USModernist/NCModernist Curated Tours and Events

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April 22-23: Moon Over Modernism Los Angeles

Coming soon: June 17 Moon Over Modernism Greensboro

European Modernist Architecture Tours Curated by USModernist

  In 2016, USModernist created wildly popular specialty European tours - exclusive to Modernist architecture. You will see - and visit - incredible architecture, art, design, and furniture -- truly thrilling opportunities to see Modernist architecture in amazing cities such as London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Berlin, Zurich, Copenhagen, and Oslo.


Have you wanted to visit amazing Modernist architecture across the United States, Europe, and North Carolina? Our educational Modernist architecture tours are organized and curated for the general public. You don't have to be an architect or even in the design field. You just have to love it! And if your spouse/partner isn't as into Modernist design as you are, no problem! Our itineraries give couples ample time to explore other interests.