USModernist Goes To Palm Springs for Modernism Week!
The USModernist trip for 2024 is

However, we are taking a waiting list for February 2025!

If you're into mid-century Modernist architecture, you don't want to miss USModernist's wildly popular annual trip to Palm Springs for Modernism Week. We've been taking architecture fans there for years. There's no other place in America with as many mid-century Modern houses per square mile - hundreds if not thousands of Modernist houses and buildings. And this is the best week to go - when the town opens up and shares its crazy fun Modernist heritage from houses to art to furnishings to lifestyles to fashion to food. It's like the Superbowl for mid-century architecture! Proceeds benefit the award-winning documentation, preservation, and promotion work of USModernist, a 501C3 nonprofit educational archive.

You'll fly to Palm Springs and go back in time to 1962 as we stay at the USModernist Compound, aka the retro Hotel Skylark. I mean, c'mon, what's a group without its own private compound? We take over mid-century hotel for the week! Plus you get event admissions, exclusive private tours, eye-popping Hollywood-style parties at fabulous celebrity houses, and a walkable location to downtown Palm Springs. There's our own free private open bar, available when we aren't touring - or attending fun events somewhere else. And forget renting a car all week (although you can if you want) - you get Uber credit for free rides around town! Typically each day there is a wonderful breakfast by the pool, a tour/event in the morning, and a great party or reception or dinner in the evening. Or walk, shop, drink, sleep, or eat your way through the magic that is Palm Springs during Modernism Week. Or sit, swim, or tan by the pool, just a few feet from your door. Weather in Palm Springs is usually cool and sunny. Many tours are on foot, so make sure to bring walking shoes. At least two evening parties involve dressing up (jackets for men, cocktail attire for women) but day events are casual.

Wow, that’s incredible! Yes, indeed. This year's amazing trip includes:

Six nights at the retro Hotel Skylark, including free wifi and a really good breakfast (oh the bacon! oh the frittatas), glamorous pool, a firepit, pool, and a hot tub.

Roundtrip flights on American Airlines from RDU to Palm Springs, plus airport transfers if you fly with us.

Transport on all USModernist tours and events, either by private bus or a special FREE Uber account good for up to $80 of travel within Palm Springs. It's like having your own driver. Actually, it is exactly like having your own driver.

Access to a free, private, open bar every day, plus access to a free massage therapist by the pool on two days (first come first served)

Tours nearly every day and a reception/party/dinner nearly every evening

A welcome party by the pool the first day

A private guided coach and walking tour of Modernist buildings around Palm Springs with ace architecture guide Trevor O'Donnell

Rare interior tour of Sunnylands Estate, the "Western White House" designed by A. Quincy Jones; plus the Frey House II, designed by Albert Frey

Admission to exclusive events such as the USModernist benefit at the former Kirk Douglas Estate, designed by Donald Wexler; a private sunset party and tour at the Hotel Lautner, designed by John Lautner; and an evening party at the Frank Sinatra House, designed by E. Stewart Williams.

Plus you can access the huge array of movies, lectures, presentations, exhibitions, other tours, and art installations put on by Modernism Week

angela roehl USModernist

Tour Leader Angela Roehl has been a Modernism Week regular for years. At breakfast, while you sip your coffee and eat bacon and frittatas, Angela will outline your day's events and options. USModernist's George Smart will be around during the day recording interviews for USModernist Radio, which you can watch poolside from your lounge chair.

The Exciting Itinerary!


hotel skylark palm springs

Fly to Palm Springs. If you fly with us from RDU, you'll transfer to the USModernist Compound, aka the Hotel Skylark, with vintage diamond-shaped room keys and an Airstream for the office. The Skylark is a self-contained courtyard/pool hotel of 26 rooms, only accessible by guests with a special key. If you fly on your own, take a taxi to the hotel: 1466 North Palm Canyon.

On arrival, a welcome reception with appetizers and champagne by the beautiful pool. Tour Leader Angela Roehl will give a welcome overview.

That afternoon, Tour Leader Angela Roehl takes you to two houses in an exclusive neighborhood! 


After breakfast at the hotel (which you'll get every morning), Tour Leader Angela Roehl will introduce you to the best architecture guide in Palm Springs, Trevor O'Donnell, and you'll board a private tour bus to see dozens of commercial buildings and homes with some exclusive interior visits. Trevor's fun and encyclopedic knowledge makes for a entertaining and informative morning!  Return around 1230pm.

During the week, at your leisure, visit the Frey II House and use that ticket to also visit the Palm Springs Art Museum.

That night, USModernist's swanky benefit party at the Kirk and Anne Douglas Estate, designed by Donald Wexler. For this, you'll want to get dressed up. 


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After breakfast and Angela's morning briefing, you will tour several special private houses, some never open to the public -- and the Palm Springs Architecture and Design Museum, with a fascinating new exhibit on Albert Frey. Return about 1pm.  Around 4pm, an exclusive cocktail hour at the Lautner Compound in Desert Hot Springs. Later, we drop you off to walk down North Palm Canyon to a huge street art fair with food and art booths.



After breakfast and Angela's morning briefing, you will tour Sunnylands Estate, aka the Western White House, designed by architect (not the musician) Quincy Jones. Travel via private bus, returning around 1pm. Later on, lounge by the pool, stop by our open bar. A massage therapist is available poolside for free 15-minute bookings. That night, a special private dinner inside a cool midcentury Modernist house.



After breakfast and Angela's morning briefing, you'll be touring private houses, returning around noon. A massage therapist is available poolside for free 15-minute bookings. That night, a cocktail party at the famous Frank Sinatra House. For this, you'll want to get dressed up.



After breakfast, it is your free day - morning, lunch, and afternoon on your own. Some people meet friends, some go to Joshua Tree National Park, some go hiking, so go to the casinos, some stay by the pool, some go on the Modernism Week double decker bus tours, some go shopping! Lounge by the pool, stop by our open bar. A massage therapist is available poolside for free 15-minute bookings. That night, a delightful farewell dinner at yet another wonderful private Modernist house.



No briefing today, just a final breakfast, goodbyes to the sun and the mountains and your fellow travelers, then you'll leave for the Palm Springs airport and fly home. Everyone out by 11am!  RDU travelers will be home by around 8pm Eastern Time.

Terms and Conditions

Once payment is made, there are no refunds for any reason except for trip cancellation. We encourage everyone to purchase travel insurance separately. However, you can sell or give your place to another person with at least 4 weeks written notice to USModernist. The new person will have to pay for their own airfare, as that's non-refundable and non-assignable.

Does not include air or getting to the hotel upon arrival.

Participants must sign a liability release as is standard with all USModernist trips.

Airport parking is not included. You're responsible for incidental charges to your hotel room.

The itinerary and order of events are subject to change without notice or refund.

Architects can get self-reported CEU hours if arranged in advance with the AIA.

There is a small but possible risk of overnight stay if flights are cancelled or delayed, in which case participants are responsible for any additional costs of meals, lodging, transportation, and incidental expenses.

Adults 21 and over only. There is NO SMOKING or tobacco products of any kind at the Skylark, inside or outside. $250 fine if you're caught and/or there's evidence in your room.

Proceeds benefit the award-winning documentation, preservation, and promotion work of USModernist, a 501C3 nonprofit educational archive.