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Woods was born in Fullerton CA. He graduated from Pacifica HS in Orange in 1999, where he was a star athlete in baseball and football. He earned a degree in architecture from USC in 2006, doing projects for family friends and working at Altoon Porter and later Little in Durham NC.

Dangaran was born in San Francisco. He graduated in 2001 from Wells HS in Nevada and earned a degree in architecture from USC in 2006. After interning with Patrick Tighe in Los Angeles and for SOM in New York, he worked for L&V Architects in Santa Monica and Marmol Radziner in LA.

Dangaran and Woods started the firm in 2013. Their residential Modernist practice grew wildly with projects all over the US. By 2022 they published their first monograph, and another is in the works.

2013 - The Mickey Liddell Renovation, aka Broad Beach Renovation, 31478 Broad Beach Road, Malibu CA. 2400sf. Original house built in 1976. Sold in 2021 to Charles Chibak. Turned into fractional ownership.

2013 - aka Highridge, Beverly Glen, Beverly Hills CA. 5600sf. Unbuilt.

2014 - The Art and Michelle Damiani House, aka Church Lane, 1137 Church Lane, Carpinteria CA. 2500sf.

2015 - The Michael and Evelyn Carrion Addition, aka Dorrington Addition, 9015 Dorrington Avenue, West Hollywood CA. Original house built in 1925. 5700sf. Sold in 2021 to NY Private Trust, SSM Residence Trust.


2015 – aka Mulholland Renovation, Los Angeles CA. 4,400sf. Built. Status unknown.

2015 - The Duncan Liddell House, aka Hermosa Renovation, 2240 Monterey Boulevard, Hermosa Beach CA. 4100sf. Original house built in 1991. Nephew of a previous client, Mickey Liddell. Photos by Daniel Dahler. Sold in 2022 to the Emi Family Trust.

2016 - The Scott and Elvira Hissink Yasharian House, aka 7th Street, 527 7th Street, Santa Monica CA. 3600sf. Engineering by Labib Funk; photos by Roger Davies.

2016 - The Hedi Slimane Renovation, aka Trousdale Restoration, 1120 Maytor Place, Beverly Hills CA. 6200sf. Original house built in 1960 and designed by Rex Lotery. Renovation built by the Saltaire Group. Sold in 2021 to 21 Neysta Holdings LLC (Brian Shanly/James Ritchie).

2016 - aka Hollywood Estate, Los Angeles CA. 41,000sf. 3 acres. Project architect, Brooklyn Bogdan. Unbuilt.

2017 - aka Granito I, 7870 West Granito Drive, Los Angeles CA. 7700sf. Developed by Plus Development. Unbuilt.

2017 - The Katey Sagal and Kurt Sutter Renovation, aka Moraga Drive Renovation, 1014 Moraga Drive, Los Angeles CA. 2000 SF. Original house built in 1962, architect unknown. Built by Saint Aignan Builders. Sold in 2022 to Edison Chen and Shupei Qin.

2017 - The Joseph and Sapna Dangaran House, aka Case Study House, aka Carlson Park Residence, 4169 Keystone Avenue, Culver City CA. 3500 SF. Built by Saint Aignan Builders; structural engineer, John Labib & Associates; landscape design, Chris Sosa; photography, Francis Dreis.

2018 - The Goose Rocks Investments LLC House, aka Thrasher I, 9127 Thrasher Avenue, Los Angeles CA. 10000sf. Commissioned in 2016. Has a full gym and sauna. Designed with developer ID Group. Sold to WB 9127 Thrasher LLC. Sold in 2020 to Ariana Grande/Thrasher Avenue Trust. Sold in 2021 to James Parks/Bird Street Trust. Sold in 2022 to Nancy Josephson. Top two photos by Michael Locke.

2019 - The Greg De Saint Aignon House, aka Preston Way, aka Venice House, aka Nexus House, 1601 Shell Avenue, Venice CA. 3500sf with a 2100sf guest house. Built by the owner. For sale in 2023.


2019 - aka Carla Ridge I, 1484 Carla Ridge, Beverly Hills CA. 9800sf. Developed by Plus Development. Sold in 2021 to 1484 Carla Ridge LLC. Top photo by Michael Locke.


2019 - aka Bel Air Estate I Renovation, Los Angeles CA. 4,500sf. Status unknown.

2019 - aka Bel Air Estate II, Los Angeles CA. 29,600sf. Status unknown.

2019 - aka Bel Air Estate III, Los Angeles CA. 38,000sf. Status unknown.


Around 2022 - aka Mulholland Estates, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned in 2015. Designed with Faota. 24,500sf. Built. Status unknown.

2019 - The Keat Bollenbach House, 805 Nimes Place, Los Angeles CA. 27,500sf. Unbuilt. Sold in 2022 to The Elsinore Trust / Jaime Gilinski.


2020 - The Frederick and Cheryl Cook House, aka Hillcrest Hollywood, 2018 Hillcrest Road, Los Angeles CA. 3500sf. Built by So-Cal Custom Construction & Design. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.

2020 - The George Raun / Sky Garden LLC Renovation, aka Bel Air Estate Renovation, 10721 Stradella Court, Los Angeles CA. Original house designed by SAOTA. W+D completed the 25,000sf unfinished house and added another 12,000sf. 9 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms. For sale in 2022.

2020 - aka Mar Vista, Los Angeles CA. 6,100sf. Built on two lots. Landscape design, Chris Sosa; interiors, Christopher Allen; built by Mallis Workshop; engineering, Labib Funk. Featured in Architectural Digest. Won a 2022 AIA California Design Award; 2022 Project of the Year, Residential Design Magazine; 2021 and 2022 AIA Los Angeles Design Awards. Built. Status unknown.

2020 - The Danielle Lavin House, aka Twentieth, 20th Street, Santa Monica CA. 7200sf. Organized around an olive tree.


2020 - The Bellgave LLC and Moonraker Capital Renovation, aka Bellgave Los Angeles, 8201 Bellgave Place, Los Angeles CA. Original house built in 1977 designed by Richard Stoddard. Engineering by SAOTA Engineers. Photos by Michael Locke. For sale in 2023.

2021 - The Heinlein Venture Group House, aka Sumner Estate, 22 Sumner Road, Greenwich CT. 9000sf. Unbuilt.

2021 - The Brett Woods House, aka Desert Flamingo Properties House, aka Desert Palisades 1, 2212 Winter Sun Drive, Palm Springs CA. 3800sf. Video.

2021 - aka Thrasher II, Thrasher Road, Los Angeles CA. 5,000sf. Interiors by Studio Mellone.


2021 - aka Los Feliz House, Los Angeles CA. 5,000sf. Built. Status unknown.

USModernist USModernist


2021 - The Frame DICC LLC Apartments, aka Cardiff Multi-Family, 3739-3759 Cardiff Avenue, Los Angeles CA. 90,000sf. A 74-unit apartment complex and subterranean parking garage. Last 3 photos by Michael Locke.

2021 - The Robert Galishoff Renovation, aka Clear Oak, 16104 Clear Oak Drive, Encino CA. 4800sf. Original house built in 1964 by Frank Dobsky for Basil Francis Grillo, President of Bing Crosby Productions.


2022 - The Lulu Real Estate LLC House, aka Nightingale I, 9230 Nightingale Drive, Los Angeles CA. Designed with FAOTA. Commissioned in 2018. 15,000sf. Second photo by Michael Locke.

2023 - aka Holmby Hills Estate and Guest House, 10281 Charing Cross Road, Los Angeles CA. 22,000sf and 8,500sf. Commissioned around 2019, but the property was sold in 2021 before construction started. The firm will complete an additional 18,000sf pavilion in 2024.

2023 - The Trousdale LLC / Kelshaw House, aka Trousdale Place, 385 Trousdale Place, Beverly Hills CA. 13500sf. Commissioned in 2020. Under construction as of October 2023. Bottom photo by Michael Locke.


2023 - aka Homewood Road, Los Angeles CA, 4,700sf. Status unknown.


2023 - aka Branding Iron, Rolling Hills Estates CA. 5,500sf. Built. Status unknown.


2023 - aka Oculta Roca Residences, Hurricane UT. Three houses, 24,900sf total. Status unknown.


2023 - aka Morningside Way, Los Angeles CA. 6,800sf. Commissioned in 2021. Unbuilt.


2024 - aka Almarion, Austin TX. 6,000 SF.

2024 - The Carla Ridge II LLC House, aka Carla Ridge II, 1605 Carla Ridge, Beverly Hills CA. 13,600sf. Commissioned in 2023. Under construction as of 2023, photo by Michael Locke.


2024 - aka Long Valley Road, Santa Ynez CA. 20 acres. 9,500sf.


2024 - aka Indian Bend, Paradise Valley AZ. 1.5 acres overlooking Camelback Mountain. 5,900sf.


2024 - aka Marine Street, Los Angeles CA. 3,300sf.


2024 - aka Gainsborough Drive, Pasadena CA. 7,200sf.

2024 - aka Westgate Estate, Bend OR. Eight acres with views of Mount Hood. Commissioned 2022.


2024 - aka Desert Palisades II, Desert Palisades area, Palm Springs CA.

2024 - 722 Rodeo Drive, Jackson Hole WY. Built by Ponderosa Builders.

2024 - The Jason Strauss House, Rim Rock Estates, 34 Ridge Blossom Road, Las Vegas NV. 9000sf. Unbuilt. Land sold 4/2023.


2024 - aka Summit Club, Las Vegas NV. Developed by Discovery Lane Company.

2024 - The JGK Holding LLC House, Nightingale II, 9214 Nightingale Drive, Los Angeles CA. Commissioned in 2018.


2024 - aka Chatauqua, Los Angeles CA. 7500sf. Commissioned in 2021.


2024 - aka Vista Del Mar, Playa Del Rey CA. 5500sf. Commissioned in 2021.


2024 - aka Alta Restoration, Santa Monica CA. 10000sf. Commissioned in 2021.


2024 - aka Wildlife, Malibu CA. 8000sf. Commissioned in 2021.


2024 - aka Lake Estate, Incline Village NV. Commissioned in 2021.

2025 - The Vance Palisades LLC House, aka Pacific Palisades Estate, aka Chatauqua, 212 Vance, Pacific Palisades CA. 27,800sf. 4 parcels combined. Commissioned in 2016. Developed by Plus Development.  Designed with SAOTA.

2025 - The 7900 Granito Dr LLC Houses, aka Granito II+III, 7880-7900 West Granito Drive, Los Angeles CA.  11000sf. Developed by Plus Development.  Originally there was to be a house on 7880, Granito II, unbuilt.  Then the lots were merged, and a new larger plan designed, above, called Granito III.  Status unknown.

2025 - Spec design for 1246 Preston Way, Venice CA. Unbuilt. For sale in 2023.

2026 - aka Moccasin Flats, three Modernist houses, South 1100 West Road, Hurricane UT.  14 acres each. Developed by Hidden Rock Development Group, Dallin Jolley and Anish Bhatia.  8300 to 8700 square feet.