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HORACE GIFFORD (1932-1992)

Gifford was born in Vero Beach FL.  He studied at the University of Florida, under Paul Rudolph, and later for a Masters in Architecture at U Penn under Louis Kahn.  He worked in New York for J. Gordon Carr. Openly gay, he lived much of the year on Fire Island, one of the few places in the country where gay people could express themselves freely as a community.  He was arrested in 1965 on Fire Island for immoral behavior, which kept him from applying for an architecture license, although that did not stop him from becoming a celebrated architect producing 63 Modernist houses across Fire Island and 15 elsewhere. Gifford died in 1992 of complications from AIDS. Though critically praised and published during his lifetime, Gifford was nearly forgotten until 2013, when architect and historian Christopher Rawlins published Fire Island Modernist: Horace Gifford and the Architecture of Seduction.  See also HoraceGifford.org, PinesModern.org, Pineshistory.org.

1961 - The Horace Gifford House I, 638 Fire Island Boulevard, Fire Island NY.  Published in Better Homes and Gardens in 1962. Status unknown.


1961 - 635 Fire Island Boulevard, Fire Island NY.  Same plan as 638. Sold to Paul Jerome. Sold in 2013 to Charles Renfro.  Renovated in 2015 by Brooklyn Office.

1961 - 637 Fire Island Boulevard, Fire Island NY.  Same plan as 638. Sold in 1999 to Tilly Davis.  Sold in 2006 to Jean Marc Houmard. Destroyed by fire in 2019.


1962 - The Bert Rumely House, 615 Shore Walk, Fire Island NY. At some point a new, larger main house was built (not by Gifford) and this became a guest house. Bottom photo by Tom Sibley. Sold to Stuart Eisner. Sold in 1994 to H. K. Rantfle. Sold in 2003 to Edward Marcus. Available for rent.

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1962 - The Edgar Wittstein and Robert Miller House I, 491 Bay Walk, Fire Island NY. Featured in the New York Times. Sold to ADL Enterprises LLC. 1990 addition by Michael Kinlaw. Sold in 2000 to Warren Seigel.

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1963 - The Edgar Wittstein and Robert Miller House II, aka Wittstein-Miller House, 519 Porgie Walk, Fire Island NY. Sold to architect Scott Bromley, who did an addition around 1983. Bromley still owner as of 2020.


Around 1963 - The Paul McGregor House, 13 Atlantic Walk, Fire Island NY.  Presumed destroyed.

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1963 - The Kenneth Leedam House, aka Leedam-Cott House, 137 Beach Hill Walk, Fire Island NY. Second story added by Louis Muller in 1985. Sold in 1999 to Robert Rousey. Available for rent.

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1964 - The Benjamin and Martha Kauth House, Fair Harbor NY. Photos by Michael Weber. Status unknown.

1964 - The Michael and Nan Schultz House, 554 Beachcomber, Fire Island NY. Sold to Salvatore Contristano.  Sold to Michael George Jackoski and Peter Pelusio. 2017 renovation by Michael George New York.



1964 - The Angelo Donghia House, 74 Bay Walk, Fire Island NY. Expanded around 2005 by Hal Hayes. Sold to Ron Chereskin.


1964 - The Ross Runnells House I, Sagaponack NY.



1965 - The Murray Fishman House, 603 Tuna Walk, Fire Island NY. Sold around 1967 to Marvin and Jo Segal. Renovations by Gifford. Sold around 2017 to Michael Giordano.


1965 - The Evans/DePass House, aka Kodak House, 482 Tarpon Walk, Fire Island NY. Sold to Simon Trimble. Sold in 1999 to Garry Korr.

1965 - The Yale and Elizabeth Burge House, 122A Ocean Walk, Fire Island NY. Sold in 1972 to Angelo Donghia. 1973 addition by Gifford and Marcel Bretos. Sold in 2008 to Derek Lam and Jan-Henrik Schlottmann.

1965 - The Horace Gifford House II, 523 Snapper Walk, Fire Island NY. Sold to Sam Webb. Sold in 2006 to Michael Gallin. Sold in 2011 to Laurence Isaacson. Sold in 2019 to Humberto Duarte.

1965 - The Sprague/Geller House, 574 Coastguard Walk, Fire Island NY. Sold to Beth Chase.

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1965 - The Paul McGregor House II, 573 Coastguard Walk, Fire Island NY. Loft addition by Gifford in 1973.  Sold in 2016 to Faith8 LLC.


1966 - The Ross Runnells House II, Bridgehampton NY.

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1967 - 46 Schooner Walk, Ocean Beach NY. Sold to Joseph Forstadt. Sold in 2015 to Joseph Ades.

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1967 - The Sam and Joan Scali House, 55 Walnut Walk, Bay Shore NY. Featured in the New York Times 10/18/67. Still owned by the Scali family as of 2020.

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1968 - The Lawrence Bonaguidi House I, 205 Pine Walk, Fire Island NY. Sold to Charles Golod. Sold in 2002 to William Katen. Sold in 2006 to Adam Dworkin and Dale Reidel. Sold in 2015 to Fabrice Carrier.

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1968 - The David J. Luck House, 486 Jobs Lane, Water Mill NY. Commissioned 1967. sold in 1999 to Charles Utstadt. Sold in 2006 to Kim Heirston and Richard Evans.

1968 - The Chasas House, 255 Bluff Road, Amagansett NY. 1800sf. Sold in 1988. Sold to Toby B. Morris.  Sold in 2015 to Second55 LLC (Kurt and Lisa Strovink). Sold in 2021 to Lisa Strovink.


1968 - The Ross Runnells House III, Noyack NY.


1968 - The J. Hyde Crawford House, 255-256 Bay Walk, Fire Island NY. Featured in the New York Times Magazine, May 1, 1977. Sold in 1996 to Robert Cory. Sold in 2013 to Adam Stracher and Keith Lascalea.

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1969 - The James Cashel House, 552 Beachcomber, Fire Island NY. Cashel still owner as of 2010.


1969 - The Stuart Roeder House, 556 Ocean Walk, Fire Island NY. Has been altered. Sold in 1998 to C&R Partnership.

1969 - The Robert and Celeste Rubrum House, 419 Ocean Walk, aka Plywood House, Fire Island NY.  Washed out to sea in 1972.  A new house was later built on the site.

1970 - The Lipkins House, 122 Ocean Walk, Fire Island NY. Sold to David Steinberg. Sold in 1998 to Seth Lubin. Sold in 2000 to David Martinez. Sold in 2012 to Michael Wagner.

1971 - The Pilson House, 199 Dune Road, Westhampton Beach NY. Sold around 2012 to Niki Livas.

1971 - Renovation, 525 Snapper Walk, Fire Island NY. Status unknown.

1972 - The Norton and Marlo Sloan House, 567 Driftwood Walk, Fire Island NY. Sold in 1977 to Calvin Klein. Addition by Gifford in 1980. Featured in the movie Longtime Companion.  Sold in the 1990's to David Geffen. Sold to Simon Yates.


1972 - The Arnold Rosenthal and Yves Dihe House, 607A Shore Walk, Seaview NY. Featured in 1979 in House Beautiful. Sold to Craig Leavitt.  Sold in 2014 to Evan Lobel. Website. Renovated by Chris Rawlins. Sold in 2021 to Khepri LLC.


1972 - The Ross Runnells House IV, Sagaponack NY.

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1977 - The Patrick Travis and William Wall House, aka Travis-Wall, 252 Bay Walk, Fire Island NY. Commissioned 1975. Addition in 1977. Sold to Richard Winger.


1974 - The Ross Runnells House V, Noyack NY.


1975 - The Lawrence Bonaguidi House II, 529 Sail Walk, Fire Island NY. Sold to Robert Eckhardt. Sold to Marc Blackwell and Eric Reinitz, who did a restoration and added a roof deck. Sold in 2022 to Sophie Morner.

1979 - The Peter, Jeffrey, and Richard Graham House, aka Sea Cove Farms, 108 Seatuck, Eastport NY. 5 acres, with 17 adjacent. Deeded entirely to Peter Graham. Addition in 1996 enlarged the house to 6000sf. Sold in 2017 to Jonathan and Maria Harber.

1979 - The Thal House, Montauk NY.

1980 - The Ross Runnells House VI, Noyack NY.

1981 - The Silverman House, Sagaponack NY.

1982 - The Zacharias House, Sagaponack NY.

Year - Renovation, 50 Park Avenue 10G, New York NY.

Sources include: Timothy Godbold; Caroline Rob Zaleski and Long Island Modernism 1950-1980, Christopher Rawlins and Fire Island Modernist: Horace Gifford and the Architecture of Seduction.