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Olson grew up in Tacoma and moved to Enum Claw as a child, attending Enum Claw HS then Lakeside School in Seattle. He got a Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Washington in 1963 then worked for Ralph Anderson and Partners around 1965.  Olson founded Olson Walker with Gordon K. Walker 1971-1985. In 1985 he founded what under various names has become Olson Kundig Architects with Tom Kundig. Olson is best known for residential design, often for art collectors, museums, commercial spaces and places of worship. He was the 1999 Bruce Goff Chair of Creative Architecture at the University of Oklahoma. In 2021, he said "he's never been busier."  Bio adapted from Wikipedia and PCAD.

1959 - The Olson Family Cabin, aka Longbranch Cabin, 5414 Mahncke Road SW, Longbranch WA. Olson was just 18 when he designed it. Expanded in 1981, 1997, 2003, and 2014. 2400sf.


1964 - The Thompson Trellis, Key Center WA. Status unknown.

1964 - The Ripley Bunk House, Lakebay WA. Status unknown.


1965 - The Peter and Ann Hanson Residence Remodel, Seattle WA. Status unknown.

1965 - The Olson Residence Remodel, Toppenish WA. Status unknown.

1966 - The Carey Conry Residence, aka Eagle's Nest, 6420 Cliff Avenue SW, Longbranch WA. Sold to Richard and Connie Hildahl.


1966 - The Young Residence Remodel, Mercer lsland WA. Status unknown.

1966 - The Foreman Residence Remodel, 2807 107th Avenue, Beaux Arts Village WA. Featured in Sunset Magazine, 1970. Sold around 2015 and sadly destroyed.

1966 - aka Mount Baker Townhouse, Seattle WA. Designed with Gordon Walker. Status unknown.


1968 - The White Residence Remodel, Tacoma WA. Status unknown.

1968 - The James (Jim) and Georgia Penfield Residence, aka Earth House, 5809 Yeazell Road SW, Longbranch WA. Olson's second full residential commission. Sold in 2008 to Christopher Young.


1969 - The Jerry and Ernalee Thonn Residence, 2134 40th Avenue East, Seattle WA. Plus a table design. Renovation in 1991. Sold in 2001 to Grady and Heather Hughes.

1968 - The Armstrong Residence, Chehalis WA. Status unknown.


Late 1960's - The Baird Residence, Seattle WA. Status unknown.

Late 1960's - The Ralph E. Shupp Duplex, Sitka AK. Status unknown.

1970 - The Lycette Residence Remodel, Clyde Hill WA. Status unknown.

1970 - The David Mowat and Linda Nordstrom Residence I, 8660 NE 19th Place, Clyde Hill WA. Built by Mowat Construction. Sold in 2017 to Katherine (Kate) Behncken and Craig Edwards.

1972 - The Olson Remodel, aka Urban Nature House Remodel, Seattle WA. Status unknown.


1972 - The Richards Residence, Gig Harbor WA. Status unknown.

1972 - The Freeman Residence Remodel, Seattle WA. Status unknown.

1974 - The Irwin Residence, Renton WA. Status unknown.


1974 - The Page Residence Remodel, Burien WA. Status unknown.

1974 - The Polson Residence, Tacoma WA. Status unknown.


170 Lake Dell Ave, Seattle, WA 98122

1974 - The Campbell Residence, 170 Lake Dell Avenue, Seattle WA. Has been renovated. Sold in 2018.

1974 - The Richard (Dick) Pessemier Residence, Tacoma WA. Status unknown. 


Around 1975 - The Bovington Residence Remodel, Seattle WA. Status unknown.

1975 - The Wolff Residence, 725 Seabury, Hillsborough CA. Still owned by the Wolffs as of 2019.

1975 - The Boeskov Residence, Clyde Hill WA. Status unknown.


1975 - The Lyon Residence, Tacoma WA. Status unknown.



1976 - The Fryberger Floating Home, aka Floating Home, 2017 Fairview Avenue East, Unit I, Seattle WA. Sold in 2018. Renovated by Olson around 2018.

3445 Hunts Point Rd, Hunts Point, WA 98004

3445 Hunts Point Rd, Hunts Point, WA 98004

1976 - The David Mowat and Linda Nordstrom Residence II, 3445 Hunts Point Road, Hunts Point WA. Sold in 2013 to Eric and Inessa Anderson.



1977 - The Jim and Linda Tallahan House, 2201 16th Avenue East, Seattle WA. Sold in 2018 to Clint Eddy and Junior Torres.


1977 - The Carlson Residence, Borrego Springs CA. Sold in 2007; the buyers asked Olson to remodel it in 2008 not knowing he was the original 1977 architect. Photos by Erhard Pfeiffer; interiors by Christine Burkland.


1977 - The Williams Residence Remodel, Seattle WA. Status unknown.

1978 - The Fordyce Residence Remodel, Seattle WA. Status unknown.

photo of Pike & Virginia Building 


1978 - The Pike and Virginia Building, 8 Virginia Street, Seattle WA. Designed with Gordon Walker and Rick Sundberg. Olson bought a condo there and did several interior upfits, including the Peterson Residence, the Brown Condo, and the Lawenda Condo. Bottom photo is unit 10.


1978 - The Freeman Residence Remodel, Bellevue WA. Status unknown.

1979 - The Peter and Ann Hanson Residence Remodel, Seattle WA. Status unknown.

1979 - The Michael and Penny O'Byrne Remodel, 3035 Fairweather Place, Hunts Point WA. Status unknown.


1979 - The Carkonen Apartments, 3033 Alki Avenue SW, West Seattle WA. Two buildings. Sold in 1999. Status unknown.

1980 - aka Barn Residence, Lakebay WA. Status unknown.

1980 - aka Sunday Cove Condo, Bainbndge lsland WA. Designed with Gordon Walker. Status unknown.


1980 - aka FAAS Residence Remodel, Mercer Island WA. Status unknown.

1980 - The Olson Condo, Tacoma WA. Status unknown.

1981 - The Wiley Residence, Orcas Island WA. Status unknown.

1981 - The Schmidt Residence, Seattle WA. Status unknown.

Around 1981 - Residence Remodels, Medina WA. Phases completed: 1981, 1982, 1989, 1991, 1999. Status unknown.


1982 - aka Thomas Olson Floating Home, Portland OR. Status unknown.

1982 - The Levy Residence, Mercer lsland WA. Status unknown.

1984 - The Church Residence Remodel, Seattle WA. Status unknown.

1985 - 98 Union Street, Seattle WA. Olson Sundberg designed the building and also did at least one interior upfit. Designed with Rick Sundberg.

1985 - aka Hillclimb Court Condos, 1425 Western Avenue, Seattle WA. Designed with Gordon Walker. Mixed use development.

1986 - The Wray Residence, Federal Way WA.


1986 - The Peter and Ann Hanson House, aka Blakely Island Retreat, 5614 Spencer Road, Blakely lsland WA. 20 acres, 3600sf. Additional cottage and guesthouse/garage added later. Includes a 2014 artists studio, down the hill from the main house, bottom photo. Sold in 2021.

737 Lake Washington Boulevard - Photo 0 of 25 

737 Lake Washington Boulevard - Photo 8 of 25

1986 - 737 Lake Washington Boulevard, Mercer Island WA. Sold in 2002 to Charles Moriarty and Connie Wagner. Sold in 2015 to Christopher and Alexandra Perez. Renovated by Rick Gregerson. Sold in 2016 to Alexander Farivar and Kimberly Riehle.

1987 - aka Residence Remodel, Portland OR. Status unknown.

1987 - The Clyde and Donna Lewis House, aka Federal Way Residence, 28843 7th Avenue South, Federal Way WA. Designed with Tom Kundig. Built by Jerry Fulks; landscape design by R. David Adams. Deeded in 2014 to Donna Lewis.  Sold in 2018.


1987 - aka Residence Remodel, Seattle WA. Status unknown.


1987 - The Richard and Elizabeth (Betty) Hedreen House, aka Gallery House, 836 36th Avenue, Seattle WA. Commissioned 1984. Interior design by Terry Hunziker. More postmodern than Modernist, this was the first of many houses Olson designed for serious art collectors.

1987 - The James and Katherine Olson Urban Sanctuary, Pioneer Square, Seattle WA.

1988 - The Anderson Residence, Seattle WA. Additions and remodels 1996, 2001. Status unknown.


1988 - The James and Joanne Schneider Residence, 3611 Hunts Point Road, Hunts Point WA.


1988 - aka Waterfront Residence, Bainbridge Island, Seattle WA. Commissioned 1989. Designed with Tom Kundig. Project architect, Matthias Winkler.

1988 - The Babb Remodel, Bend OR. Status unknown.

1988 - aka Residence Remodel, Seattle WA. Status unknown.


1990 - The Ron Benach House, aka Modern Villa, 660 North Green Bay Road, Lake Forest IL. Sold in 2012 to Matthew and Janet Nagel.


1991 - aka Residence Remodel, Hunts Point WA.

1991 - One Carillon Point, 5505 Lake Washington Boulevard, Kirkland WA. Olson also designed interiors for the Bernard Condo, the Behnke Condo, the Wood Condo, the Wright Condo, and the Healthy Condo.

1991 - aka Healthy Condo, One Carillon Point, 5505 Lake Washington Boulevard, Kirkland WA.


1991 - aka Residence Remodel, Seattle WA.

1991 - aka Memory Room Residence Addition, Seattle WA.

1992 - The Donnelly Residence, Seattle WA.


1993 - aka Bluff House, aka Magnolia House, aka Beach House Remodel, Seattle WA. Commissioned 1990. Designed with Tom Kundig, Rick Sundberg, and Tony De Jesus; Charles Stuhlberg, interior designer. Featured in Architectural Digest, April 1995.


1993 - aka Residence Remodel, Bainbridge Island WA.


1993 - The Wood Condo, One Carillon Point, 5505 Lake Washington Boulevard, Kirkland WA.




1993 - The Leon and Sharon Kaufman House, aka Prairie House, 1770 Orchid Court, Highland Park IL. Built by Teschky; project architect, Kevin Spence; photos, Bruce Van inwegen.

1993 - aka Residence Remodel, Seattle WA.

1993 - aka Residence Remodel, Longbranch WA.

1994 - aka Cottage Remodel, Lopez Island WA.

photo of Shelter House 

1995 - aka Shelter House, Mercer lsland WA. Sod roof. Designed with Tom Kundig. Featured in Progressive Architecture. Status unknown.

1995 - aka Yakima Valley House, Yakima WA. Includes furniture. Status unknown.


1995 - aka Residence Concepts, Vashon lsland WA. Status unknown.

1995 - aka Cabin, Bliss Landing, Brltish Columbia. Canada. Status unknown.


1995 - aka Condo, One Carillon Point, 5505 Lake Washington Boulevard, Kirkland WA. Status unknown.

1996 - The Peter and Ann Hanson Condo, Seattle WA. Status unknown.


1996 - The Cliff Remodel, Longbranch WA. Status unknown.

1996 - aka Residence Remodel, Orcas lsland WA. Status unknown.

1997 - aka Residence, San Juan lsland WA. Status unknown.

photo of Garden House


photo of Garden House 

1998 - aka Garden House, Atherton CA. 10441 sf. Project architect, Kristen Murray; interior design, Terry Hunziker. Status unknown.


photo of The Red House

1998 - The Frederick (Fred) and Jan Meyer House, aka Red House, 1702 Wazee Street, Denver CO. Built by Haseldon Construction. Interiors by Terry Hunziker.


1998 - aka Residence Project, Kirkland WA. Unbuilt.

1999 - aka Residence Project, Austin TX. Unbuilt.


1999 - The John Heily House, aka Zen House, 1732 Victoria, Seattle WA. Sold in 2020.

1999 - The Anna Chavelle House, aka Portage Bay House, 2910 Fuhrman, Seattle WA. Sold in 2016 to Michael Hess.

2000 - aka Market Apartment, Seattle WA. Status unknown.

2000 - The Olson Residence Addition, Seattle WA. Status unknown.



1999 - The Cydney Osterman and Osterman Family Trust House, aka Desert House, 10 Canyon Creek, Rancho Mirage CA. 7200 sf. Project architect Kevin Kudo-King; interior design, Terry Hunziker; lighting, Lightcrafters; mechanical, Greenbusch; civil, Hacker Engineering; structural, Monte Clark; built by Stoker. Sold in 2019 to the Hamel and Ubben/Schneider/Hamel Trusts.

2000 - aka Residence Remodel, Seattle WA. Status unknown.

2000 - aka Condo, Seattle WA. Status unknown.

10079 Samish Island Rd, Bow, WA 98232 

10079 Samish Island Rd, Bow, WA 98232

2000 - The Dan Kourkoumelis House, aka Samish lsland Residence, 10079 Samish Island Road, Bow WA. Sold in 2006 to Celtic Trust/Craig Mackay. Sold in 2013 to Michael and Connie Dyberg.


2001 - aka Residence Project, Mercer lsland WA. Status unknown.

2001 - aka Residence Remodel, Seattle WA.Status unknown.

Salt Lake City House

Salt Lake City House3 

2001 - aka Salt Lake City House, Salt Lake City UT. Status unknown.

2001 - The Glass Apartment, Seattle WA. Located in a downtown tower. Plus furniture. Interiors, Debbie Kennedy; project architect, Elizabeth Bianchi Conklin. Status unknown.

photo of Bird Watchers’ House

photo of Bird Watchers’ House

2002 - The Richard and Sara Farmer House, aka Bird Watchers House, 24906 SE 184th Street, Maple Valley WA. Five acres. Built by dBoone; photos, Paul Warchol. Featured in the Wall Street Journal 1/29/15. Sold in 2018 to Daniel Connell.

photo of Latin Zen Apartment 

photo of Latin Zen Apartment

2002 - aka Latin Zen Apartment, Boca Raton FL. Project architect, David Day. Status unknown.


2002 - aka Northwest Family Retreat, aka Bellevue House, Woodinville WA. Great wine cellar! Designed with Scott Allen; landscape design by Ohashi; built by Schultz Miller; structural engineer, PCS. Featured in 100 of the World's Best Houses, Volume 3. Status unknown.


2003 - The Richard R. and Constance (Connie) Albrecht House, 3698 Point White Drive NE, Bainbridge Island WA. Designed with Scott Allen. Commissioned 1998. 5300sf. Featured in Sunset Magazine. Sold in 2019.

2003 - The Barney Ebsworth House, aka Hunts Points Residence, aka An American Place, 4053 Hunts Point Road, Hunts Point WA. Designed for a serious art collector. Lighting, Brian Hood. Interior design by Terry Hunziker. Sold in 2019 to Hunts Point Properties TRT+.

photo of Ocean House

2003 - aka Ocean House, Big Island HI. Interior design, Anne Gunderson; built by Metzler Contracting; project architect, Kevin Kudo-King; landscape design, David Tamura; photos, Erhard Pfeiffer. 12916 sf. Status unknown.


2003 - The Hanson Residence Remodel, Seattle WA. Unbuilt.

2003 - The Jeffrey (Jeff) and Susan Brotman Residence, aka Art House, aka Medina Residence, aka House of Light, 7917 Overlake Drive West, Medina WA. 11500sf. The couple hosted several large fundraisers for the Obamas. Lighting, Brian Hood; 3rd photo by Aaron Leitz. Renovations in 2019.

photo of Lake House 

2003 - The Judith and Joseph Schocken House, aka Lake House, 5911 77th Avenue, Mercer lsland WA. Includes furniture design. Project architect, Stephen Yamada-Heidner; interiors by Debbie Kennedy.

photo of Atlanta House

2003 - The Ron and Susan Antinori House, aka Modern Antebellum House, aka Atlanta Residence, 258 The Prado NY, Atlanta GA. 7500 sf. Photos by Scott Jenke; project architect, Elizabeth Bianchi Conklin. Featured in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution October 10, 2003; 100 of the World's Best Houses, Volume 3.


2005 - Residence Remodel, Mercer Island WA. Status unknown.

photo of Lake Minnetonka Residence 

2005 - aka Lake Minnetonka Residence, Wayzata MN. Landscape design, Stephen Stimson; interiors, Greg Walsh. Status unknown.


2005 - aka Condo, Seattle WA. Status unknown.

2006 - aka Residence Remodel, Orcas island WA. Status unknown.


2006 - aka Show Low Residence, Show Low AZ. Status unknown.

2006 - aka Residence, Napa CA. Unbuilt.

2006 - aka Residence, Seattle WA. Status unknown.

photo of Transparent Loft 

2007 - The Kathy and Gordon Ferguson Condo, aka Transparent Loft, 719 2nd Avenue 18th floor, Seattle WA. Part of Millenium Tower. Interiors, Ted Tuttle. Featured in Architecture Digest, May 2009; Seattle Times May 8, 2010.

2007 - Portland Condo, Portland OR. Status unknown.


2007 - aka City Apartment Renovation, 715 2nd Avenue 1504, Seattle WA. Interiors, Holly McKinley. Part of Millenium Tower. Sold in 2015 to Marion Stewart.

2007 - aka Hahn Hill, Yakima WA. Status unknown.


2007 - aka Villa Jumerah Project, United Arab Emirates. Unbuilt.

2007 - aka Hawaiian Residence, Big Island HI. Unbuilt.


2007 - aka Art Collectors Loft, 2201 3rd Avenue, Seattle WA. Grandview condos. Status unknown.


2007 - aka Residence, Calabasas CA. Unbuilt.


2008 - aka Hong Kong Villa, Shek-O, Hong Kong. 15000sf. Project architect, Dennis Yu. Overlooks the South China Sea. Plus furniture design. Featured in Architecture Digest.


2008 - aka Glass Farmhouse, somewhere near Joseph OR. Project manager, Ellen Cecil; built by Louis Perry, LD Perry; structural, MCE Structural Consultants; lighting, Brian Hood; photos, John Clark. 1450 sf. 80 acres.

2008 - The S Elizabeth House LLC House (Merle Chambers), aka Decorative Arts House, 576 South Elizabeth Street, Denver CO. Plus furniture design. 13000sf. Built by Saunders Construction. Sold in 2019 to 576 S Elizabeth LLC (David Birnbaum).

photo of Glass Apartment

2008 - aka Glass Apartment Remodel, 2800 Elliott Avenue, Seattle WA. Plus furniture design. Interiors, Debbie Kennedy; project architect, Elizabeth Bianchi Conklin.

2008 - aka Capital House, aka Capital Residence, Washington DC. 7145sf. Project architect Kevin Kudo-King; built by Lifecraft; Brian Hood Lighting Design, MCE Structural Consultants, structural engineers; Robertson D. Witmer, civil engineer; interiors, Christine Burkland; Stephen Stimson Associates, landscape architecture; photos by Nic Lehoux. Some furniture by Olson.

2010 - The Calvin K. Catter House, aka Northwoods House, 227 East Hagerman Lake Road, Iron River MI. Plus furniture design. 6570 sf. Structural engineer, Monte Clark, MCE Structural Consultants; project architect, Olivier Landa; built by MBM Construction; Stephen Stimson Associates, landscape architect; Riederer Engineering, mechanical; Brian Hood Lighting, lighting design; photos by Ngoc Minh Ngo; Interior design, Debbie Kennedy.


2010 - aka Peak House, Hong Kong, China. Unbuilt.

2011 - The Lalji House, aka Lake Washington Art House Renovation, aka Pavilion House, 76 Cascade Key, Bellevue WA. 6800sf. Renovation of a 1990's house at Newport Shores. 6800 sf. Landscape design, Charles Anderson. Built by Toth Construction. Interior design by Garret Cord Werner. 


2011 - aka Residence, Seoul, Republic of Korea. Status unknown.


2010 - The Linda Nordstrom House, aka Mexico Beach House, aka Los Cabos Residence, San Jose Del Cabo, Baja, Mexico. Commissioned 2008. Photos by Ben Benschneider.  Interiors by Terry Hunziker; project manager, Bob Jakubik.


2011 - aka Residence Project, Hong Kong, China. Unbuilt.

2011 - aka Cabin, Port Ludlow WA. Status unknown.

2011 - aka Stubbs Road, Hong Kong, China. Unbuilt.

2012 - aka Residence Remodel, Hayden Lake ID. Status unknown.

2012 - aka Residence Remodel, Seattle WA. Status unknown.

2012 - aka Cottage Remodel, Longbranch WA. Status unknown.

2013 - The Robert and Diane McCall Residence, aka Country Garden House, 4900 SW Humphrey Blvd, Portland OR. 5300 sf. Built by Otis Construction. Photos by Jeremy Bitterman. Civil Engineer: ZTEC Engineers; Consultant, Dynamic Architectural Windows and Doors; Landscape Architect: Daniel J. Hinkley; Lighting Designer: Brian Hood Lighting Design; Structural Engineer: Madden & Baughman Engineering; interiors by Christine Burkland. In 2016, former NFL player Stanley Wilson, naked, attempted to break in and was shot by the homeowner.

2013 - The Doug Berry House, aka Cliff Dwelling, 14358 Marine Drive, White Rock, Brltish Columbia, Canada.  6456 sf. Lighting, Brian Hood; built by Highliner Construction; structural engineer, PCS; mechanical engineer, Schmidt Brothers; project architect, Elizabeth Bianchi Conklin; Landscape, Christina Charles.


2013 - aka Shanghai Penthouse Project, Shanghai, China. Status unknown.



2013 - The Paul Allen Renovations, 267 Camino Al Lago, Atherton CA. Remodel of a new house built by Pacific Peninsula Group. Sold in 2020 to Ada M. Healey.


2013 - aka Residence, Los Angeles CA. Unbuilt.

2014 - aka Residence, Houston TX. Unbuilt.

2014 - aka Haven of Reflection, 23rd floor, Seattle WA. 1400sf. Designed for a widow, a former client. Built by Schultz Miller; lighting, Brian Hood; photo by Jeremy Bitterman. Status unknown.

2014 - aka Lugano Apartment, Lugano, Switzerland. Interiors by Charlie Hellstern. Status unknown.

2014 - aka Harbor Loft Condo, 35th floor, Seattle WA. Interiors by Christine Burklund; photo by Jeremy Bitterman. Status unknown.

2014 - The West Remodel, aka Fox Island Residence Remodel, 699 Kamus Drive, Fox lsland WA. Originally designed by Dan Calvin. Built by Dowbuilt; structural engineer, Bykonen Carter Quinn; lighting, Moonbeam; original project architect, Scott Allen; project architect, William Franklin.

2014 - The Patricia Shuster and Eugene May House, aka West Seattle Residence, 1521 Sunset, Seattle WA. Designed with Tom Kundig. Built by E&H Construction. Commissioned around 2011.

2015 - The Ellsworth and Eve Alvord House, aka Northwest Art House, 4205 East Highland Drive, Seattle WA. Plus design of the furniture. Photos by Aaron Leitz; project architect, William Franklin; Charlie Hellstern, interior design; built by Schultz Miller; lighting, Brian Hood; mechanical, Franklin Engineering; civil engineer, Coughlin Porter Lundeen; structural, Bykonen Carter Quinn; landscape design, Alworth Design.

2015 - aka Residence Remodel, aka Omaha Art House, Omaha NE. The people who bought the Borrego Springs house asked Olson to do this remodel as well.  Almost exclusively decorated with pieces by theJapanese artist Jun Kaneko. 4990 sf. Built by APS Custom; Interiors, Christine Burkland; proejct architect, Paul Schlachter; photos by Benjamin Benschneider.

The exterior of a house. The house is made of wood and in the foreground are bushes and bushes.

2015 - The Melissa Haumerson Cabin, aka City Cabin, 2168 38th Avenue East, Seattle WA. 2400sf. Interiors, Christine Burkland; engineering, Monte Clark; project architect, Renee Boone; built by Dovetail; landscape design, the Palm Room.


2015 - The Stuart Peterson Renovation, aka Gilmartin House, aka Round Hill Estate, aka Bay Area Hill House,110 Gilmartin, Tiburon CA. 15250sf. Commissioned 2011. It was Andre Agassi's former house, bottom photo. Took about five years to build; consumed more city staff time than any other single family home in Tiburon's history. 

2015 - aka Residence Remodel, Medina WA. Built by Phampena; photo by Dan Crates. Status unknown.


2016 - Residence, Newport Beach CA. Status unknown.

2016 - Residence Remodel, Seattle WA. Unbuilt.

2016 - aka Taiwan Villas, Taipei, Taiwan. Status unknown.

Bedford's Historic Building Preservation Commission stops tear down in Katonah | Katonah NY Real Estate | Buying Bedford Real Estate

2017 - The Carlos and Darel Benaim Residence, aka 44 Holly Branch LLC House, aka Hudson Valley Residence, aka Westchester County House, 44 Holly Branch, Katonah NY. 10,000 sf plus a guest house. The owners were misled when buying property in 2011 that the 1913 house (bottom photo) was not historically protected. After a legal fight, they won the right to destroy it and rebuild, with the requirement of preserving the main tower, which was moved and made into a guest house. Project architect, William Franklin; mechanical, Altieri Sebor Wieber; civil engineer, Kellard Sessions; structural engineer, Silman; lighting, Richard Shaver; built by Prutting and Company; landscape design, Edmund Hollander. 


2016 - aka Building Project, Seattle WA. Unbuilt.

2016 - aka Rainier Vista Residence, Seattle WA. Status unknown.

2016 - aka Tofino Beach House, Tofino, British Columbia, Canada. 2500sf. Project architect, William Kemper. Olson designed almost all the furniture. Photo by Nic Lehoux. Status unknown.

2017 - aka California Meadow House, Woodside CA. 17000sf. 3.5 acres. Project architect, Olivier Landa; interiors,Christine Burkland; built by Barnett; civil engineers, MacLeod and Associates; landscape, Surface Design; structural engineers, PCS; mechanical engineers, WSP Group; electrical engineer, Susanna Van Leuven; lighting Design, Brian Hood; photos by Matthew Millman. Status unknown.


Around 2018 - Residence, Santa Cruz CA. 6000sf. Status unknown.

Around 2018 - Residence Remodel, Seattle WA. Status unknown.

Around 2018 - Residence Remodel, CA. Status unknown.

Around 2018 - Residence, Seoul, South Korea. Status unknown.

Around 2018 - aka City Garden Residence, lndonesia.  Status unknown.

Around 2018 - Residence, Los Angeles CA. Designed with Kevin M. Kudo-King. Status unknown.

Around 2018 - Residence, London, United Kingdom. Status unknown.

Around 2018 - aka Portland Estate Addition, Portland OR. Status unknown.

Around 2018 - aka Orchard House, Kirkland WA.  Unsure if built.

Around 2018 - aka Urban Residence, lndia. Status unknown.

Around 2018 - The Nelson Condo, 411 1st Avenue, Seattle WA. Interiors by Christine Burkland. Olson's role was as a mentor to the project architect, Dan Wilson.

Around 2018 - The Lee Residence, Stardust Drive, Summerlin South NV.


2020 - aka Medina Residence, Medina WA. Built by GLY. Status unknown.  Interiors by Charlie Hellstern.

Year unknown - The Mark Long Houseboat, 1213 East Shelby 19, Seattle WA.

Sources include: Jim Olson: Building Nature Art; Art + Architecture: The Ebsworth Collection and Residence; Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen Architects: Architecture, Art, and Craft:Jim Olson Houses.