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W. G. CLARK (1942-)

W. G. Clark was born in Louisa VA and studied architecture at the University of Virginia. After working for Venturi Rauch and Scott Brown in Philadelphia, he began an architectural practice in Charleston SC in 1974. In 1989 he was appointed chairman of Architecture at the University of Virginia and was named Edmund Schureman Campbell Professor in 1989. He was twice listed in Time magazine as one of America's best designers, getting three National Design awards from the AIA for the Middleton Inn, the Reid House and the Croffead House. He won several international competitions, including the New Orleans Museum of Art competition in 1983, the South Carolina Aquarium in 1987, and the Clemson Architecture Center in 2005. In 2008 Oxford American selected the Clark House as one of the nine Best Modern Houses of the New South.  He is most widely known for the Middleton Inn outside of Charleston SC.

1988 - The Annie C. and Marion Reid House, 2962 Hut Road, aka Blacklock Road, Johns Island SC. Featured in Architectural Record Houses of 1988. 1600sf. Built by Stier Kent Canady; structural engineer, Robert Shoolbred. Cost only $102,000. Won a national AIA design award.


1989 - The Tommy and Patti Croffread House, aka Villa Carolina, aka Glass House, 85 Riverland Drive, Charleston SC. Built by Stier Kent Canady; structural engineer, Robert Shoolbred. Featured in Architectural Record Houses of 1990. Won a national AIA Design Award. Photos, Timothy Hursley.

1995 - The W. G. Clark House, 2013 Pine Top Road, Charlottesville VA. 1400 sf. Constructed of poured-in-place concrete and concrete block, the house essentially has two rooms.

1999 - The James L. and Sarah Coker Renovation, Charleston SC. Commissioned around 1994.  3500 sf. Renovation of a 1781 warehouse. Interior design, Dian Boone; landscape design, Warren Byrd. Status unknown.


Around 2003 - aka Colorado House. Status unknown.


2005 - The Tommy and Patti Croffread House #2, aka House in Williamsburg, 1668 John Tyler Highway, Williamsburg VA.  9.98 acres, on Gordon Creek.  Sold in 2018 to Mark Segal who did a renovation, adding a 17' room divider between the kitchen and dining room. Sold in 2021.

Year unknown - The Beckerdite House. Status unknown, likely unbuilt.

Year unknown - aka Mountain House, Henderson County NC.

Living area showing views out 2 story Hopes Windows

2005 - aka Schuyler House, Schuyler VA. Overlooks the Rockfish River. Built by Peter Johnson; photos, Scott Smith; project architect, Joshua Stastny. For sale in 2012. Status unknown. 

Year unknown - Renovation, 8 Bedons Alley, Charleston SC. Original house built in the 1770s. Sold in 2006 to Stephen and Mary Hope.