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Greene was born Herbert Ronald Greenberg in Oneonta NY. He left Syracuse University in 1948 to enroll at the University of Oklahoma, where he studied under Bruce Goff. Greene worked for Goff while in school and also afterward. During 1951 Greene worked for John Lautner in Los Angeles and in 1953 for Joseph Krakower in Houston before starting his own firm. Greene was a professor of architecture at the University of Oklahoma 1955-1961 and at the University of Kentucky 1961-1980. some of Greene's archives are at The Art Institute of Chicago; the rest are at his home/studio in Berkeley CA. Greene website. His niece, architect and filmmaker Lila Cohen, is working on a full-length documentary on his life and work, trailer below.  Architecture photographs are mainly by Julius Shulman, Robert Alan Bowlby; 1960 Joyce House photo by Lila Cohen, 1962 Golden Teepee by Helen Colton. Portrait photos are by Robert Alan Bowlby, Gary McCowan, and Lila Cohen.

1955 – The Lurie/Folloder House, 7 Pine Forest Circle, Houston TX. While Joseph Krakower designed this Usonian-style house, Greene contributed to roof and exterior details.  Destroyed around 2021.

1955 – The Mendell House, 3611 North Braeswood Boulevard, Houston TX. Designed while working for Joseph Krakower. The Mendell's rejected Greene's original design, and  Krakower built a different one in 1957 with influences from Greene.  Sold in 2006 to Claudia Lozano and Joe Cash.  Sold in 2022 to Samuel and Alexis Rodriguez.

1957 – The Julius (Jules) and Terry Salzman House Fireplace, 3615 North Braeswood Boulevard, Houston TX. Designed while working for Joseph Krakower. Greene contributed to the design of the fireplace and other features. Sold in 2014 to Nathan Carr.  Sold in 2018 to Justin and Ashley Sink, who renovated, including the garage. Sold in 2022 to Ashraf Gheni and Mehreen Gul. Became a City of Houston landmark in 2022.

A red building with a red roof A building in the woods

1957 - The Lyne Residence, 3605 Meriburr Lane, Houston TX.  Designed while working for Joseph Krakower.  Designed to fit the client's strong personality, Greene proposed a triangular plan and used skylights to bring in natural light. After the client passed away, the house fell into disrepair was sold around 2003 and destroyed.



1960 - The John and Evelyn Joyce House, aka Glass House, East 1620 Road, Mountain Park OK.  2.5 miles west of US 183.  Deeded to their daughter, Gigi Smith.  Added in 2012 to the National Register of Historic Places. The house fell into disrepair and was sold to David and Allison Ayers, who are doing a restoration. Status unknown.




1961 - The Herb Greene House, aka Prairie House, 550 48th Ave NE, Norman OK. Commissioned 1960. Considered one of the most significant examples of organic architecture.  This green building structure that predated the green building movement by a decade features natural materials, passive design, natural lighting and ventilation, energy efficiency, and sensitive site placement. Julius Shulman’s photographs of The Prairie House were featured in Life and Look magazines, among others, and got Greene international recognition. Sold to Marjorie Wilson.  Sold to the Prairie House Trust.  The house has fallen into disrepair. The Prairie House Preservation Society is working toward restoring the building and site.



1962 - The Earl R. and Martha Cunningham Residence, 3309 Quail Creek Road, Oklahoma City OK.  Robert Alan Bowlby assisted with the working drawings and did the on-site construction administration, as Greene moved to Kentucky before the project broke ground.  Sold in 1989 to John and Teresa Andrus. Sold in 2013 to James and Tammy Switzer.  Sold in 2017 to Paul and Joy Barasel.  For sale in 2024.

 A building in the woods

1962 - The Evening Star/Lyons Residence, aka Golden Teepee, Holdenville OK. 600 acres. Designed as a retreat for a Choctaw Princess Star of the Evening. 800 sf hexagonal plan with a 35' foot diameter.  In the past, there were plans for the site to become a museum.  Sold in 2011 to Tony Baker. Has been Modified.


1964 - The Harry Furchess Residence, Murray KY.   Status unknown.



1965 - The Richard French Residence, 2325 Paynes Mill Road, Versailles KY. Sold. Significantly remodeled in 2018 such that much of the Greene is gone.  Sold in 2022.


1966 - The Richard O’Neill Residence, Evans Mill Road, Lexington KY. Sold to Mark Payton.  Status unknown.

 l e

1968 - The Phillip and Jean Lovaas Residence, 7041 Grimes Mill Road, Lexington KY.  Built on three levels, the house is in disrepair and in need of restoration.  Sold to Dennis Havens.  Status unknown.

1972 - The Will W. Ward Jr. House, 5801 Orion Road, Glenview KY.  Still owner as of 2020.


1977 - The Clinton and Royce Cook Residence, 1 Arden Road, Glenview KY. Designed in collaboration with Grossman Martin Chapman Architects.  Status unknown.

 A house with a garage
 A fireplace in a room
Long shot of a hallway

1983 - The Jesus Sahagun Farm, aka Villa Blanca Farm, 487 Carrick Pike, Lexington KY. Commissioned 1981.  200 acres. Main house 8000 sf with a separate 2000 sf earth sheltered Manager’s Residence.  Sold.  The main residence burned down and 100 acres including the Manager's Residence were sold.  As of 2024, the Manager's residence ie being remodeled. 

Sources include: Lila Cohen, Herb Greene, Contemporary Architects by Muriel Emanuel.