conley. Bottom photo of the backyard: it's the house on the right. The house on the left is another Schindler spec house, shown in more detail below.

1940 - Speculative House #2,
429 West Ellis Avenue, Inglewood CA. Designed with E. Richard Lind. In 71 years the house had had only two owners and was in original but poor condition, top photo. Sold in 2009 to architect Stephen Ehrlich who did a complete restoration. Landscape design by Stefan Hammerschmidt. Deeded to Ehrlich's daughter, Onna Ehrlich-Bell, and her husband Joel.

1940 - Speculative House #3, 433 West Ellis Avenue, Inglewood CA. Designed with E. Richard Lind. Sold to Aaron and Grace Berryman. Sold in 2007 to Kali Nikitas and Richard Shelton, who in an amazing stroke of luck bought it off of Craigslist!

1940 - The Albert and Esther Van Dekker House, 19950 Collier Street, Woodland Hills CA. Commissioned 1939. The Van Dekkers, who kept farm animals at the then-rural property, only lived in the house for a short time. Sold in the early 1940's to screenwriter A. I.  Bezzerides, who lived there until his death in 2007. His son lived there off and on until 2009, when it was sold to Josh Gorrell, who did substantial repairs. Awarded LA historic-cultural monument status in 2010. According to Gorrell, Bezzerides quartered a Japanese family in an area in front of the garage during the World War II internment. B/W photos from the 1940's, color from around 2009. Sold in 2013 to architect Frank Gamwell who did a complete restoration.

1940 - The Abe M. Sax House, 1929 Hollyvista Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1940 - The Jewel Strader House, 3411 Tareco Drive, North Hollywood area of Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt. Strader lived down the street at 3395 in a house not designed by Schindler. The house at 3411 as of 2012 was built in 1957.

1940 - The Nettie M. Taylor House and Studio, 501 Garfield Avenue, South Pasadena CA. Unbuilt.

1940 - The G. Droste House, 2025 Kenilworth Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Built for the Droste family of Dutch chocolate fame. Middle photo by Heinz Emigholz. Bottom two photos by Andrea Minton. Sold to Jeanne and To Lee.

1941 - The Ben Carre House, 10356 Northvale Road, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1941 - The Hartigan House, Longview Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1941 - The Hilaire Hiler Studio/House, 1215 Alta Loma Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Sold to John Decker who used the house as an art gallery. Destroyed along with other adjacent properties in the early 1960's to build the first Playboy Club for Hugh Hefner.

1941 - The W. Byers House, 15041 Sherman Way, Van Nuys CA. Unbuilt.


1941 - The Edmund J. Gibling House, for his former wife's father, Warner Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1941 - The J. H. and Margaret Druckman House, 2764 Outpost Drive, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 1997 to John and Marion Peck. Schindler also designed the furniture. Schindler designed, but didn't complete, an office remodel for Druckman at 300 South Beverly Drive and a house for Margaret Druckman in 1948-50.

1941 - The Karz Apartment Renovations, 533 Cummings Street, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1942 - The M. Periere House, 1969 Lucile, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1942 - The Albert House Remodel,
2781 Outpost Drive, Los Angeles CA. 
This was for a child's bedroom. Original house designed in 1939 by Milton J. Black. Sold to Earl and Maryann Costa. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.

1942 - The George and Rose L. Harris House, 7940 Willow Glen Road, Los Angeles CA. Destroyed in the early 1970's.

1942 - The John Pennington Remodelling, aka Pen Oak, Thousand Oaks, Camarillo CA. Built.


1942 - The O. Elmer House, 3564 Multiview Drive, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt. Photo above is architect Steve Wallet's interpretation of Schindler's original plans.

1942 - The J. Jose Rodriguez House, 1845 Niodrara Drive, Glendale CA. Commissioned 1940.The home served as a glittering backdrop for cocktail parties with Igor Stravinsky, Salvador Dali, and Ansel Adams. Bottom photo by Grant Mudford. Sold to Michael Murray, Michael Murray, III, and Kelly Craig Jones. Sold in 2006 to Scott Frasier and Catherine Jurka. The Rodriguez House is a Glendale City Landmark.

1943 - The Mrs. S. Ted Falk Apartments, Los Angeles CA; 3 alternate schemes. This is one.

1943 - The Mary Langley Remodeling, 841 Stone Canyon Road, Brentwood CA. Original house was built in 1935. Sold i 2002 to Stephen Michalski Trust/Stone Canyon Trust. Bottom photo by Andrea Minton.

1943 - The Clifford Marker Remodeling, 2401 Bowmont Drive, Beverly Hills, CA. Unbuilt, which is too bad. The present house is nice (bottom photo) but the Schindler design was really great (top photo).

1943 - The G. Hammer Porch Addition, 2255 Kenilworth Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1943 - The Mrs. S. Ulick House, 2030 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1943 - The I. M. Zamudio House Remodel, 6113 Mansfield Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1943 - The Arthur Louis Fischer and Miriam Lerner House, 1951 Walcott Way, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1943 - The Karl and Doris Howenstein Remodel, 2083 Hanscomb Drive, South Pasadena CA. Unbuilt. Original house built in 1925.

1944 - The Litt Remodel, 3050 Menlo, Glendale CA. Original house built in 1925. Sold to the Midred Wren Trust. Sold in 2013 to Jason Fordham.

1944 - The J. Klutch Remodel, 1821 Edgecliffe Drive, Los Angeles CA. Schindler also did the furniture. The house was built in 1924. Owned by Kurt Nelson since at least 2008.

1944 - The Hazel Nickerson Remodel, 681 Norton Avenue, Los Angeles CA.  Destroyed. New apartments built there in 2003.

1944 - The Charles Rosoff Duplex Remodel, 6000-6004 La Prada, Los Angeles CA. Built. There is a duplex there with a build date of 1963. Needs field verification.

1944 - The Mary Kappes Thomasset Apartment Remodel, 718-722 Crenshaw Boulevard, Los Angeles CA. Built, but later destroyed. Property records indicate the apartment building shown in the photo is from the 1950's. Photo by Andrea Minton.



1944 - The W. A. Starkey Remodel, 2323 Merrywood Drive, Los Angeles CA. Originally built in the 1930's. Remodeled after a 1940's fire which burned down most of the neighborhood, including the 2nd floor of this house. Schindler remodeled the surviving ground floor. It is assumed the second floor contained the bedrooms, and Schindler rearranged the first floor to include two bedrooms. The former second story is now a sun deck. Schindler also designed and built a wonderful two-car garage which was removed in the late 1990's.

In the 1950's the black musician Leadbelly rented a room from the owner despite racial restrictions in certain areas. There is an article from the L.A. Times describing the restrictions and how the owner and their "negro tenant Mr. Leadbetter" managed to escape them. Sold to Yoram Kahana. Has been a rental for several years.

1944 - The Rubin Sabsay Studio Addition, 2351 Silver Ridge Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Originally designed in 1941 by architect J. R. Davidson. Sold to Sharon L. Sabsay. Photo by Michael Locke.

1945 - The Manuel Compinsky House, 1032 North Valley Street, Burbank CA. Sold in 1998 to Michael C. and Kathryn M. Jordan. He was friend of Peter Yates, for whom Schindler also designed a house.

1945 - The Joseph George Gold House, 3758 Reklaw Drive, Studio City CA. B/W photo approx 1950's by Wayne Andrews/ESTO. Sold to Henrietta Pally Living Trust and Karin Gill Pally. Sold in 1999 to Eric Preven. Color photos by Michael Locke.

1945 - The Henry Schick House, 11833 Laurelwood Drive, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1945 - The Maxim H. Braden House,11837 Laurelwood Drive, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

The owners decided to build apartments instead, also designed by Schindler.

1945 - The B. Gingold House, 514 North Alta Drive, Beverly Hills CA. Commissioned 1943. Unbuilt.

1946 - The F. and Myrtle T. Daugherty House, 4635 Louise Avenue, Encino CA. "For all its ranch air, this is no unsophisticated adobe," wrote architecture critic Esther McCoy in the Los Angeles Times' Home magazine in 1950. "It makes fullest use of urban planning and the most modern materials." Has been destroyed.

1946 - The Maryon Toole Desert House, aka the Kopp House, 44870 Cabrillo Avenue, Palm Desert CA. The house initially ran over budget, and Schindler finished it anyway at no extra cost. Sold in 1968 to Douglas and Kathleen Kopp, still owners as of 2014. The carport was converted to a studio. Declared a Palm Desert Historic Landmark in 2014. Bottom four photos by Andrea Minton.



1946 - The Maurice (Mischa) Kallis House & Studio, aka Kallis-Sharlin House, 3580 Multiview Drive, Los Angeles, CA. Kallis designed the poster for the movie Double Indemnity. Renovated 1949 and 1951. Sold in 1993 to William and Jacqueline Sharlin.  Jacqueline was Kallis' cousin.  They hired Schindler’s associate Josef Van der Kar to ingeniously convert an open patio between the living quarters and art studio to an entertainment and family room. Later, they hired architect Leroy Miller to convert the art studio to a new master bedroom and bath. Renovated.  Sold around 2018 to Susan Orlean.

1946 - The Roxy Roth House, 3624 Buena Park Drive, Studio City CA. Top B/W photos by Wayne Andrews/ESTO. Commissioned 1945. Has been restored by architect Barbara Bestor. Sold in 2001 to Yasmine and Noam Murro. Sold in 2007 to John Gillespie and Susan Orlean.  Sold.

1946 - The Charles E. Harvey Remodeling, 2280 Earl Street, Los Angeles CA. Photo by Andrea Minton.

1946 - The Mrs E. Howatt House, aka the Frances McLallen Howatt House, Temple Hills Drive, Laguna Beach CA. Unbuilt.

1946 - The Redesdale Avenue Apartments, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1946 - The R. M. Spangler House, 2709 Jalma Drive, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1946 - The Leo Gallagher Apartment Remodel, 1223-27 Elysian Park Drive, Los Angeles CA. Built. As of 2014, nothing was there. Photo by Andrea Minton.

1946 - The Leo Gallagher House Remodel, 3135 Oakcrest Drive, Los Angeles CA. Schindler's friend Esther McCoy and Gallagher, a labor attorney, were associates during the labor movement of the 1930's. It is likely she was Schindler's connection to Gallagher. Owner as of 2003, Bonnie Fuson.

1947 - The Madanmohan Mangaldas House, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1947 - The Alexander Borisoff House, La Presa Drive, North Hollywood area of Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1947 - The Frank F. and Helen Virginia House, 1621 Sargent Place, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt. A house by another architect was built there in 1950.

1948 - The Courcio Apartment and Commercial building, 1816-1818 Hillhurst Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1947. Sold in 2004 to Wilma Walling. Sold to Beurekjian Family Trust. Not included in the Schindler archives at UCSB. Needs verification.

Schlindler also remodeled a commercial store for Courcio at 1146 North Vermont in 1946. Photo by Andrea Minton.

1949 - The Zachary Taylor Trumbo and Georgia Fifield House, 3901 Ventura Canyon Avenue, Sherman Oaks CA. Commissioned 1947. Sold in 2002 to Wallace Kurth and Rena Sofer. Sold in 2004 to the Eric Dodd Trust.  Needs verification.

1947 - The Felix and Gertrude Presburger House, 4255 Agnes Avenue, Studio City CA. Commissioned 1945. Sold in 2009 Christopher M. Culliton and Amy E. Schulenberg. Bottom photos by Michael Locke.

1948 - The Richard Lechner House, 11600 Amanda Drive, Studio City CA. Remodeled in 1985 by architect Paul Sterling Hoag. Sold in 1999. Sold in 2004 to David Krinsky. Sold in 2008 to the Shamshiri and Hall Trust. Pamela Shamshiri did another renovation, featured in the New York Times, bottom photo by Anthony Cotsifas.

1948 - The Edmund J. Gibling House, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1948 - The Peter Paul Ott Apartments, 153 Peck Drive, Beverly Hills CA. Unbuilt.

1948 - The Laurelwood Apartments, 11833-11837 Laurelwood Drive, Studio City CA. Owned by the Jameson Family Trust since 2007.  For sale in 2018.

Around 1948 - The Barbara Myers Remodel, 2040 Oakstone Way, Los Angeles CA. Designed in association with E. Richard Lind who worked with Schindler. Destroyed. Design-Build-Owner Eric Nelson built two houses on the site, 2040 and 2042, in 1954, photo above by Michael Locke.


1948 - The Mildred Sax House, 1800 North Crescent Heights, Los Angeles CA. Middle photo by Andrea Minton; bottom by Michael Locke. Under renovation in 2018.

1949 - The Ellen Janson House, 8704 Skyline Drive, Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles CA. She was Schindler's last girlfriend. Photos from UC-Santa Barbara collection. Sold in 2010 to the Bernard J. Biencourt Trust. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.

1949 - Beverly Hills Penthouse, address unknown, Beverly Hills CA. Do you know where it is?

1949 - The Louis Blembel House, 2103 Sunset Plaza Drive, Los Angeles CA. Sold in 2010. House on this lot as of 2011 has build date of 1957. Went into foreclosure, sold in 2013. Bottom photo by Andrea Minton.

1949 - The Bachelor Apartments, 5435 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

1. Duplex Remodel, 1760 El Cerrito Place, Hollywood CA.

2. House on Sierra Mar Drive.

3. 1462-8 Altridge Drive, Beverly Hills CA.

4. 1949 apartment renovation at 1932-38 Cheremoya Avenue, Los Angeles, CA.

1949 - The Beata Inaya Projects. None were built.

1949 - The Joseph L. Armon House, 470 West Avenue 43 (now 470 Canyon Vista Drive), Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1946. Sold in 2002 to Maya Shimoguchi. Some of the original Schindler furniture was auctioned off in 2012. Non-aerial photos by Andrea Minton.

1950 - The Adolph Tischler House, 175 Greenfield Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1949. The house is geometrically sculptured and looks like a ship.  Photo by Grant Mudford. B/W photo by Wayne Andrews/ESTO.  Sold for the first time in 2016 to Timothy and Tanya Christensen.

1950 - The W. E. Tucker House, 8010 Fareholm Drive, Los Angeles CA.  As of 2007, the owner was David Serrurier. Top photo by Michael Locke.

1951 - The M. Ries House, 1404 Miller Drive, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1950. Sold in 1993 to Frank Piccolo and Sarah Hass.


1950 - The Dodge House Remodel, 6853 Pacific View Drive, Los Angeles CA. In 1912 a hunting cabin was built for the Dodge family who hired Schindler to remodel one side of the duplex. Shortly thereafter architect Gregory Ain moved into the other side and remodeled that half. Sold in 2006 to Donald and Henriettte Gordon. Sold to Helen Tina Gainsboro. Sold in 2010 to Rummel Bautista. He renovated the interior, removed most of the built-in furniture, and added French doors.


1950 - The Robert and Mariana Erlik House, 1757 North Curson Avenue, Hollywood area of Los Angeles CA. Later upon becoming a US citizen they changed their last names ot Ehrlich.  Several owners. Went into foreclosure. Sold in 2002 to Kimberly Bieber. Sold in 2005 to actress Holland V. Taylor.  top photo by Michael Locke.

1952 - The Samuel Skolnik House, 2567 Glendower Avenue, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned 1950. Addition in 1960 by architect Gregory Ain. Sold in 2009 to the Gregory and Stephanie Ross Trust. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.

1952 - Apartment, address unknown, Los Angeles CA.


1952 - The Esther McCoy (Tobey) House, 2434 Beverley Boulevard, Santa Monica CA.  Bottom photo by Michael Locke.

From Wikipedia: McCoy was an internationally known architecture author and critic. During WWII, she worked as a draftsman for Schindler after being discouraged from applying to USC's architecture school due to her age and gender. From 1950 until her death in 1989, McCoy was a frequent contributor to Arts & Architecture, Architectural Forum, Architectural Record, and Progressive Architecture, L'Architectura, Lotus, the Los Angeles Times and the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner.

Her first major book, published in 1960, was Five California Architects, highlighting pioneer California Modernists Charles and Henry Greene, Irving Gill, Bernard Maybeck, and Schindler. This book was followed by more devoted to the Case Study Houses, Richard Neutra, and Craig Ellwood, among others.

1952 - The Esther McCoy (Tobey) Duplex at 2407 6th Street, Santa Monica CA. Photo by Michael Locke.

1953 - The Saul Marks House Remodeling, 1052 Manzanita Street, Los Angeles CA. Sold around 2006 to Peter and Ann Liashov. Original house 1908/1925 with a 1962 addition. There have been subsequent additions/renovations.

1954 - The Phillip and Phyllis Schlessinger House, 1901 Myra Avenue, Los Angeles CA.  Commissioned 1952. 1258 sf. Sold in 2012 to Chumi Paul. Renovated. Sold in 2014 to Erin and Samuel Falls. Sold in 2018 to Thomas Kuntz.

Sources include: The Architectural Drawings of R.M. Schindler by David Gebhard; Schindler by David Gebhard; Rudolf M. Schindler, The Invention of an American Tradition by Marco De Michelis; Schindler's Houses by Heinz Emigholz, R.M. Schindler, Architect 1887-1953 by August Sarnitz; The Architecture of R.M. Schindler by the Museum of Contemporary Art; Los Angeles: An Architectural Guide, by David Gebhard. Drawings and some photos: R. M. Schindler Papers at UC Santa Barbara.