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Overpeck was born in 1925 in Omaha NB.  He was the youngest of his two siblings,and shortly after his birth, the family relocated to Long Beach CA.  He  graduated from University High School in 1943 then served as a cadet in the Army Air Corps during WWII.  After the war, he attended UCLA then USC, graduating in architecture in 1952.  Overpeck interned with Alfred Truesdell Gilman in 1948. In his last year at USC in 1952, Overpeck married Margie Stuebing, the daughter of Hollywood Ford dealer Albert Stuebing.  After USC, Overpeck worked in the architecture division of Hughes Aircraft for less than a year. He left Hughes for a job with A. Quincy Jones and Frederick E. Emmons.  Once he left Jones and Emmons, Overpeck opened his own firm in 1955.  In 1959, he partnered with the architect Robert W. Kite to form Kite & Overpeck, a partnership that lasted until 1967. He had his own firm after that.  He married Margie, and their children were Destie and Peter.  Research by Luke Leuschner.


1955 - The Warren Overpeck House I, 605 Hightree Road, Pacific Palisades CA.  Featured in the LA Times Magazine June 12, 1977. Was altered. Sold in 1997 to Bruce and Laurie Benenson.  Destroyed in 1999, and a new house by Steven Ehrlich was built.

1955 - The Peter Gowland and Alice Adams House, 609 Hightree Road, Pacific Palisades CA. Paul Greenfield, structural engineer.  Featured in the Los Angeles Times Home Magazine November 15, 1956; May 1957 Architectural Record.  Photos by George de Gennaro.  Sold in 2016 to neighbors Bruce and Laurie Benenson.  Renovated in 2019.

1956 - The Robert K. and Marlenna Overpeck House, 45-656 Mountain View Avenue, Palm Desert CA.  1568sf.  Overpeck's brother.  Engineered (and perhaps built) by their father Lem S. Overpeck.  Sold in 1962.  At some point the property sold to LeRae Britain Moeller Bush, along with Jennifer Haas, Carolie Lee Holmes, and Radie Morton. The house is to be given to the City of Palm Desert upon Bush's passing.

1956 - The Robert O. and Virginia Kahse House, 6400 La Punta, Los Angeles CA.  Sold for the first time in 1990 to Anthony Sproule, who had Overpeck build an addition of a guest bedroom, dining room entry, and added to the breakfast room. Sold in 2009 to Richard and Teresa Gerger. 

1957 - The Roy Young Jr. House, 4749 Rosebank Drive, La Canada Flintridge CA.  Featured in the Los Angeles Times Home Magazine May 31, 1959.  Sold for the first time in 2023 to Jonathan and Laura Anne Carlos.


1958 - The Firecliff Colony, Palm Desert CA.  Designed with Kite.  The buildings on the left, on Larkspur, were built, ones on the right (on San Luis Rey) were built differently, most by John Outcault.  Overpeck also did renovations on the Firecliff Lodge.  The Larkspur buildings and the Firecliff Lodge were destroyed for a shopping center. 

1959 - The Clifford Gans House, 1270 Casiano Road, Los Angeles, CA. Designed with Kite. Sold several times.  There were 1994 and 1999 remodels, at least one by architect Thomas Callaway.  Sold in 2024 to Reza Shararfi and Sara Nejad. 

1963 - The Geoffrey Nathanson Residence, 23505 Malibu Colony Road, Malibu CA. 2420sf. Designed with Kite. Featured in the Los Angeles Times Home Magazine March 5, 1967.  Photos by Douglas Simmons.  At Geoffrey's death in 2021 deeded to Daniel Nathanson.  Sold in 2022 to Fun and Malibu Road LLC.

1964 - The Beta Theta Pi House, USC, 707 West 28th, Los Angeles CA.  Designed with Kite.  Standing as of 2023. 


1960's - The Jack A. Willis Residence.  Featured in the LA Times Home Magazine, March 28, 1971. Status unknown.

1972 - The Marina City Club, 4333 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Rey CA. Commissioned around 1970. 


Around 1973 - The Robert Overpeck House II.  Status unknown.

1975 - The Malibu Country Estate Model Home for ALCOA, Malibu CA.  Commissioned 1972. Designed with Richard Dorman.  ALCOA wanted a model for the new 107 lot, 60 acre development adjacent to Pepperdine University. Built and was being shown in March of 1975.  Status unknown.

Around 1980 - The Warren Overpeck House II.  Status unknown.

1983 - The Palisades Hills Development, Pacific Palisades CA.  117 acres. Status unknown.

Year unknown - The (Robert) Zukin residence, Malibu CA. Photo may not be accurate.  If not, it's still an Overpeck and Kite house.  Status unknown.


Year unknown - The Sproule residence, Hollywood CA.  Status unknown.

Year unknown - The Harry Gorst/Harry Blackwell House, 6318 Quebec, Los Angeles AA. Likely the original address was 6312, a house built in 1961.  Needs verification.  Status unknown.

Sources include: Luke Leuschner.