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Dart was born in New Orleans LA, originally named Edouard, and later he changed it to Edward. Everyone called him Ned. He attended UVA for two years then did military service in the Navy and the Marines during WWII. He married Wilhelmina (Wilma) Plansoen in 1946, and they had one daughter and one adopted son. Dart graduated from the Yale School of Architecture in 1949 and went to work for Paul Schweikher and Winston Elting. He opened a side practice in his house in 1950, and also left Schweikher for a few months to work for Skidmore Owings Merrill. He and Wilma are buried in the columbarium of St. Michael's Church in Barrington IL, which he designed. His archives are at the Ryerson & Burnham Libraries at the Art Institute of Chicago. Bio adapted from Wikipedia.

In 1965, he joined Loebl Schlossman Bennett as a partner, and the firm became Loebl Schlossman Bennett and Dart. His best known work is the 1970 St. Procopius Abbey in Lisle Il, above.

1949 - The Henry P. Dart Jr. House, aka Vermont House, Godfrey Road, Thetford VT. Sold before 1992 to Doris Linglebach. Destroyed in 2005.


1950 - The House of the Fifties. Designed for Good Housekeeping Magazine. Unbuilt.


1950 - House for Popular Mechanics. Unbuilt.


1950 - The New Homes Guide Planbook. Several designs.

1951 - Competition entry for the National Association of Homebuilders. Won 1st place, $250. Won honorable mention for the kitchen.


1951 - The John (Jack) and Jean Karstrom House, 1300 North Waukegan, Lake Forest Il. Sold to Richard Bobbe. Sold in 2002 to Philip and Diane Deemer.

1953 - The Hope and Phil Stewart House, 1300 Waukegan Road, Lake Forest IL. Commissioned in 1950. Featured on the 1955 Lake Forest College New Architecture Tour. Sold before 1992 to John Lillard. Status unknown.

1953 - The Edward and Wilma Dart House, 20 Braeburn Lane (formerly Spring Creek Road), Barrington IL. Based on Dart's 1951 competition house for the National Association of Home builders. Many renovations and additions. Sold to Robert Wetzel, still owner as of 2023.

1953 - The George D. Lawrence House, 71 Hills and Dales Road, Barrington Il. Sold to Jean Fentress. Address needs verification. Status unknown.

1953 - The Joseph Lucas House, 701 Euclid Road, Barrington Il. Completely renovated in 1983. Sold in 2004 to Robert and Susan McAuliff. Sold in 2005 to Gilles and Laura Gabriel.

1953 - The Northgate 21 House, aka Electri-Living House, 816 West Elm, Wheaton IL. Developed by Graeme Stewart. The first all-electric house in Wheaton, built as a GE Demonstration House. Sold to Warren K. Parent. Sold in 2009 to John and Nancy Flannery.

1955 - 111 East Elm, Wheaton IL. Developed by Graeme Stewart. Sold in 2021 to Rodrigo Cano.

1955 - 116 East Elm, Wheaton IL. Developed by Graeme Stewart. Sold in 1966 to the Soffel family. Sold in 2013 to Harold (Mac) Airhart (Airhart Construction). Sold again in 2013 to Jeffrey and Sarak Zettek. Destroyed in 2013.

1954 - The Henry K. and Maud Beard House, 49 Hawthorne Road, Barrington IL. Black and white photos by Torkel Carling. Won a 1960 AIA Chicago Honor Award. Sold in 2002 to Fred Shaw.

1954 - The George M. Bard II House, 300 Ridge Road, Barrington IL. Sold to John and Marilyn Weidler. Sold in 2000 to Donald and Karen Phillips. Destroyed. Photo by Marilyn Weidler.

1954 - The William H. Bingham House, Bateman Circle, Barrington IL. Still owners as of 1992. Status unknown.

1954 - The Caleb H. Canby III House, 135 Tower Road, Barrington IL. Addition by Dart in 1961. Sold to James and Candace Pike. Sold to Dianne Brownson. Extensive renovations. Photo by Sylvia Preston.

1954 - The Hough Manor Apartments, 620 Hough Street, Barrington IL. Renovated around 1974. Converted to condos. Top photo by Sylvia Preston.

1954 - The Robert Hunker House, Spring Creek Road, Barrington IL. Destroyed in the 1980s. Photo by Kamachak.


1954 - The Harry G. Meadows House, Sleepy Hollow Road, Dundee IL. Status unknown.


1954 - The John E. Test House, Sleepy Hollow Road, Dundee IL. Status unknown.

1955 - The Livingston Fairbank Jr. House, 210 North Mayflower, Lake Forest IL. Sold in 2007 to Sanjay Ghandi.

1955 - The D. Wendell and Jean Fentress House, 77 Spring Creek Road, Barrington IL. Sold to Roger Weston. Status unknown.

1955 - The Lawrence H. Galloway House, 157G Helm Road, Barrington IL. Sold in 2019 to Art Polmer Inc. Likely destroyed. Needs verification.

1955 - The John Gibbons House, 48 Otis, Barrington IL. Sold to Kenneth Ryan. Sold in 2021 to Pan Xuan and Thomas Gregory. Destroyed.

1955 - The Arthur R. Lutz House, 247 West Lake Shore Drive, Barrington IL. Sold in 1982 to Robert and Sherry VanOchten. Status unknown.

1955 - The Pickwick Place Townhouses, aka Pickwick Townhomes, 700 Concord Drive, Barrington IL. All rentals as of 2023.

1956 - The Milton Arenberg House, 1880 Crescent, Highland Park IL. Sold to Martin Snitzer. Sold in 2017 to Bonnie Tolan.

1956 - The Arthur Baker House, 4 Graymoor Lane, Olympia Fields IL. Sold to Gary Rautenstrach. Sold to Robert Dyke. Sold in 2016 to Tricia and Christopher Phillips. Photo by Deborah Holliday.

1956 - The Alex Buchholz House, 98 Graymoor Lane, Olympia Fields IL. Sold to Lawrence Chapman. Sold in 2018 to Robert and Deborah Jagers. Black and white photo by John McGaw.

1956 - The Norman Miller House, 27 Graymoor Lane, Olympia Fields IL. Sold in 1990 to Howard Zeiger. Sold in 2016 to Richard Ruffing. Black and white photos by John McGraw.

1956 - The Ned and Wilma Dart House III, 239 Oak Knoll Road, Barrington IL. Featured in House and Garden, August 1959; Architectural Record, November 1960. Won a 1960 AIA Merit Award. Sold in 1964 to Esther and John F. Palumbo. Sold in 2020 to Ann Oleinik and Kamran Foruhar. Renovated.

1956 - The John Orb House, 46 Brinker, Barrington IL. Located on a lake. Sold to TJ Wigdahl. Sold to Debra and John Hilton.

1957 - The Evan L. Ausman House, 153 Oak Terrace, Lake Bluff IL. Sold to Jesse K. Wheeler. Destroyed around 2006.


1957 - The Ann Thibaut House, 1004 Highland Woods Road, Chapel Hill NC. Built by Van Thomas of Siler City NC. The family lived there for over 50 years. Sold in 2011 to Alexander McLachlan and Mary Turner.

1957 - The George Clements House, 34 Breakenridge Farm Road, Oak Brook IL. Sold to Thomas and Regina Halama. Destroyed around 2000.

1957 - The Harold and Gloria Flanzer House, 972 Sunset Road, Winnetka IL. Sold and destroyed around 2000. Photo by Claude Peck.

1957 - The Elmer H. and Elizabeth Johnson House, 10517 South Seeley, Chicago IL. Featured in LIFE magazine. Sold in 2008 to David White. Sold in 2017 to John M. Stracchia.

1957 - The David and Fay Peck III House, 334 Circle Lane, Lake Forest IL. Sold in 2021 to Andrew and Allison Milmoe.

1958 - The Susan Dart and Jack McCutcheon House, 281 West Laurel, Lake Forest IL. Dart's sister and her husband. Project architect, Ed Straka. Photos by Barbara Wood-Prince and Jana Brinton. Sold in 1992. Destroyed.

1958 - The Robert J. and Eileen Reynolds House, 1021 County Line Road, Highland Park IL. 4400 sf. Had a 2700sf guest house. Renovated in 1961. Black and white photos by Richard Cutler. Sold and destroyed for a multi-house development in 2016.

1958 - The Donald J. Sersen House, 825 Lill Street, Barrington IL. Photo by Donald J. Sersen. Sold in 1993 to Jay Elring, still owner as of 2020.

1959 - The Jules and Ruth Ladany House, 180 Ravine, Highland Park IL. Landscape design by Gertrude Deimel Kuh. Deeded to Ruth Ladany Eisenberg. Sold in 2005, destroyed in 2006.

1959 - The B. L. Webb House, 241 Oak Knoll, Barrington IL. Photo by Sylvia Preston. Sold in the 1980s to Susan Hanson and John Palumbo Jr. Deeded to John Palumbo Jr.


1959 - The Erskine Wilder House, Helm Road, Barrington IL. Destroyed around 1992.

1960 - The Herbert and Constance Hershey House, 687 Birch Lane, Glencoe IL. B/W photo by Richard Cutler. Deeded to Constance Hershey. For sale in 1998. Sold in 2007 to Michael and Nancy Glass. For sale in 2024.

1960 - The Veranda House, 2 Barrington Bourne, Barrington IL. Originally a spec house. Sold in 2019 to Crystal Yi.

1960 - 27 Barrington Bourne, Barrington IL. Sold to Hitoshi Ishima. Sold in 2014 to Roxanna Hoffman. Needs verification as a Dart.

1961 - The Louis and Harriet Ancel House, 35 Estate Drive, Glencoe IL. Deeded to Harriet Ancel. The house was empty for two years and rapidly deteriorated, including water damage. Sold in 2008 to David and Ellen Muslin. Landmarks Illinois was called by concerned neighbors and convinced the Muslins to do a renovation, led by Becker Architects. A new two-car garage was also added. Won a 2012 AIA Illinois Award; 2011 Richard Driehaus Foundation Preservation Award.

1961 - The George R. Anderson House, 705 Woodmere, Glenview IL. Deeded to Milada Anderson. Sold in 2011 to Todd and Rebecca Herlitz.

1961 - The Walter E. Heller House, 799 Highland, Highland Park IL. Sold to Burt Chudacoff. Sold in 2005. Interior gutted and transformed in 2008. Sold in 2020 to Jodi and David Gimbel.

1961 - The Laura Rosenberg Renovation, 16 Lakewood Place, Highland Park IL. Sold to Arnold and Gail Heltzer. Sold in 2010 to Michael Kukanza. Sold in 2021 to Lila Scher and Douglas Goddard. Needs verification.

1961 - The William Swartz House, 195 Ivy Lane, Highland Park IL. Deeded to Mary Swartz. Sold in 2020 to Ruth Goodman Blum.

1962 - The Donald Kozoll House, 465 Lakeside, Glencoe IL. Sold in 1975 to Walter and Karla Goldschmidt. Transferred in 2007 to daughter Susan.

1962 - The James M. Simmen House, 694 East Grandview, Lake Forest IL. Renovated in 1975. Large addition built. Sold to Patricia Minicucci. Sold in 2004 to William and Sherry Schorsch.

1962 - The Brooke Fox House, 42 Colony Road, Timberlane Estates, Gretna LA. Sold to William P. McCord. Sold in 2021 to Robin and Lynette Gordon.

1962 - The Richard E. Henrich House, 24 Brinker, Barrington IL. Sold to Giacomo and Bere Antonini. Sold in 2020 to Edgar and Marie Berre.

1962 - The Theodore Van Zelst House, 1213 Wagner, Glenview IL. Deeded to Van Zelst LLC. Destroyed in 2009. A huge mansion was built in its place.

1962 - The Charles Wegner House, 2 Lochinvar, Oak Brook IL. Photo by Richard Cutler. Deeded to Joan Wegner. Renovated. Sold in 2024 to Daniel Schlesser and John W. McDermott.

1962 - The Barry Crown House, 350 Sunrise Circle, Glencoe IL. Sold to Leo and Betty Melamed. For sale for many years, it ultimately sold for 50% off in 2018 to Jessica and Ryan Turf, destroyed it in 2019.

1964 - The Leonard S. Florsheim House, Oak Mill Road, Lake Forest IL. Status unknown.

1965 - The Irving Cherry House, 729 Sheridan Road, Evanston IL. Located behind 727 Sheridan. Renovated and additions built. Deeded to Joan Cherry.

1965 - The Ned and Wilma Dart House, 66 Dundee Lane, Barrington IL. Located near Keane Lake. Black and white photos by Warren Meyer and Hedrick-Blessing. Deeded to Wilma Dart. Sold in 2006 to the Harris Trust. Sold in 2014 to Thomas Mitchell. Sold in 2019 to Monika Nawrot and Krzysztof Szczepaniec. Expanded at some point, last photo.

1968 - The Louis Degen House, 32 Polo Club Circle, Denver CO. Black and white photo by Michael Komechak. Sold to Kent Velo. Sold in 2020 to Mark Brown Vacation Properties.

1968 - The Lena Canada Public Housing, 17th and Greenwood, East Chicago Heights IL. Closed in 2003. Destroyed.

Year unknown - The Grame-Stewart House. Likely unbuilt.

Sources include: Daughter Elaine Dart Hanan; Edward Dart Architect by sister Susan Dart.