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Ossipoff was born in Vladivostok, Russia, and moved in 1909 to Tokyo where he grew up. He attended Yokohama's St. Joseph's College and the Tokyo Foreign School and was fluent in Russian, Japanese, and English. He visited Tokyo's Second Imperial Hotel designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and was greatly influence by Wright's organic architectural style. After moving to the US in 1923, he graduated from high school in Berkeley CA in 1926 and from UC Berkeley in 1931. He took two short jobs in California, one with an Los Angeles architect and the other with the San Francisco firm Crim Reasing McGinnis.

In 1931, he moved to Honolulu, Hawai'i, and found work with architect Charles W. Dickey, Ray Morris who was the head of Lewers and Cooke's building department, and then Theo H. Davies & Company. In September 1935 Ossipoff left the Davies office to form a partnership with C. A. Stiehl in Manoa. In March 1936, he formed his own architectural firm. He was elected President of AIA Hawai'i in 1941 and again in 1964. Later, he was awarded the first medal of honor from AIA Hawai'i.

Commercial projects across the state include the terminals at the Kahului Airport on Maui and the Kona Airport on the Big Island, the open-air grand lānai style terminal at the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu. His archives are at Hamilton Library at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. He's widely recognized as the master of Hawai'i modern architecture. Bio adapted from Wikipedia.

1932 - The Theodore Richter Bungalow, aka Hawaiian Style, Pacific Heights, Oahu HI. Status unknown.

1932 - 3062 Diamond Head Road, Honolulu HI. Sold around 2005 to Sharlene Chun.

1932 - 4561 Aukai Avenue, Honolulu HI. Renovated in 1937, unsure if it was Ossipoff. Sold around 1988 to Robert and Prudence Potter. Sold in 2023.

1932 - The Joseph Oliveira Jr. Bungalow, Corner of 7th and Kaimuki, Honolulu HI. Destroyed.

1932 - The F. Gordon Chadwick House, Matsonia Avenue, Maunalani Heights, Honolulu HI. Status unknown. Possibly 4233 Matsonia Drive.

1932 - Additional design, developed for Davies, based on the Chadwick house above. Status unknown.

1932 - The Joseph Neves House, 4388 Kahala Avenue, Honolulu HI. Three bedroom, bath, living room, dining room, kitchen, servant's quarters, and 2-car garage. This was the first for a series of homes in the Biship tract. Neves was both owner and contractor. Additions in 1972. Sold in 2016 to Francis Duhay.

1932 - The Thomas G. Rodenhurst House, 717 Prospect Street, Honolulu HI. Rodenhurst was a detective of the Honolulu police department. Destroyed around 1994.

1932 - English-style design for the Bishop Estate subdivision, Honolulu HI. Status unknown.

1932 - The Mrs. A. Lewis Addition, Kahala Street, Honolulu HI. Three large bedrooms and a bath added as a second story. Status unknown.

1932 - The George Wright House, 10th and Maunalei Avvenue, Kaimuki, Honolulu HI. Modified Monterey style. Wright was the editor of the Hawaii Hochi. Status unknown.

1932 - The J. D. Adams House, Wahiawa HI. Three bedroom, Hawaiian style bungalow. Status unknown.


1932 - The Harry Sadayasu House in Lanakila tract, Keola Road, Honolulu HI. Two bedroom, bath, large H-type living room, den, kitchen, breakfast room with garage below. Status unknown.

1932 - The T. Edgar Robinson Addition at Kaalawai, Honolulu HI. Second floor bedroom lanai addition. Status unknown.

1932 - The James E. Hughes Addition, Manoa neighborhood, Honolulu HI. Alterations consisted of enlarging the living and dining rooms. Status unknown.

1932 - The Bunji Tokioka Houses, Kalakaua Avenue opposite Lewis Avenue, Honolulu HI. Two residential-type structures, one to be used as the family residence, the other for professional quarters. Lewis Avenue no longer exists. Status unknown.

1932 - The Charles Hastings Judd House, Kalakaua near King Street, Honolulu HI. Status unknown.

1933 - The L. A. Whitney House, 1340 Alewa Drive, Honolulu HI. Destroyed prior to 2012.


1933 - The V. E. M. Osorio Beach Home, Lanikai, Honolulu HI. House was to be a "Hawaiian-type" structure. Status unknown.

1934 - The T. Miyahara House, 3449 Hayden, Honolulu HI. Ossipoff lived there for a time. Sold in 1939 to William Hutchinson. Sold several times over the decades. Sold in 2020 to Adam Kurtz.

1934 - The Raymond Kong House, 2167 Ala Wai Boulevard, Honolulu HI. This house and 2169 were destroyed around 2016 and a new house replaced both.

1934 - The Owen Bartlett Alterations, 4721 Kahala Avenue, Honolulu HI. Original house built in 1928. Several additions over the years. Sold to John Pyles.

1935 - The L. H. Camp House, 2059 Makiki Street, Honolulu HI. Destroyed.

1935 - The E. E. Kennedy House, 277 Ohua Avenue, Honolulu HI. Sold to Gus Conlans, who was the last owner in 1953. Destroyed in 1953 and Saint Augustine's Convent, later called Waikiki Health Center, was built.

1935 - The T. Tavares Duplex House, Keoniana Street, Honolulu HI. Status unknown.

1935 - Residence, Waikiki HI. Developed by Davies. Status unknown.

1935 - The Mrs. C. S. Crane Addition, Woodlawn neighborhood, Honolulu HI. Status unknown.

1935 - The Walter Wylie House, 3762 Anuhea Street, Wilhelmina Rise, Honolulu HI. Altered. Sold in the 1950s to Richard Ishikawa. On and off the market for decades. Sold in 1995 to Yoshiharu and Florence Nishida.

1935 - The E. Barton House, Pamoa Road, Honolulu HI. Status unknown.


1935 - The L. A. Whitaker House, Hibiscus Drive, Honolulu HI. A three-bedroom house.

1935 - The F. J. Halford House, Lanikai Beach HI. The Halfords had a house at 2022 Kakela Drive, Honolulu built in 1931 that Ossipoff did alterations to in 1937. The two are 15 miles apart. Likely unbuilt.

1935 - The C. D. Staten House, Pearl City, Honolulu HI. Status unknown.

1936 - The Cyril Pemberton House, 2164 Mott Smith, Honolulu HI. Needs verification. Status unknown.

1936 - The Edna Richey House, Makiki Street, Honolulu HI. Status unknown.

1936 - The J. M. Whitenack House, 4125 Black PointRoad, Honolulu HI. Sold in 1939 to Hjlmar Kinberg of Sweden who had revisions done. Sold several times throughout the late 1940s-1950s. Sold in the mid 1960s to George Hemmeter. Deeded to his daughter. Sold in 2001. Destroyed in 2008 and new house built.

1936 - The J. F. Small House, Lunalilo Tract, Honolulu HI. Status unknown.

1936 - The J. L. Collins House, initially at 3860 Lurline Drive, Honolulu HI. Readdressed to 3875, Maunalani Heights. Sold in 2007 to James Austin III.

1936 - The Charles Boettcher II House, 248 N Kalaheo Avenue, Kailua, Honolulu HI. Boettcher donated the property to the city in 1978, and it became part of Kalama Beach Park.

1936 - The P. M. Rodgers Addition, Wood Street, Honolulu HI. New bedrooms and lanai. Status unknown.

1937 - The H. M. Hayward House, 3421 Kaohinani, Dowsett Hightlands, Honolulu HI. Destroyed in 2017.

1937 - The H. B. Lyman House, Maunalua Tract, Koko Head, HI. Status unknown.

1937 - The Gustav Struve House, Lunalillo Heights. Within a couple of years the couple moved to Europe and Gustav Steuve died there around 1947. She remarried. Status unknown.

1937 - The George Brangier House, 301-D Portlock Road, Honolulu HI. Likely destroyed. Status unknown.

1937 - The H. L. Houvener House, Kamehameha Avenue, Judd Hillside, Honolulu HI. Status unknown.

1937 - The F. H. Gaudin House, Kalanianaule Highway. Status unknown.

1937 - The Blanche Kennedy House, Pacific Heights. Built. Status unknown.

1937 - The J. E. Russell Addition and Alterations. Living room alterations and a bedroom addition. Status unknown.

1938 - The William White House, 3907 Lurline Drive, Maunalani Heights, Honolulu HI. Alterations in 1944. Sold to Edward and Dorothy Buck who had an alteration and addition in 1952. Sold in 1961 to George J. Scranton. Sold around 1983. Sold to Doug T. Davis. Possibly destroyed; the house on the land as of 2021 is the second photo. Needs verification.


1938 - The Duncan McBryde House, 4625 Aukia Avenue, Honolulu HI. Could be 718 Aukai. Sold in 2007. Needs verification.

1938 - The A. L. Y. Ward House, 3207 Noela Place, Honolulu HI. Sold in 2009 to Iron Tree LLC.

1938 - The Mrs. Oy Cum Wong Houses, Magazine Street, Honolulu HI. Two houses. Status unknown.

1938 - The Robert Cooke House, 3780 Old Pali Road, Honolulu HI. Cooke died in 1981. Sold in 2022 to Shao-Yuan Hsueh.

1938 - The Vladimir Ossipoff House, Lanikai, Oahu. Status unknown.

1938 - The Fred B. Carter House. Status unknown.

1938 - Guest House, Lanipo Street, Lanikai, Oahu. Built. Status unknown.

1939 - The Spencer Penrose House. Built by H. R. Phillips; landscape design by Thompson and Thompson. Status unknown.

1939 - The Harry Tagawa House, 1508 Pualele Place, Honolulu HI. Built by the owner. In 1941 and 1949 two others were built behind 1508, A & B in one building, C in another. Sold in 2006 to Frances Gendrano.

1939 - The Robert Honeyman House, 4585 Kahala, Honolulu HI. Honeyman purchased the properties of Evelyn Dexter Harris and George Leitch Yager on Kahala to build a 4 bedroom, 4 bath beach house. Sold in 1945 to Senator Thelma Akana. Sold in 1950 to Katherine Johnson. Sold in 1955 to Paul I. Fagan Jr. Sold in 1957. Destroyed by 1989.

1939 - The Frank Spencer House, 4680 Aukai Avenue, Honolulu HI. Sold in 1994 to Caroline and Benjamin Berger.

1939 - 4140 Black Point Road, Honolulu HI. Sold in the 1950s to interior designer Robert Ansteth, who had it renovated in 1958 by architect Robert Ely Ives. Several other additions over the years. Sold to Lynn Yee.

1939 - The Cedric Baldwin House, Waihiawa, Kauai HI. Built on the site of the original 1860s Duncan McBryde house (aka Brydeswood). Ossipoff's house was the first modernist architecture on the island. Built by S. Honjiyo. Status unknown.

1939 - The A. G. Budge House, 487 Portlock Road, Honolulu HI. Sold in 1958 to John Nash. Sold. Destroyed in 2000. New house built in 2020.

1939 - The Gerald Corbett House, 3030 Puiwa Lane, Honolulu HI. Needs verification.

1940 - The Watson Ballantyne House, 2838 Oahu Avenue, Honolulu HI. Sold to Robert and Agnes Obrock. Sold in 1996 at Agnes' death. Sold in 2001 to Catherine McGowan and Ira Fujisaki.

1940 - The John C. Fischbeck House, 3753 Diamond Head Circle, Honolulu HI. Destroyed in 2005.

1940 - The Olivia Nolte House, 4025 Black Point Road, Honolulu HI. Sold to Paul Anderson, who did a renovation. Fire damage in 1991, photo. Sold to Jeremy Spear. Destroyed, and new home built in 1994.

1940 - The Spencer Weaver House, 3693 Diamond Head Circle, Honolulu HI. Additions and alterations done over the years. Sold in 1999 to Steven Yamane and Ahyoung Kim-Yamane.

1940 - The W. H. Hill Alterations, 59 Keokea Loop, Hilo HI. Status unknown.

1940 - The D. C. Parker House. Status unknown.

1940 - The J. Kjargaard Alterations. Status unknown.

1941 - The Walter Wendt House, Maunalani Heights. Status unknown.

Around 1941 - The Howard Lyman Houses, 355 and 355A Portlock Road, Honolulu HI. Sold in 1947 to R. S. Bell. Rented for decades. On main house, alterations and additions done in 2011. Sold to Valerie Chun. Photos are 355A. 355A sold to Nancy Henry, for sale in 2024.

1941 - The Conrad von Hamm House, 1442 Mokulua Drive, Kailua HI. Sold to Herbert and Laura Dowsett who in 1959 bequeathed it to the Hawaii Preparatory Academy at their deaths. House, 3 other buildings and a 235 foot beach front. In 1985 addresses 1426, 1432, and 1442 were for sale. Sold to the Cyril Mitchell Trust who applied for a variance in 1987 to allow for two, 2-story single family residences. Houses were destroyed in 1987-88 and new houses were built.

1941 - The Paul A. Johnson Alterations. Commissioned in 1940. Status unknown.

1941 - The Reid Atkinson House, 2652 Pacific Heights Road, Honolulu HI. Status unknown.

1941 - The J. A. Radway House, 1002 Prospect Street, Honolulu HI. He was a bank president. Destroyed around 1956, and a new apartment building was built.

1941 - The Dudley Lewis House. Unsure if built. Ossipoff's collection has name listed but no job number or plans. A building permit was issued in 1938, but no indication it was by Ossipoff. Status unknown.

1941 - Navy Housing. Unsure if built. Status unknown.

1942 - Hawaiian Village, Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu HI. Commissioned for the US Housing Authority in 1938. Public housing with architects Ray Morris, Roy C. Kelly and W. C Furer. 141 units in 61 buildings with playground facilities and a community building. This area was destroyed in the late 1970s and in 1983 new senior assisted living housing went in.

1943 - 1528 Mokulua Drive, Kailua HI. Likely built before then. Sold in 1954 to Ernest Sneidman. Sold in 1961 to Stephen Gergen. Sold in 1968 to Richmond Jackson. For sale in 1970. Destroyed around 2018.

1945 - The Edward King House, 1437 Kehaulani, Lanikai, Oahu HI. Sold around 1950 to Mrs. E. R. Turner. New auxilary structure built in 1987. Sold around 1991 to Howard West, stil owner as of 2020.

1945 - The E. E. Black Emergency War Housing. Hundreds of units. Status unknown.

1945 - Kapiolani Park, Honolulu HI. 700-750 prefab units. Designed with Philip Fisk, Alan Johnson, and Alfred Preis. Status unknown.

1945 - 2047 Wilhelmina Rise, Maunalani Heights, Honolulu HI. Status unknown.

1946 - The Surf and Sand Apartment Hotel Project (formerly Christian Holmes Beach Mansion, aka Queens Surf), 2709 Kalakaua Avenue. During WWII the residence was used as a rest home for young flyers. C.R. Holmes donated the premises for this use during the war period. Many of the flyers enjoyed the luxuries that were extended there. In the year 1944, during the war conference held in Hawaii by Admiral Nimitz, General Douglas McArthur and staff. 12 rental units in 2 separate buildings, owner Capitol Properties Limited. Original build date 1918. Destroyed around 1969. Became the Sans Souci Regional Park.

1946 - Dormitory Wing for Punahou Boys Boarding School, 1601 Punahou Street, Honolulu HI. Designed with Mark Porter and C. W. Dickey Associates represented by Kenneth Roehrig, architects. Unsure if built. The school becam co- ed.

1946 - The Harrison Cooke House, Honolulu HI. Mentioned in his archive. Possible address 2549 Tantalus. Survived a tidal wave in 1946. Destroyed around 1981. Needs verification.

1947 - The C. M. Cooke III Addition and Remodel, 2869 Manoa Road, Honolulu HI. House originally built in 1928. May not have been completed. Needs verification.

1947 - Two story Apartment House, Kuhio and Launiu Streets, Honolulu HI. Destroyed. Designed with P. C. Fisk architect.

1947 - The Leslie W. Wishard House. Status unknown.

1947 - The Ernest Kai Kitchen Alteration. Status unknown.

1948 - Two model homes in Wailupe Peninsula Subdivision built by Hawaiian Dredging Co. The land was once a dairy farm that was damaged in the 1946 tsunami. Sold to Walter Dillingham of Hawaiian Dredging Company who built houses on the ocean side of Kalanianaole Highway. Includes Wailupe Circle, Akilolo Street, and Niuhi Street. Needs verification.

1948 - The Kuhio Apartments Annex of the Coral Strand Hotel, 2127-2129 Kuhio Avenue, Honolulu HI. 4 one-bedroom units. Owned and designed by two leading architects. Exclusive for the era renting at $40 a day, $300 per week, $1300 per month! Destroyed.

1948 - The Hoonanea Apartments, Aala Street, Honolulu HI. Three units. Keola Hoonanea, a senior apartment building built in 1971 at 1465 Aala Street could be same site, needs verification.

1948 - The Edmund C. Locke House, 154 Wailupe Circle, Wailupe Peninsula, Honolulu HI. Destroyed in 2014.

1948 - The Leroy Bush House, 3757 Round Top Drive, Honolulu HI. Sold around 1966 to James Case. Deeded to daughter, Suzanne Case.

1948 - The Sam Damon House. Status unknown.

1948 - Apartment Complex, 2458 A, B, C Mountain View Drive, Honolulu HI. 9 units. Destroyed. The Waikiki Lanais Condos were built at 2452 Tusitala (street on south side of lot) in 1978.

1949 - The Merrill L. Carlsmith Additions and Alterations, 40 Halaulani Place, Hilo HI. House originally built in 1927. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Status unknown.

1949 - The Roger Williams House, Kona HI. Status unknown.

1949 - The Robert Cooke House, 3780 Old Pali Road, Honolulu HI. Needs verification. Status unknown

1950 - The Margaret Emerson House, 4603 Kahala, Honolulu HI. Address was changed to 4607 before being sold in 1954 to Henry Kaiser. Became a rental. Sold in 1966 to Arthur Ostheimer III, then went back to the Estate of Henry Kaiser. Sold to the Ostheimers. In 1981 there was a fire at 4607-A, not much damage. Has been destroyed.

1950 - The Paul McGinniss House, 28 Niuhi Street, Honolulu HI. For sale in 1958. Featured in Sunset Magazine. Status unknown.

1950 - Convalescent Nursing Home Alterations and Additions, 5113 Maunalani Circle, Honolulu HI. Ethelwyn Castle owned the home built in 1936. At her death in 1940 the home was donated and became the Convalescent Nursing Home. 50 beds. Became the Maunalani Convalescent Center. Has been further altered and expanded.

1950 - The T. G. Singelhurst Addition and Alterations, 4465 Kahala, Honolulu HI. Destroyed in 2001.

1950 - The A. L. Y. Ward Farmhouse, Kauai HI. Status unknown.

1950 - The Moses Akiona House, Old Pali Road, Honolulu HI. Built. Akiona was a building contractor. He retired in 1959 and died there in 1971. Status unknown.

1951 - The A. L. Y. Ward House, 3939 Noela Place, Maunalani Heights, Honolulu HI. Sold around 1983 to John Stevenson, who did an addition and renovation in 1985. Sold in 2015 to Patricia Sheehan who added another addition.

1951 - 4364 Hopeloa Place, Honolulu HI. Sold around 1960 to David M. Gray. Sold in 2023.

1951 - The Ernest C. Moore Jr. House, 4259 Panini Loop, Honolulu HI. Sold around 1967 to Richard Ripple. For sale in 1998 and 2001. Status unknown.

House 1

House 2

1951 - The Ed J. Greaney/Zadoc Brown House, aka Greaney/Brown House, 3115 Noela Drive, Honolulu HI. On Diamond Head. Written up in the January 1952 Architectural Record. There are two houses on the property, the second built in 1964. Unclear if Ossipoff did both. Mrs. Greaney sold House #1 in 1951 to Zadoc Brown. On Historic Register. House #1 sold in 2022 to Zadoc Brown Trust. House #2 sold in 2020 to Kanaaho LLC.

1951 - The Wilbert Choi House, Kahaluu, Oahu HI. Built. In 1960 the former Korean President Syngman Rhee had exiled there. Rhee died in 1965, Wilbert Choi died in 1970. Ossipoff did a renovation in 1959. Status unknown.

1951 - The Boyd MacNaughton Alterations 4339 Puu Panini Avenue, Honolulu HI. File say the house had a view of Koko Head which is 8 miles east of Puu Panini Avenue, so needs verification. That address is a park. This project may be the David M. and Gertrude MacNaughton Taylor house, which is closer to Koko Head. Status unknown.

1951 - The Zodac Brown House, aka Ed J. Greaney House, Kula, Maui HI. Status unknown. Needs verification.

1952 - The Thomas Evans House, Kaneohe, Oahu HI. Status unknown.

1952 - The Cenric Wodehouse House, 79-7079 Mamalahoa Highway, Kona HI. Addition in 1959, likely not by Ossipoff. Later referred to as Pohokala Ranch. Wodehouse died in 1973. Sold to the Ward family and became known as Ward Castle. Sold in 2014.

1952 - The P. H. Liljestrand House, 3300 Tantalus Drive, Honolulu HI. Commissioned in 1948. Sold in 2015 to the Liljestrand Foundation. Open for tours.

1952 - The William H. Hill House, 78-120 Holua Street, Kailua Kona HI. John Wayne married his 3rd wife there. Sold in 2013. Available for rental.

1952 - The Hugh G. Peterson House, 2345 Makiki Heights Dr, Honolulu HI. Sold in 1955 to Theodore Cook. Deeded in 1973 to son Richard Cook. In 2011 sold or gifted to the Honolulu Museum of Art. Sold in 2013 to Gregory and Reed Myers. There was a fire in 2022, with some damage, but the house survived. Status unknown.

1952 - The David Klausmeyer House, 84-445 Farrington Highway, Wainae HI. Sold to Analia Barboza.

1952 - The Henry Clark House, 3060 Noela Drive, later 3088 Noela Drive, Honolulu HI. Sold in 1973 to Luther Woo. Sold in 1977 to Calvin Liu, a Japanese investor, who tore the house down next door, built a new one and moved in to 3124. Sold to David Whitcomb.

1952 - The E. C. Gray House, 52756 Nuuanu Avenue, Honolulu HI. Address doesn't exist as of 2024. Needs verification.

1952 - The A. A. Carswell Addition, 2980 Makalai Place, Honolulu HI. House originally built in 1937. Sold in 2013 to Gregory Hazelton.

1952 - The Hester Hilliger House, 3384 Niolopua Drive, Honolulu HI. Hilliger remarried in 1965 to Mettler. Sold in 1985 to Lorraine Akiba.

1952 - The Marshall Goodsill House, 4258 Puu Panini Avenue, Honolulu HI. Three pavilions surrounding a courtyard and pool. This registered historic home was once owned by the Honolulu Museum of Arts. Sold in 2022 to Kanoa Zimmerman.

1952 - The Linus C. Pauling Jr. Alterations, 487-A Portlock Road, Honolulu HI. The Paulings purchased the A. A. Sack house, built in 1943. Pauling was the son of Linus C. Pauling Sr., the Cal Tech professor. Sold in 1955. Sold around 1976. Sold in 1989. Status unknown.

1952 - The Milton Holst House, Nuuanu Hillside, Honolulu HI. Status unknown.

1952 - The Vladimir Ossipoff House, 6015A Kalaniana'ole Highway, Honolulu HI. Status unknown.

1952 - The C. M. Cooke House, Nuuani Valley. Status unknown.

1952 - The Vance C. Cannon Additions and Alterations, 6330 Kalanianaole Highway, Honolulu HI. Address likely wrong, this location is in the water. Needs verification.

1952 - The Alexander and Grace Doyle Additions and Alterations. Status unknown.

1952 - The Russell Cades House and Studio, 2186-A Round Top Drive, Honolulu HI. A lanai, study, patio and wine cellar were added later. Sold in 1989. Sold in 2003 to Don and Kai Cowell aka Kaiulani Spices. Status unknown.

1952 - The Malcolm MacNaughton Addition, 6015 Kalanianaole Highway, Honolulu HI. House originally built in 1944. Kitchen renovation in 1955. Destroyed and a new house built in 1983 by John Hala.

1952 - Navy Housing, Kwajalein, Guam and Philippines. Status unknown.

1953 - The A. T. Hanson Addition, 2120 Puu Alii Place, Honolulu HI. Renovated in 1988. Sold in 2014 to Paul Alston.

1953 - The Walter and Jean Henderson House, 75-5944 Alii Street, Kailua Kona HI. The lot was the site of an old Hawaiian church whose walls were used in the construction of the house. Sold in 2002 to grandson Richard Henderson/Kai Ala Partners LLC.

1953 - The Thomas Cowan House, 2360 Makiki Heights Drive, Honolulu HI. Commissioned 1951. Sold in 1959 to William and Anna Winder. For sale 1965-1967. Sold to Paul M. Hayashida. Status unknown.

1953 - The Carl Machado House, 4312 Puu Panini, Honolulu HI. Sold in 1957 to Roy Bright who completed alterations in early 1958. Sold in 1987 to Wen Hsiang-Su. Status unknown.

1953 - The H. M. Sexton Additions and Alterations, 3011 Oahu Avenue, Honolulu HI. Alterations and repairs again in 1956, unknown if Ossipoff was architect. Sold around 1967. Sold in 1985 to Dennis and Dianne Sugihara.

1953 - 4620 Kolohala Street, Honolulu HI. Sold around 1957 to Clarence Miller. Renovated in 1980. Sold in 1963 to Lester Allen. Sold in 1966 to Arthur and Kathrine Woolaway. Sold in 1969 to William Gentry. Sold in 1972 to Raymond and Dona Marshall. Sold in 1982 to Ulrich and Carol Stams.

1953 - The Ossipoff Mountain Cabin, Camp Palehua, Kapolei HI. Sold to the Campbell Estate. Sold in 2009 to the Gill family as part of a larger ranch area that has been restored to native Hawaiian forest. Photos by John Hook. The cabins have been rehabilitated. History.

1953 - Guam Housing. Status unknown.

1953 - Navy Housing, Pearl Harbor HI. 962 apartments at Moanaloa Ridge. Started 1951. Status unknown.

1953 - Navy Housing, Barbers Point HI. 355 units, Started 1951. Designed with Harland Bartholomew Engineers and Phillip Fisk, Johnson and Perkins and Preis architects. Status unknown.

1953 - The Stanley C. Kennedy Jr. House, possibly 3919 Noela Place, Honolulu HI. Sold around 1955 to R. J. Worthington, who lived there until 1971. Sold. Destroyed in 1979. Needs verification.

1953 - The E. B. Holroyde Remodel. Status unknown.

1953 - The Lawson Riley House, possible address: 3821 Diamond Head Circle, Honolulu HI. Address no longer exists, Unity Church of Hawaii is on this lot which is now numbered 3608. Needs verification.

1953 - The Leslie Wishard House. Status unknown.

1954 - The Lewis Lengnick House, 4369 Hopeloa Place, Honolulu HI. Renovated in 1969. Sold to Alan and Barbara Leong who did an addition and alteration in 1982. For sale in 2006 and 2013. Sold in 2016. Sold in 2020 to Holly Suyama.

1954 - The Leslie Weigh House, 1000 Ainako Avenue, Hilo HI. As of 2011 owned by the Weigh's daughter, Leslie Aina Weigh, and her husband, Robert Scott Henderson.

1954 - The John Milnor Addition, 3315 Kahawalu Drive, Honolulu HI. House originally built in 1948. Unsure if addition was built. Sold in the early 1980s to Francis T. O'Brien. Sold in 1986 to Herman Ching. Addition in 2000. Status unknown.

1954 - The Randolph Worthington Cottage, 3803 Tantalus, Laia Beach, Honolulu HI. Sold around 1958. Status unknown.

1954 - The Wayne Scott House, 3795 Diamond Head, Honolulu HI. Possibly sold around 1957 to Cyril and Milme Pemberton. Sold in 2019 to Surf and Turf LLC. Destroyed in 2020.

1954 - The A. J. Ostheimer III Additions and Alterations. Status unknown.

1954 - The Joseph Ridder Additions. Status unknown.

1954 - The William Bleeker House, Honolulu HI. Status unknown.

1954 - The Frank H. Lehman House. Status unknown.

1954 - The Hugh Tennent House, 201 Prospect Street, Honolulu HI. In October 1954 it appears to have been used as an art studio by Mrs. Tennent. The address no longer exists. Likely destroyed.

1955 - The Marshall and Ruth Goodsill House, 4258 Puu Panini Avenue, Honolulu HI. Featured in the May 1955 issue of Architectural Record. Photos by Darren Bradley. At Ruth Goodsill's passing in 2011 the house was left to the Honolulu Academy of Arts.

1955 - The Kaname Suda House, 65 Ahi Place, Nuuanu, Honolulu HI. Sold in the early 1960s to Margery Higgins. Sold in the late 1990s to Herbert Lim, still owner as of 2020.

1955 - The Vladimir Ossipoff Renovation, 4383 Hopelea Place, Honolulu HI. Landscape design, George Walters; built by S. Mivra; photos by Robert Wenkham. Original house 1952. Sold in early 1960s to Charles Raymond. For sale for years; destroyed in 2014. Published in October 1960 Architectural Record, plus 1960 Architectural Record Houses.

1955 - The Carl and Jean Mason House, 1024 Noio Street, Honolulu HI. Sold in 1980 to Shaunagh Robbins. Jean Mason was affected by polio and was in a wheel chair, so Ossipoff adapted the design. Status unknown.

1955 - The Muriel Damon House, 292 Nuuanu, Honolulu HI. Built. Address doesn't exist as of 2024. Status unknown.

1955 - The Ralph Lau House, 1562 Waianuenue, Hilo HI. Sold in 2013. Status unknown.

1955 - The Walter and Jean Henderson House II, 114 Halaulani Place, Hilo HI. Jean Henderson owned it until at least 2006. Status unknown.

1955 - A 600 unit housing project in Guam. Fisk, Johnson, Perkiins, Ossipoff and Preis architects. One-and two-story buildings with 1-3 bedroom units. Status unknown.

1955 - The Royce Kitchen and Lanai, Windward Road, Oahu HI. Status unknown.

1955 - The C. M. Cooke III House, Maui HI. Status unknown.

1955 - The Charles Pietsch III Alterations and Additions. Status unknown.

1955 - The Muriel Damon House, 292 Nuuanu, Honolulu HI. Probably unbuilt. Address doesn't exist as of 2024. Status unknown.

1955 - The Gerald Corbett Alterations. Status unknown.

1956 - The C. Stanford Cost House, 254 Hao Street, Honolulu HI. Referred to as a "cabinet house" due to its perfect details. Sold in 1959 to Mildred Briner. Sold in 1961 to Paul Yee. On and off market from 1977 to the early 1990s. Sold to Lowell Chun-Hoon. Status unknown.

1956 - The Lawson Riley House #2, 4815 Kainapau Place, Honolulu HI. Built on the grounds of the old Kamehameha School property. Shuji Miura, builder. Destroyed in 2005. Photo dated 5/18/1957.

1956 - The Linus Pauling Jr House #2, 3909 Round Top Drive, Honolulu HI. Shuji Miura builder. Still owned by the Linus Pauling Jr. Trust as of 2020.

1956 - The Vladimir Ossipoff House, 6015-A Kalanianaole Highway, Honolulu HI. Built next to the 1952 McNaughton House. There is also a unit B. House is approximately 3,000 sf, with 3 bd/3.5 ba. Sold in 1998 to Sharon Kudo. Status unknown.

1957 - The Walter Bliss House, 4329 Aukai Avenue, Honolulu HI. Sold to Jan Chouljian. Sold in 1986 to Lester and Patricia Gamble. Status unknown.

1957 - The Herbert Briner House, Honolulu HI. Located in Aina Haina, a large community in Honolulu. No address found. By 1966 at Mr. Briner's death the couple had moved to an apartment. Status unknown.

1957 - The Rudolph Peterson House, 2130 Mauna Place, Honolulu HI. Peterson was President of Bank of Hawaii. After his wife died in 1960, sold in 1961 to Julian Davis, who was the next President of the bank. Davis died in December 1962 after falling over the hill on the property. Sold around 1964 to Dennis Fitzgerald who had unknown alterations done by Ossipoff. Sold in 1969 to Aiko Kameya Gerard. Sold in 2022 to Qianxing Li.

1957 - The Mario Valdestri House, 45-007 Ka Hanahou Place, Kaneohe, Honolulu HI. Valdestri lived there until his death in October 1978. For sale in late 1980s. Sold in 1999. Status unknown.

1957 - The F. C. Dixon House, 45-1055 Pahowai Place, Honolulu HI. Sold in 1967 to the Hoit family. The full property had 2 other small houses, 45-1055 A and B, unclear whether designed by Ossipoff. Main house by Ossipoff destroyed in fire in 1970 and rebuilt by Steven Sunada of Sunada's Rock and Sand. Status unknown.

1958 - The Kalaheo Village Home Development, Illimano and Illaina Streets, Honolulu HI. Announced November 1957, 10,000 homes over the next 10 years to be built by Cendex Construction Company. 3 basic plans designed by Ossipoff, all 3 bd/2 ba, 1200 sf, with a lanai and 2-car garage. Status unknown.

1958 - The Andrew C. Ivy Jr. House, 696 Elepaio, Honolulu HI. Contractor, Harold Hicks. 4,000 sf home with 3 bedrooms for a doctor, his wife, and 4 daughters. Separate bedroom wing. 2 car garage. Sold in 1996 to Robert and Lynn Toyofuku.

1958 - The Jean and Zohmah Charlot Kitchen, 4956 Kahala Avenue, Honolulu HI. House designed Jean Charlot and architect George James Wimberly, with a kitchen by Ossipoff. The home was gifted to the University of HI at Manoa in 2001 after Zohmah's passing, with the stipulation it be restored and used by the architecture department. When that couldn't be accomplished it reverted back to David Charlot, Charlot's grandson, in 2022 with a restoration of the home and gardens planned. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

1958 - The Elia and Betty Long House, 3961 Lurline Drive, Honolulu HI. Sold for the first time in 2011 to Kelly Sueda. Ossipoff did an addition and alterations in 1959.

1958 - The Howard Crawford Beach House, Lot 133, Puako Beach HI. Status unknown.

1958 - The Randolph Crossley Kitchen Renovation, 3073 Noela Place, Honolulu HI. Original house built in 1934. Status unknown.

1958 - The Hichero Kobayshi House. Status unknown.

1958 - The Adam A. (Bud) Smyser House Remodel, 2144 Mott Smith Drive, Honolulu HI. Original house 1938. Sold in the late 1970s, again in the mid 1980s, and finally in 1992. Destroyed.

1959 - The Hawaii Preparatory Academy Boy's Dormitory, Kamuela HI. The HPA Upper Campus comprises 220 acres, the largest single collection of Ossipoff buildings. Facilities include 22 classrooms, a performing arts center, visual arts center, science laboratories, three residence halls, one smaller house-dorm, and the technology-rich Energy Lab. Status unknown.

1959 - The Diamond Head Co-Op Apartments, 2969 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu HI. 14-story, 58 unit building. Standing as of 2024. Sample unit 1204.

1959 - The Mrs. L. A. R. Gaspar House, 2463 Makiki Heights, Honolulu HI. Sold in 1986 to Yorio Shimamoto. Status unknown.

1959 - The Gary Atherton Guest House Addition. Likely unbuilt. Status unknown.

1959 - The Harve Gochros Alterations. Status unknown.

1959 - The Geoffrey Davies House, Kamuela HI. Status unknown.

1959 - The Scott Pratt Mountain Cabin, Kamuela HI. Status unknown.

1959 - The David Barry Resort Home, Status unknown.

1959 - The Henry B. Clark Mountain Cabin, Kaumuela HI. Status unknown.

1959 - The Robert Wo House, 940 15th Avenue, Honolulu HI. A permit for an addition and alteration to a duplex for the Wos was pulled in 1960, at that time the address was listed as 3745 Pahoa. Address disappears and they are listed later at 940 15th Avenue which is the same duplex, it is a corner lot. Mr. Wo's parents lived at the address prior to 1960, house built 1922. Sold to Van's Inc, several additions between 1991 and 2015. Needs verification.

1959 - The J. K. Clark House. Status unknown.

1959 - The John Clarkin House. Likely a renovation. Status unknown.

1960 - The Carter Galt Addition, 187 Dowsett Avenue, Honolulu HI. Original house built in 1925, unknown architect. Sold in 1987 a year after Galt's death. Addition in 2010. Sold in 2011. Sold in 2015 to Sunny Port Holdings LLC.

1960 - The Charles Wichman Remodel, 4485 Aukai Avenue, Honolulu HI. Originally built around 1953. For sale in 1987-1989. Sold in 1994. Destroyed around 1995.

1960 - The Charles T. S. and Lillian Yee House, 3886 Poka Street, Honolulu HI. Sold in 1987. Sold in 2013 to Mark and Ngoc Mai Gregory.

1960 - The Edward B. Holroyde Apartment Alterations, Honolulu HI. Status unknown.

1960 - The Edward B. Holroyde Beach House, Kauai HI. Status unknown.

1960 - The Edward B. Holroyde House, Maui HI. Status unknown.

1960 - The Mrs. Scott McWayne Penthouse Apartment Alteration. First name may be Miriam. Status unknown.

1960 - The Nathaniel Whiton House, Honolulu HI. Status unknown. He was a drilling contractor.

1960 - The Toshio Kutsunai, Hilo HI. This may have been a renovation, last address found is 14 Pukihai, Hilo HI. Dr. Kutsunai died in 1961 so its possible the house wasn't built. Needs verification.



1961 - The Blanche Hill House, aka the Mrs. Wilbert Hill House, 4415 Kahala Avenue, Honolulu HI. Featured in Architectural Record Houses of 1963. Built by S. Miura; landscape design, Richard C. Tongg; photos by Robert Wenkham. Won an Award of Merit from Sunset Magazine Western Home Awards for 1963-1964. Sold to singer Emma Veary and her husband. Destroyed in 1993.

1961 - The Coral Strand Co-op Apartments, 2979 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu HI. On the site of the former Coral Strand Hotel. Developed by Selwyn Jenkins, built by Alexander Young. Two floors parkinig. Ten units on the 11th floor were set aside as hotel rooms. Status unknown.

1961 - The Peter Oser House, France. Status unknown.

1961 - The K. R. Nurse Alterations and Additions. Status unknown.

1961 - The H. F. Birnbaum House. Status unknown.

1961 - The Colin G. Lennox House, Maui HI. Status unknown.

1962 - The Waialae Nui Subdivision, Halekoa Drive and Alaeloa Street, Waialae Nui Ridge, Honolulu HI. Groundbreaking October 1959. Three- and four-bedroom, 2 bath homes. It was the first fully planned and terraced mountaintop subdivision to be approved by FHA.

1962 - The Peter C. Lewis Additions, 3929 Old Pali Road, Honolulu HI. Deeded to Peter C. Lewis Trust. Needs verification.

1962 - The Waialae Nui Subdivision, Halekoa Drive and Alaeloa Street, Waialae Nui Ridge, Honolulu HI. Three model homes in the final section of development. Status unknown.

1962 - Aikahi Park Subdivision, Honolulu HI. 275 homes by Centex-Trousdale builders. Status unknown.

1962 - The H. Y. Young House. Status unknown.

1962 - The A. Hamlin Garage Alterations. Status unknown.

1962 - The Marilyn Carlsmith Addition and Alterations. Status unknown.

1962 - The J. Thomas Van Winkle Alterations. Status unknown.

1962 - The John L. Jenkins House, Round Top Drive, Honolulu HI. Status unknown.

1962 - The Donn W. Carlsmith Renovations, Puuwaawa HI. Status unknown.

1962 - The Donn W. Carlsmith House, Big Island HI. Status unknown.

1963 - The David Twigg-Smith Condominium Apartment. In December 1963 Twigg-Smith was obtaining variance approval for a 21 unit, 3-bd apartment development at Kailua-Kona Airport. Construction was expected to begin in late February 1964 for 3, 2-story buildings containing 24 apartments. But in June the construction was denied as being too close to a runway. Likely unbuilt.

1963 - The Melvin Levine House, 1357 Laukahi Street, Honolulu HI. Sold in 1967, 1995, and 1997. Sold in 2012 to Panupong and Nalinda Jiamsripong.

1963 - The Woodrow T. Saito House, 686 Hakaka Street, Honolulu HI. Sold in 1988. Sold in 1999. Sold in 2003 to Alan and Cynthia Hoffman.

1963 - The Mrs. Dorothea Guslander House, Honolulu HI. Status unknown.

1963 - The Carl Lum House. Status unknown.

1963 - The Diane Dericks Addition and Alteration. Laukahi Residence. Status unknown.

1964 - The David Powell House. Status unknown.

1964 - The Robert H. Snyder House/Maunalua Bay View Lots. Status unknown.

1965 - The C. B. Wightman Kitchen Alterations, 1987 Kakela Drive, Honolulu HI. Mrs. Wightman died in 1987 still living in house. There were actually two houses on the lot, 1987 A was also built same time, lower down the slope behind main house. Sold in 1988 to Dennis Berg and David Shoji, who applied for a lot split. Main upper house (in photo) is a 3 bd/3 ba, lower house (not shown) a 3/2. David Shoji still owns main house. 1987-A sold in 2005 to Ed and Kathleen Pickering.

1965 - The Regent Ala Moana Condominiums, 1507 Kapiolani, Honolulu HI. Model at 1520 Kona. 29 stories with 126 two-bedroom units, several custom-sized apartments, and 4 deluxe penthouses. Two aerial roadways would connect the condominiums to the shopping center across Kona and a 9 story office building. Unbuilt.

1965 - The Daniel David and Beverly Lee House, 3366 Kamaaina Drive, Honolulu HI. Deeded to Beverly Lee and her son, Scott.

1965 - The George Char House, 3775 Poka Place, Honolulu HI. Sold in 1993. Sold in 2010 to George Liu and Yun Zhu.

1965 - 4822 Sierra Drive, Honolulu HI. Sold to Jack and Yoshie Feaster, who had Ossipoff do renovations. Yoshie Feaster still owner as of 2020.

1965 - The Douglas Bell II Additions and Alterations, aka Temple House, 3162 Papala Street, Honolulu HI. Original house 1942 built by Kaimuki Realty Company. Sold about 1973 to Melvin Chung. Sold in 2000 to Daniel P. Thompson.

1965 - The Gail and Jacqueline Perry House, Honolulu HI. Status unknown. Collection reads "Original house Edward Garden 1947", address for Garden in 1955 doesn't match. Needs verification.

1965 - The Jack Cione House, Diamond Head View Lots, Honolulu HI. Cione had 16 controversial strip clubs in Honolulu and at age 95 was still producing a revue at a local retirement home. Status unknown.

1965 - The J. Garner Anthony Vacation House, Kamuela HI. Status unknown.

1965 - The Mrs. H de-Vis-Norton Alterations. Status unknown.

1965 - The Herbert K. H. Lee Houose, Kai Nani Subdivision, Makakilo HI. Status unknown.

1965 - The Thurston Twigg-Smith House. Status unknown.

1965 - The Gail and Jacqueline Perry Remodel, Honolulu HI. Archive lists this as the original Edward W. Carden house, sold by Carden to Margaret M. Woll in 1956. Needs verification.

1966 - The Paul Kajiyama House, 756 Pahumele Place, Honolulu HI. Sold to the Holmburg Family Trust. Needs verification.

1966 - The Edmund Lum House, Honolulu HI. Status unknown.

1966 - The Lawson Riley House, Honolulu HI. Status unknown. At this time he was still showing on Kainapau Place, the house built in 1956 above.

1966 - The J. Howard and Margaret Worrall Alterations, 2130 Puualii Place, Honolulu HI. Original house built for the Worrall's, likely not by Ossipoff, in 1953. Howard Worrall died in 1964. Mrs. Worrall continued to live at the residence until her death in 1970. On the market throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Sold to Steve Garvey. Sold in 1998 to Chikako Dold.

1966 - The Matthew Mellon House, Hana, Maui HI. Finding aid reads Taylor Residence. Status unknown.

1967 - The Edward B. Holroyde House, 592 Hapapa Road, Kula, Maui HI. Sold in 2011.

1967 - The Melvin Levine House, Honolulu HI. Probably unbuilt. They lived at 1357 Lackahi Street (which no longer exists) 1965-1966 and Levine accepted a position in Boston in late 1968, moving there early in 1969.

1967 - The Leon Chun House, HI. Status unknown.

1967 - The Ira C. Keller Alterations. 1969 article reads that the couple divide their time between houses in Portland OR and Sprecklesvile, Maui. Status unknown.

1967 - The E. B. Herbert Additions and Alterations. Status unknown.

1968 - 302 22nd Avenue, Honolulu HI. Needs verification. Sold in 1991 to Aktiengesellschatt Long. Alterations in 1993. Could also belong to a Cassio Attunes or Edwin Yee.

1969 - The Henry and Claire Booth Luce House, 4559 Kahala Avenue, Honolulu HI. Commissioned in 1966. The guest cottage was completed first in 1968. Sold in 1999 to Fayez Sarofim, an Egyptian money manager known as "the Sphinx" who has made extensive renovations.

Year unknown - The Boettcher Estate, HI. Status unknown.

Sources include: Ossipoff Archives; Architectural Record.