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USModernist® is a Nonprofit 501C3 Educational Archive For the Documentation, Preservation, and Promotion of Residential Modernist Architecture

The Eduardo Fernando Catalano House, sadly destroyed in 2001. Photo by Ezra Stoller.

America’s mid-century Modernist houses are brilliant, livable works of art, yet they are being bulldozed in record numbers – largely because buyers, sellers, realtors, and cities are unaware of their importance – or how to preserve, repair, and protect them. Founded in 2009, USModernist and NCModernist have been recognized with local, state, and national awards for nonprofit leadership in historic preservation.

USModernist® is the definitive online resource for Modernist residential architecture, focusing on the most prominent Modernist architects and houses across America. The detailed content is unrivaled -- causing visitors to return again & again. We punch way above our weight with passionate dedicated volunteers and a small part-time staff, so attracting members, donors, and sponsors is critical. You can participate through a variety of attractive options:

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