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Dean served in WWII in the Army from 1942-1943. He earned a BS at North Texas State University in 1947 and a MS there in 1949; did postgrad work at MIT 1948-1949; and got a PhD from the University of Texas in 1963. He had his own design firm for his entire career, working from Dallas TX, Austin TX, and Lawrence KS. He taught at Oklahoma State University Stillwater, 1964-1976; and at the University of Kansas Lawrence 1976-1993, where he was architectural engineering chair 1989-1993, later named Professor Emeritus. He is the author of How to Solarize Your House.

Information still needed for: 6879 Avalon, 10263 Better Drive, 6825 Blessing Drive, 7230 Currin, 10614 Royal Springs, 11207 Snow White.

1954 - 10807 Cinderella Lane, Dallas TX. Built as the model home for Gump & Gaynier Construction. Sold in 1955 to John and Constance Blain. Sold in 1957 to B. E. and Marjorie Wilkerson. The Dallas Federal Savings & Loan Association owned the home in 1966. Sold in 1967 to Martin Duke and Katherine Gentry. Sold in 1970 to Brenda Stubel. Sold around 2017 to Robert Baldwin and Paul Echart.

1954 - The Freeman House, 10247 Rosser, Dallas TX. Sold to Lori Swalm.

1954 - 10924 Cinderella Lane, Dallas TX. Commissioned in 1953. Sold to Eric Boughton.

1954 - 10347 Rosser, Dallas TX. Sold to Cameron and Carli Scroggins.

1955 - The Ralph and Hildegarde Wilkinson House, 10816 Pinocchio, Dallas TX. Sold in 1989 to Damon and Sandra Nelson. Sold in 2003 to Charles and Melanie Embry. Sold in 2020 to Richard Hession and Fabiola Reyes.

1955 - aka Rhapsody House, 11116 Pinocchio, Dallas TX. The home was featured in the Parade of Homes in 1955 and was on WBAP-TV on July 15, 1955 featuring Thomas Scott Dean and builder Gordon Nichols. Sold to John Ilzhoefer.

1957 - The Don and Mae Zimmerman House, 832 Westwood, Richardson TX. Sold to Will and Mariam Ballard.

Sources include: Paul Echart; Ed Murchison; Richard Hession.