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Considered the most important living Black architect in the United States, McAfee was born on December 25 in Los Angeles CA and grew up in Wichita KS.  He served in the Army from 1953-1955.  Inspired by Paul Williams, McAfee graduated in Architecture n 1958 from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln as one of the few Black architects in the US. .  In 1955, he married childhood friend and singer, Gloria Myrth Winston.  In 1963, McAfee began his own firm in Wichita, the firm grew and opened satellite offices in Dallas and Atlanta. 

McAfee tackled social inequalities with a focus on designing affordable housing and utilized a modular approach, going to far as to open a prefab manufacturing plant in the early 1970's that hired and trained people from the community located at 3603 S. Oliver. Sadly the plant closed just 21 months later due to glut of existing housing, low demand, and FHA's reluctance to guarantee loans.

McAfee designed several structures for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta GA plus a MARTA station.  In 1999, the manufacturing plant was shut down after facing debt. In 1976, he was President of the National Organization of Minority Architects (NOMA). His awards include the AIA Whitney M. Young Jr. Award (1999). In 2006, he transferred the firm to his daughters, architects Cheryl Lynn McAfee Mitchell and Charyl Frena McAfee-Duncan.  In 2020, the Wichita McAdams Park Pool was renamed the McAfee Pool in his honor.

McAfee is known for many projects including the Jackson Mortuary, McKnight Art Center, Ulrich Museum, and Calvary Baptist Church, all in Wichita KS.  Bio adapted from Wikipedia. His archives are at the University of Kansas.

1964 - The Roscoe A. and Sarah Eubanks House, 1436 North Madison Avenue, Wichita KS.  Sold.  Sold to his niece.  Still standing as of 2024.


Year unknown - The Lloyd and Janice Williams House, North Yale Street, Tulsa OK.  Status unknown.


Year unknown - The Dale and Kokie Diggs House,  Wichita KS. Status unknown.


Year unknown - The Craig and Elizabeth Owens House, Wichita KS. Status unknown.


Year unknown - The Martin and Melody Eby, Jr., House, Wichita KS. Status unknown.


Year unknown - The The Andrew and Jean Young House, Atlanta GA. Status unknown.


Year unknown - The The Charles and Gloria McAfeee House,  Wichita KS. Status unknown.


McAfee Modular Systems

Brookhaven,  2 story unit

o   1300 & Ohio, Wichita KS,  1 Story Front Porch

o   Indiana Street

o   10th Street, 4 Chicago Style Townhouses

o   North 25th Street, Wichita KS

1968 - The Calvary Towers aka Nguyen Living Center, 2600 N. Grove, Matlock Heights, Wichita KS.  60-unit apartment complex for senior citizens.   Sold to Maple Living-Kansas LLC.

1970 - 1972 North Mount Carmel, Wichita KS. This was the first modular house in Wichita, Built by Volks Homes Inc. Sold to Curtis Harshfield.


1980's - The Charles (Charlie) Brown House, Clear Lake, Wichita KS. 

2007 - The Denise Alvaranga and Eugene Ward Residence, 16402 Millan de Avila, Tampa FL.  Still owners as of 2023.

2007 - The Benjamin (Joel) and Rita Cloud Residence, 1919-1921 Willow Glen Drive, El Cajon CA. Still owners as of 2023.

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