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Docomomo International / Docomomo US
West Coast Modern
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Getty Conservation Institute
West Coast Modern League
World Monuments Fund / UNESCO
Form Follows Function
Idaho Modern
Modern Interiors Research Centre
SOS Brutalism
New Haven Modern
Unhappy Hipsters
Modern Mile Dallas

Modernism Events

Palm Springs Modernism Week
Modern Phoenix
Tucson Modernism Week
Denver Modernism Week
Sarasota Mod Weekend
Detriot Modernism Week
Design is Human/Modern Atlanta
Modern Richmond


AIA Architect Directories 1956, 1962, 1970
Los Angeles County Building Permits
Museum of Modern Art Image Database
Building Technology Heritage Library

2019 Florida Mid Century Modern Survey
1950's Modernist Mail-Order houses
2010 Richard Neutra's Cyclorama
2009 New Canaan Survey + Appendices
US National Map USGS

Internet Archive

Books Video Audio

The Charles Kahn Interviews: 1970's audio with internationally-known architects and engineers.

The Diamonstein-Spielvogel Video Archive features interviews Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel conducted with prominent artists, musicians, architects, designers, photographers, directors, actors, writers, and art collectors, documenting the arts world during the 1970's and 1980's. Also on YouTube.

Architect Charles Vaseff filmed the Boston Government Center in 1968 plus a video presentation on Wright.

NCModernist 2001 GSA Modernism
NCModernist 1990 Architects and Builders in North Carolina: A History of the Practice Of Building, by Catherine Bishir, Charlotte Brown, Carl Lounsbury, and Ernest Wood III.
NCModernist 1965 AIA Guide to Washington DC
NCModernist 1960 The South Builds, by Terry Waugh, Elizabeth Waugh, and Henry Kamphoefner
NCModernist 1960's Douglas Fir Second Homes for Leisure Living, including houses by George Matsumoto
NCModernist 1954 Quality Budget Houses by Katherine Morrow Ford and Thomas Creighton
NCModernist 1954 Treasury of Contemporary Houses
NCModernist 1952 Living Spaces by George Nelson
NCModernist 1951 The American House Today by Katherine Morrow Ford
NCModernist 1950's Architectural Record Mid-Century Houses Technical Guide
NCModernist 1946 MOMA If You Want to Build a House by Elizabeth B. Mock
NCModernist 1945 Tomorrow's House by George Nelson and Henry Wright
NCModernist 1940 The Modern House in America, by James Ford and Katherine Morrow Ford

Powerpoints / Videos by Jean-Paul Bonfils

Iconic Houses 1. Video.
Iconic Houses 2. Video.
Iconic Houses 3. Video.
Iconic Houses 4.
Iconic Houses 5. Video.
US Educational Housing 1. Video
US Educational Housing 2. Video.
US Modernist Houses 1. Video.
US Modernist Houses 2. Video.
US Modernist Houses 3. Video.
US Modernist Houses 4. Video.
US Modernist Houses 5. Video.

US Contemporary Museums 1. Video.
US Contemporary Museums 2. Video.
US Contemporary Museums 3. Video.
US Contemporary Museums 4.
US Libraries. Video.
US Photographers and Architecture 1.  Video.
US Photographers and Architecture 2.  Video.
US Public/Government Buildings. Video.

US Religious Architecture. Video.
US Factories. Vimeo.
US Social Housing
US Hotels. Video.
World Hotels 1. Video.
World Hotels 2. Video.

World Factories. Video.
World Social Housing. Video.
World Heritage and Modernity 1. Video.
World Heritage and Modernity 2. Video.
World Photographers and Architecture 1. Video.
World Photographers and Architecture 2. Video.
World Photographers and Architecture 3. Video.
World Churches and Chapels 1. Video.
World Churches and Chapels 2. Video.
World Opera and Performing Arts Halls 1. Video.
World Opera and Performing Arts Halls 2. Video.
World Museums 1. Video.
World Museums 2. Video.
World Museums 3.
World Museums 4. Video.
World Transport/Airports. Video.
Houses South of France 1. Video.
Houses South of France 2. Video.
Modernist Paris. Video.
Cars. Video.
World Record Architecture. Video.