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USModernist William Wurster

William Wurster USModernist

Wurster was born in Stockton CA. During his years at Stockton Public High School, Wurster worked in the office of Edgar B. Brown, an Englishman known for designing the Stockton Hotel and the Children's Home. After graduating in 1912, Wurster enrolled at Berkeley in 1913, receiving a classical Beaux Arts education. When a physical ailment kept Wurster from voluntary military service in WWI, he studied marine engineering at the University of California, Berkeley and joined the merchant marine in 1918. In 1919, once he had completed a year's tour of duty in the South Pacific, he returned to the University to graduate with honors in architecture.

Following graduation, Wurster briefly apprenticed in the office of John W. Reid Jr., a San Francisco architect, before Wurster became the architectural designer for Charles Dean in 1920. For the next two years, he worked designing the city of Sacramento's water filtration plant. He also worked independently, designing several small residences. In 1922, Wurster embarked on a tour of Europe through 1923 then joined Delano and Aldrich in NYC. In 1924 William Adams Delano lent Wurster money to open his own office and he returned to Berkeley.

In 1940, Wurster married Catherine Bauer, an influential figure in the field of public housing. He met Bauer attending the Harvard Graduate School of Design, both taking classes from the German Socialist city planner Martin Wagner. Wurster's graduate studies at Harvard were interrupted when he was appointed dean of the architectural and planning school at MIT in 1945, a position he held for five years. In 1945, Wurster co-founded Wurster Bernardi & Emmons with Theodore Bernardi and Donn Emmons. Both Bauer and Wurster withstood accusations of disloyalty from the California Tenney Committee during the Red Scare of the late 1940s. In 1950, he was named dean of the UC Berkeley School of Architecture. In 1959, he orchestrated the creation of the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design, which brought the three schools of architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning into one organization. He served as its dean until his retirement in 1963 for health reasons. Wurster Hall is named in his and his wife's honor.

His firm received the AIA's third Architecture Firm Award in 1965 and the AIA Gold Medal for Lifetime Achievement in 1969. Among Wurster's students and later, his employee, was Jim Webb of Chapel Hill NC. Bio adapted from Wikipedia. Special thanks to Catherine Cramer for her extensive research.


1919 - The Sigma Chi Fraternity House, Berkeley CA. Additions in 1928.

1922 - The R. J. McKim House, 1401 42nd Street, Sacramento CA. W. V. Whitesell, contractor. Traditional house. Sold in 1985 to Joseph Ackler and Betsy Buzby. Featured in Building and Engineering Magazine, 1922.


1922 - The Charles Grunsky House, Stockton CA. Addition in 1936. Grunsky was a fellow student and Sigma Chi brother of Wurster. Needs verification.

1925 - The Elwood and Estelle Wright House, 6173 Ocean View Drive, Oakland CA. Sold in 1940s to Robert Grant. Sold to William B. and Nancy Elliott. Sold in 2009 to Michael Seel and Anne O'Neill. Has been added onto.

1925 - The Chester Gillespie House, Oakland CA. Address unknown.

1925 - The J. L. Craig House, Berkeley CA. Unsure if built.

1925 - The Carol Single House, San Francisco CA. Unsure if built.

1926 - The Wymond B. Garthwaite House, 850 Northvale Road, Oakland CA. Sold in 1937 to the Willoughby family. Sold to A. Eberle. Sold in 1991 to Chris and Ann Blazak. Sold in 1993 to Michael and Ruth Jacobson. Sold in 2008 to Guillermo Garcia and Mary Morkin.


1926 - The Warren and Sadie Gregory Farmhouse, Canham Road near Chalk Mountain Road, Scotts Valley CA. Warren Gregory passed away before completion. Situated on a hillside and planned around a central courtyard, the inside of the Gregory Farmhouse was only accessible by doors opening onto the unbroken veranda along the court side or the terrace on the open side of the compound. Won first prize in House Beautiful's Small House Competition. Featured in House Beautiful, March 1931; Architecture, August 1935; Pencil Points, August 1938.

1926 - The R. M. Budd House, Hillsborough CA. Unsure if built.

1926 - The Ralph Ellis House, aka The Puddles, Jericho NY. Unsure if built, or even designed by Wurster.

1926 - The John L. and Belle Rose Garber house, Tract 11, Oakland CA. John L. Garber (1833-1908) and his wife, Belle Rose, built a mansion in 1888 on land that eventually became the Garber tract, separated into several streets. Juliet Garber Stringham, John and Belle's daughter, was given the job of naming the streets in the tract, including the one named for her mother, Belrose Avenue. In the 1920s the eastern part of the Garber-Belrose tract became the John L. Garber Park. Needs verification.

1926 - The H. J. Hawley House, Los Altos CA. Unsure if built.

1926 - The R. C. Minor Alterations, Stockton CA.

1926 - The Elizabeth Hargest Ogier House, Pacific Grove CA.


1927 - The Herbert Evans House, 161 Vicente Road, Berkeley CA. Herbert Evans discovered Vitamin E in 1922. Destroyed between 1988 and 2000. A new Modernist house was built in 2008 and designed by Antonio Lao and Eva Chiu, photo above.

1927 - The Vernon Smith House Alterations, 2812 Russell Street, Berkeley CA. Addition in 1931. Sold to M. Schwartz. Sold in 1989 to Roxanne Fiscella.

1927 - The Frederick and Marion Adams House, Lake Tahoe CA.

1927 - The California Exclusive Properties, Inc., San Mateo CA. Multi-residential property. Likely unbuilt.

1927 - The Ken Saunders House, Berkeley CA. Unsure if built.

1928 - The Kellam House, Santa Barbara CA. Designed for the parents of landscape architect Lockwood DeForest's wife, Elizabeth Kellam.

1928 - The Gerald Hagar House, 245 Stonewall Road, Berkeley CA. Owned by the Hagar family until 1994, then sold to the Raymond Lifchez Trust.

1928 - The Frank L. Reichert Alterations, 15 7th Avenue, San Francisco CA. Original house built in 1907. Sold to Stephen R. and Dale Levinson. Sold in 1995 to Susan W. Haldeman, still owner as of 2016.

1928 - The Donald Gregory House, San Francisco CA.

1928 - The D. L. Patch House, San Francisco CA.

1928 - The George Planz House, Bakersfield CA. Unsure if built.

1928 - The H. H. Stephenson House, Lake Tahoe CA.

1929 - The Samuel V. Seddon House, San Francisco CA. Seddon was living at 2528 Union Street from 1927-1935, house built in 1926, so either the house wasn't built or the date is skewed in the collection). Photo above is the Union Street house. Sold in 1939 to Richard and Rosalie Arnstein. Rosalie Arnstein became a widow and remarried a Mr. Seton and lived in the home until her death in 2012, at 101. Sold in 2013 to Joseph and Mary Toboni. Needs verification.

1929 - The Louis G. Breuner House, Piedmont CA. Unsure if built.

1929 - The Warner Brown House, Berkeley CA. He was a psychology professor at Berkeley.

1929 - The William Brown House, Santa Barbara CA.

1929 - The H. J. Hawley House, Berkeley CA. Featured in Architect and Engineer Magazine, April-September 1932.

1929 - The A. W. Kidder House, Berkeley CA.

1930 - The Marion Hollins House, Pasatiempo Golf Course, Santa Cruz CA. According to Architecture of the Monterey Peninsula, published in 1976, this home as well as a cabin were built for Hollins in the Monterey area (the cabin was in Big Creek). Featured in California Arts and Architecture, June 1931; House Beautiful, July 1932; Architectural Forum, October 1937 and October 1941; Pencil Points, August 1938. Status unknown.

1930 - The Robert and Margaret Paris Howes House, aka the Kaplansky/Howes House, aka the Stephen Wyckoff House, aka the General Manager's house, originally 17 Pasatiempo Drive, now 15 Pasatiempo Drive, Santa Cruz CA. Robert Howes was business manager for golf player Marion Hollins. He died suddenly in 1931. His wife married Earle Kaplansky, another golfer involved in the project. Sold around 1944 to Stephen Wyckoff, an attorney who helped save the golf course from being turned into home sites. He is listed at the address from the early 1950s through the late 1970s. It was empty from 1994 to 1996. Sold in 1996 to Jan Bardine. Sold in 2015 to John Vrolyk and Stacey Spieller.

1930 - The Leon Jr. and Eleanor Sloss House, Woodside CA. Wurster did subsequent alterations and additions in 1941 and 1947-1948. There is also a 1911 Greene and Greene house on the site. Featured in Architectural Forum, October 1937; Pencil Points, August 1938.

1930 - The Walter B. Wessells Remodel I, 1352 Filbert Street, San Francisco CA.

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1930 - The Henry V. Colby House, San Francisco CA. Likely unbuilt. Wurster also did a house for Colby in Berkeley in 1931.

1930 - The Gordon Hess House, Burlingame CA.

1930 - The Britha Husum House, 904 Regal Road, Berkeley CA. Listed in Building and Engineering News, 1/4/1930. Built by Enoch Tranmal of Oakland. Needs verification.

1930 - The M. C. Jenkins House, Livingston CA. Needs verification.

1930 - The R. R. MacGregor House, San Francisco CA. Probably unbuilt.

1930 - The Henry Murphy House, Santa Cruz CA.

1930 - The Salem Lutheran Home Association Home for the Aged, 2361 East 29th Street, Oakland CA. Wurster was an advisor only; design was awarded to Berkeley architect Henry H. Gutterson.

1931 - The Marion Hollins House, 33 Hollins Drive, Pasatiempo, Santa Cruz CA. Hollins was a well-known pro golfer who established the Pasatiempo Golf Course designed by Wurster. He designed at least 3 of the first houses, including the home of landscape architect Thomas Church, who did the landscaping. Wurster also designed polo horse stables for Hollins in Scotts Valley, near Santa Cruz. Hollins sold her interest and moved back to Monterey in the late 1930s.

Wurster was hired to much of the 600-acre Pasatiempo Country Club and Estates. Golf course designer, Alister MacKenzie, laid out the course while the Olmstead brothers provided the landscaping. Hollins hired architect Clarence Tantau to design the clubhouse. She introduced Wurster to Thomas Church, who at that time was a relatively unknown landscape architect, who oversaw the landscaping work in relation to the various structures. Additionally Wurster designed many of the support facilities, the caddy house, the tennis courts, a bath house at the beach (never built), the swimming pool, and nearby stables in Scott's Valley. Unfortunately the opening of the community coincided with the collapse of the stock market. Nonetheless, Wurster did build several additional private homes in the community through the late 1930s, most of which received numerous national and local awards.

1931 - The Alister MacKenzie House, Pasatiempo Country Club, Santa Cruz CA. MacKenzie was the golf course's architect.

1931 - The Thomas Church Summer Home, Pasatiempo Country Club, Santa Cruz CA. Published in California Arts & Architecture, June 1931 and July 1932; Architectural Record, October 1934; Architectural Forum, October 1937; Sunset, December 1937; Pencil Points, August 1938.

1931 - The Donald Gregory House, 170 Farm Road, Scotts Valley CA. Still owned by Donald Gregory Jr. Just south of the Gregory Farm House Wurster built for the family in 1928.

Around 1931 - The Alexander Meiklejohn House, 1525 La Loma Avenue, Berkeley CA. Professor of Philosophy at Brown and Cornell, he moved to Berkeley in 1931. Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Johnson in 1963 at age 91. Wurster did several subsequent renovations. Sold to S. and J. Sutta. Sold in 1993 to Kenton and Kuniko King.

1931 - The Carl Voss House, 48124 Highway 1, Big Sur CA. Featured in Architectural Forum, May 1936; House Beautiful, July 1936; Moderne Bauformen, November 1936. Sold to Ohlone Properties. Sold in 2016 to Corinne Colen.

1931 - The Henry and Ruth Colby House, 210 Stonewall Road, Berkeley CA. Deeded in 1998 to the Brown Trust. Sold in 2002 to Jessica Seaton and Keith Wilson. Sold in 2007 to Jeffrey and Ann Taylor. Sold in 2009 to A. P. and Nicole Alvisatos.

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1931 - The Herman Adler House, Berkeley CA. Adler was a Professor of Psychiatry at UC Berkeley and a former Illinois state criminologist. Lockwood DeForest was the landscape architect.

1931 - The Modeste Alloo House, Berkeley CA. He was a Professor and Head of the Music Department at UC Berkeley.

1931 - The Will Grant House, Sausalito CA.

1931 - The Charles B. Henderson Alterations, Hillsborough CA. Featured in Architect and Engineer Magazine, 1931. Lockwood DeForest III was the landscape architect.

1931 - The George Newhall Renovation, 2140 Parkside Avenue, Hillsborough CA. House built in 1922. Needs verification.

1931 - The H. M. Sherman House, San Francisco CA. Probably unbuilt.

1931 - The A. G. Simpson House, Hillsborough CA.

1931 - The Mrs. W. C. (Edith) Van Antwerp House, Burlingame CA. Probably unbuilt. The Van Antwerps had a very famous home designed by Bakewell and Brown in 1922. It was before 1934 when an addition was done by another owner. In 1929 they were at 680 Brewer Street, Burlingame CA, where she died in 1949. This home was built in 1915. The connection with Wurster probably came from Marion Hollins, as Edith was a professional golfer.

1932 - The W. E. Galliwey House, 51 Hollins Drive, Pasatiempo Country Club, Santa Cruz CA. Originally intended as a summer house for a niece of Marion Hollins. Sold to Bruce and Mary Summers. Sold in 2003 to James T. Hughins. Sold in 2004 to James and Randi Foster. Sold in 2010 to James and Catherine La Torre. Sold in 2012 to Robert D Barnes. Sold in 2016.

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1932 - The Mrs. W. Thomas Balding House, Honolulu HI. Listed in Architect and Engineer, November 1931: "William W. Wurster...reports that plans are progressing satisfactorily for two residences in Honolulu. One is a $30,000 home for Mrs. W. Thomas Balding." Photos appear in The Architecture of Honolulu by Geoffrey Fairfax.

1932 - The Harry Bent House, Honolulu HI. Harry Bent was also an architect and supervised several projects in Hawaii including his own home.

1932 - The John Donald and Ruth Campbell House, Palo Alto CA.

1932 - The Harold Erdman House, Honolulu HI. There is a YMCA camp built in 1926 named for the Erdmans. Needs verification.

1932 - The E. Russell Field House, Big Sur CA.

1932 - The Richard W. Hanna House, San Francisco CA. Unbuilt.

1932 - The Edward McCauley Jr. Squash Court, 1061 San Raymundo Road, Hillsborough CA. Landscape by Lockwood DeForest.

1932 - The E. O. McCormick Jr. House, Hillsborough CA. Listed in Architect and Engineer, 1933.

1932 - The Minor Homes House for Baker, Hillsborough CA.

1932 - The Mrs. George Robbins House, 1804 Floribunda Avenue, Hillsborough CA. Landscape by Lockwood DeForest. Garden design by Wurster and landscape architect Lockwood deForest. Sold around 1936 to Senator and Mrs. James A Brady. Sold to Don MacLean. Sold in 1991 to James and Frances Ou.

1932/1937/1941 - The Joseph and Frances Strauman House, Vacaville, CA. Possibly 106 Peach Tree Avenue, built in 1937. Needs verification.

1932 - The D. Rae Te Roller House, Palo Alto CA. Possibly 167 Stockbridge. Needs verification.

1932 - The Horton P. Wrestler House, Redwood City CA.

1933 - The Horatio P. Livermore Renovation, 40 Florence Street, San Francisco CA. Horatio P. Livermore passed in 1916, so needs verification.

1933 - The Ehler H. Eiskamp House, 523 Brewington Avenue, Watsonville CA. Altered in 1959. Sold in 2000 to Sofia Espinoza.


1933 - The Wellington Henderson House, 711 Bromfield Road, Hillsborough CA. Additions in 1938, alterations in 1953 and 1960 and 1967. Sold to Kenneth Gladden and Dawn Gould Lepore. Sold in 2013 to Kilowatt Acquisitions, LLC.

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1933 - The Helen Chesebrough Renovation, 680 Brewer Drive, Hillsborough CA. House was built in 1915. Note: This is the Van Antwerp house from 1931. The ladies were sisters and died within 2 weeks of each other in 1949.

1933 - The F. W. Clampett House, Carmel CA.

1933 - The Frank S. Cumming House, Oakland CA.

1933 - The W. N. Cumming House, Watsonville CA.

1933 - The Lawrence Dorcy House, Santa Cruz CA.

1933 - The Charles Felton House, San Francisco CA. Unsure if built.

1933 - The Mrs. Cooper Fleming House, Santa Cruz CA.

1933 - The Victor Kleven House, Ross CA.

1933 - The Adolph Miller Project, Berkeley CA.

1933 - The Richard P. Minor Alterations, Walnut Creek CA.

1933 - The E. B. Murphy House, Burlingame CA.

1933 - The Edward L. Parsons House, San Francisco CA. Unbuilt.

1933 - The Saxton T. and Jeanne Pope House, Burlingame CA. Featured in Architect and Engineer, April 1936. Designed with Hall and Proetz.

1933 - The Mrs. Alfred Siegfried Additions, San Anselmo CA.

1934 - The Frederic C. Benner House, 155 Tamalpais Road, Berkeley CA. Landscape design by Thomas Church. Published in Architectural Forum, May 1936 and October 1940; House Beautiful, May 1936; Sunset, July 1940. Still owned by the Benner family as of 2016.

1934 - The Vincent Butler House, 41 Hollins Drive, Pasatiempo Golf Club, Santa Cruz CA. They opened the house in August 1935 for a house warming. Vincent Butler was killed in an airline accident the first week of October. Published in American Architect and Architecture, May 1937; Pencil Points, August 1938; House Beautiful, September 1940; Sunset, April 1941. Sold around 1980 to Anthony and Susan Holbrook.

1934 - The Sidney and Geneva Shipman Alterations, 135 Darien Way, San Francisco CA. Sold in 1964 to Maurice Edelstein. Sold in 1980 to Isaac Parecki. Sold to James and Margaret Finley.

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1934 - The George P. Adams Remodel, Berkeley CA. Adams and his family were living at 745 Santa Barbara Road, Berkeley, from 1917 until at least 1954. House built in 1913 by architect Walter Ratcliff.

1934 - The Mrs. James A. Barr house, Berkeley CA. Possible address: 690 Spruce Street, Berkeley. She is listed at this address in the newspapers of the later 1930s.

1934 - The Roy Bishop House, Woodside CA. Built, according to several news articles.

1934 - The Paul Davis House, Lodi CA. Unbuilt.

1934 - The E. M. Faye House, Knights Landing CA.

1934 - The H. H. Joliffe House, Woodside CA.

1934 - The Ira Joralemon Renovation, 168 Southampton Avenue, Berkeley CA. Original house built in 1923 by architect Bernard Maybeck. Additions in 1956 and 1958.

1934 - The L. B. King House, Woodside CA.

1934 - The Minor Homes House, aka the Walsh House, Berkeley CA.

1934 - The Samuel and Margaret B. Randall House, 390 Walnut Avenue, Santa Cruz CA.

1934 - The Edwin Wiley Reeves House, Salinas CA.


1935 - The Diantha Miller House, 26211 Atherton Place, Carmel-by-The-Sea CA. Featured in House Beautiful, March 1937; Architectural Forum, October 1937; Pencil Points, August 1938; Christian Science Monitor, January 1940. Transferred in 2005 to Katherine Nielsen Hardy.

1935 - The Wallace Breuner House, 124 Lexford Road, Piedmont CA. Alterations in 1947 and 1955. Sold in 1993 to Julian and Collen Wilke. Sold in 1997 to Philip Chase. Sold in 2004 to Timothy Kahn and Anne Adams (Kahn Adams Trust).

1935 - The Helen K. Forbes House, 60-62-64 Alta, San Francisco CA. Featured in Archetype magazine as well as Architectural Forum. At some point the house was divided into a triplex. Author Armistead Maupin rented there in the 1980s.



1935 - The Mrs. F. B. Hussey House, 401 Dorchester Road, San Mateo CA. Sold in 1983. Sold in 1993 to Dorothy and James Ryan. Sold in 2013 to Samuel and Sara Shank. Destroyed about 2015.


1935 - The Hans and Friedel Klussmann House, 260 Green Street, San Francisco CA. Friedel Klussmann was the heart behind saving the cable cars in 1971. Sold to Sandra Mosbacher. Sold in 2011 to John and Robina Riccitello. Sold in 2017 to Meredith Bushnell and 260 Green Street Trust.


1935 - The B. H. Lehman Renovation, 97 Tamalpais Road, Berkeley CA. Original home built in 1926. Sold to Samantha Good and Christopher Kirkham.

1935 - The Amelia Jarvie House, Yellow Jacket Ranch Road, Calistoga CA. Featured in Pencil Points, August 1938. Status unknown.

1935 - The Nora Kenyon Apartments Remodel and Addition, 765 Bay Street, San Francisco CA. Original house built in 1908. Wurster also designed a 1936 addition. Sold to Sylvia Chase. Sold in 1991 to Min Yee. Sold in 1993 to Stanley Glaros.

1935 - 215 Western Drive, Richmond CA. Sold to H. L. Davis. Sold to Patricia Mille. Sold in 1991 to Virginia Rigney. Sold in 2012 to Virginia Rigney and Nancy Foss.

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1935 - The Winston S. Cowgill House, Aptos CA.

1935 - The J. W. Goodwin House, San Francisco CA. Status unknown.

1935 - The House Beautiful Magazine House, aka Bride's House. Status unknown.

1935 - The Frances Law House, Santa Cruz CA. Status unknown.

1935 - The Minor Homes - Carolans, Santa Inez Avenue, Hillsborough CA. Minor Homes was a developer. Likely an unbuilt development. In the early 1900s Francis and Harriet Carolans built Carolan Chateau on almost 600 acres. In 1918 the mansion was closed and after Francis' death in 1923, Harriet remarried in 1925 and by 1928 removed all of her possessions. In 1930 the subdivision of most of the land began and by 1945 64 acres were sold. The mansion remained and was eventually listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The mansion is listed on Remillard Drive with Santa Inez just 2 miles east. The homes on Santa Inez are listed as mostly being built in 1924. Article (pdf).

1935 - The Forest and Mildred Naylor House, 868 Paramount Road, Oakland CA. The Naylors owned the home until at least 1969. Sold to Robert and Flora Feldman around 1993.

1935 - The Garry Owen House, Orinda CA. Status unknown.

1935 - The E. P. Pfingst House, Watsonville CA. Status unknown.

1935 - The George Pope Jr. House, 735 Bromfield Road, Hillsborough CA. Sold in 1983 to Merrill and Cynthia Magowan.

1935 - The Laurance I. Scott House, Santa Cruz CA. Likely unbuilt.

1935 - The Richard Shaw Weekend House, Richmond Shore, Richmond CA. Built. Photos in several architecture magazines. Landscape design by H. Leland Vaughn.

1935 - The Edgar D. and Frances Turner Remodel, 26 Brookside Avenue, Berkeley CA. House originally built in 1925. The Turners lived there until Edgar's death in 1949. Sold in the 1990s to the Plank Trust.

1935 - The Merrill P. Whitney House, 116 The Uplands, Berkeley CA. Sold in the early 1990s to the Bruce and Phyllis Johnston Trust.

1936 - The Allen Chickering Jr. Renovations, 2537 Vallejo Street, San Francisco CA. Original house built in 1900; architect unknown. Sold in the 1940s to the Ambrose family. Sold to Joe T. Ricketts. Sold in 2012 to Tommy and Marion Moreno.

1936 - The Mathurin Dondo House, 215 Western Avenue, Richmond CA. Featured in Architectural Record, December 1937, and January 1938, and March 1938; House Beautiful, March 1938; Christian Science Monitor, 7/2/1940.


1936 - The Everett Griffin Renovations, 2626 Green Street, San Francisco CA. Original house built in 1919. Wife was daughter of the Gregorys, for whom Wurster also designed houses. Wurster designed several houses/alterations for Griffin in another home in San Francisco, as well as two houses at Stinson Beach. Sold to Mario and Barbara Mormorunni. Sold in 1995 to Phillip and Rebecca Otto. Sold in 2009 to Mark Zoltan Chiba.

1936 - The Bartlett Heard House, 10 Roble Road, Berkeley CA. Altered in 1940. Addition built in 1957. Sold in 2002 to Ward and Katrina Mottel.

1936 - The F. E. and Marguerite Blaisdell House, 405 Stanford Street, Watsonville CA. Deeded in 2002 to her daughter, Mary Hopkins. Deeded in 2003 to Jo Ann Vear.

1936 - The Mrs. F. W. Bradley Remodel, 2716 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco CA. Wurster's collection lists this project with "John and Elizabeth Davis" in parenthesis. They lived at 2714 Pacific Avenue in 1940, after Mrs. Bradley moves to another address. In 1943 Mrs. Bradley remarries Frank Girard. In 1948 the Davis family and the Girards are both listed, with the Davises at 2714 and the Girards at 2716. Sold in 2014 to Paul Deneve. This article may help explain it: 2724 Pacific in Pacific Heights Sells for $23.889M, Biggest Sale of the Year

1936 - The Edwin Berry and Oliver Lombardi House, 2 Hollins Drive, Pasatiempo Country Club, Santa Cruz CA. Commissioned in 1931. Built by Berry for his nephew, Oliver Lombardi. Featured in House Beautiful, February 1937. Sold in the late 1940s to Louis Wollenberger. Sold in late 1950s to Horace Street. Sold in 1982 to Bruce and Joanne Hageman. Sold in 1994 to the Grossmans, but was deeded to Martha Benedict as early as 1995. Sold in 2014 to David Klump. Sold in 2016 to Kully Mandon.



1936 - The John A. Sutro House, 3598 Jackson Street, San Francisco CA. Landscape by Thomas Church. Almost 10,300 sq ft, 10 bedrooms, 8 baths, and 4 stories. Additions in 1938 and 1969. Sold in 2013 to Suzanne Brais and Stefan Green.

1936 - The Ingemar and C. Madelyn Holberg Alterations, 245 Castro Street, San Francisco CA. Sold in 1987 to Keith Wetmore. Needs verification.

1936 - The Edgar Jensen House, 1650 La Vereda Road, Berkeley CA. Designated Berkeley Landmark #193 in 2004. Sold to Joseph and Barbara Conley. Sold in 2002 to Margueritte and Philip Rossetto. Deeded in 2004 to Louis Rossetto.

1936 - The Marshall Maslin Renovation, 31 Tamalpais Road, Berkeley CA. Original house built in 1925, effective date built 1940. Maslin is shown living there until at least 1940 (census). Sold to the Maslins in 1936. Sold around 1954 to Norman Taylor. Sold in 1958 to Dr. Sproul. Sold around 1970 to Nancie Campbell. Sold to C & L Casebeer. Sold in 1991 to Richard Bowen. Sold in 1992 to Frank and Marilyn Hanley, still owners as of 2015.



1936 - The Brooks Walker House, 121 Scenic Avenue, Piedmont CA. Landscape by Thomas Church. Sold to R & L Saks Trust. Sold in 2016 to Mark McLaughlin and Shannon Pelaquin.

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1936 - The Frank V. Birbeck House, Monterey County CA.

1936 - The Elizabeth Bixby Ranch Renovation, Cojos CA. Near Vandenberg AFB. Ranch developed in 1913 by Fred Bixby. Sold in 2007 and renamed Cojos Jalama Ranch. Needs verification.

1936 - The Percy Cleghorn House, Stockton CA.

1936 - The Richard C. Collins House, Burlingame CA.

1936 - The Brian Curtis Renovation, Sacramento CA. Possibly 1115 43rd Street.

1936 - The John Floyd Cutler House, Visalia CA. Altered in 1954 and 1955. Status unknown.

1936 - The Martin Flavin House, Pebble Beach CA.

1936 - The Don Goodwin House, Stockton CA.

1936 - The Joseph Henry House, Pebble Beach CA.

1936 - The S. E. Hills House, Burlingame CA.

1936 - The Charles Hine House, Santa Cruz CA.

1936 - The Elyse S. Hopkins House, Carmel CA. Likely unbuilt.

1936 - The Julius Landsburger House, Pebble Beach CA. Likely unbuilt.

1936 - The Lehman Remodel. House originally designed in 1926 by Morrow and Garren for Edwin Loeb. In the 1960s the Ratcliff architecture firm designed an addition. The home was owned for 52 years by the same family.

1936 - The Harold Mack House, Oregon.

1936 - The Russell Matthias House, Carmel CA.

1936 - The Fred H. McCrea House, 861 Culebra Road, Hillsborough CA. Sold in 1943 to Mrs. Henry Parsons. Sold in 1958 to Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murray. Sold to Charles Kamm. Sold around 1993 to Mark and Lindsay Terzian.

1936 - The Frank McIntosh House, Los Altos CA.

1936 - The Minor Homes Development, aka Bellevue, San Mateo CA.

1936 - The Mitchell T. Neff House, Ross CA. Built. Featured in Architectural Forum, April 1938.

1936 - The B. M. Palmer House, Berkeley CA.

1936 - The George Pope Sr. House, Hillsborough CA. Likely unbuilt.

1936 - The Mrs. Martin Post House, likely unbuilt.

1936 - The John Raggio House, Piedmont CA. Likely unbuilt.

1936 - The George J. Seebe House, Ross CA. Featured in: Architect and Engineer Magazine, 1935; and Pencil Points, 1938.

1936 - The Richard S. Shainwald House, Lake Tahoe CA. Built.

1936 - The Sigma Chi Fraternity Housing, Stanford CA.

1936 - The Reginald G. Smith Addition, Laurel Grove Avenue, Ross CA.

1936 - The Roma Ware House, Reno NV. Instead of moving to Italy, the New York socialite Roma Ware bought a sheep ranch outside Reno NV near Lake Pyramid after her divorce. Unsure if still standing.

1936 - The Mrs. Fred Wolfe House, Berkeley CA.

1937 - The Walter B. Wessells Remodel II, 1356 Greenwich Street, San Francisco CA. Built in 1909.

1937 - The Dearborn Clark House, 749 Las Olas Drive, Aptos CA. Sold to E. Keith Slingsby. Featured in Architectural Forum, June 1938 and October 1940; Architectural Record, January 1938; House Beautiful, June 1938; Sunset, June 1938; Architect and Engineer, October 1938. Deeded in 2005 to Jack and Mary Marsten.

Around 1937 - The Delta Delta Delta Sorority House, aka Tri-Delt House, 2300 Warring Street, Berkeley CA. Multiunit sorority residence. Altered between 1945-1963 by Wurster.

1937 - The Ralph Ellis House, 2420 Ridge Road, Berkeley CA.


1937 - The Mortimer Fleischhacker Jr. House, 2600 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco CA. Altered in 1940 and 1945-1946. Sold to George and Maria Hartmann. Sold in 1994 to Nina Ireland. Sold in 2010 to Joseph I. O'Neill III aka Hos Pacific LLC. Remodeled in 2012, second photo.



1937 - The Gamma Phi Beta Sorority House, Multi Unit, 2732 Channing Way, Berkeley CA. From the Oakland Tribune, 3/7/1937: "Wrecking old Gamma Phi Beta home - over 10,000 feet in lumber. Dolan Wrecking Co." From the Oakland Tribune, 11/13/1937: "The modern architecture of the house is striking and constitutes one of the finest structures that has been done by the architect William Wurster. The house is situated on two lots on one of which the former Gamma Phi Beta home was located for 26 years." Alterations by Wurster in 1950- 1960. As of 2017, still owned by the sorority.

1937 - The Milo Gates House, 33 Bellevue Avenue, Piedmont CA. Sold in 1997 to William and Sara Cumbelich.

1937 - The Richard and May Graves House, 798 Creston Road, Berkeley CA. Sold to Marcel and Margrit Schurman. A second story addition was built in 2005 and there were interior upgrades in 2010.

1937 - The Charles Gurchot House, 150 Palo Alto Avenue, San Francisco CA. Sold to Beverly Gregory. Deeded in 2014 to Philomena Deandrade.

1937 - The James Morton Hamill Apartments, 737 Bay Street, San Francisco CA. Sold to Irwin and Judith Houghteling. Sold in 2011 to Harry Whitehouse and Wendy Rabinov. Has become rentals.

1937 - The Ralph and Jerita Head House, 36 San Jacinto Way, San Francisco CA. Sold in 1950 to Henry Clausen. Clausen family owned it until 1994. Sold in 1994 to Brugnara Corporation. Sold in 2002 to Bimmie Strausser and Ongkarn Supatree.

1937 - The Cleveland Henning House, 761 Chiltern Road, Hillsborough CA. Sold in 1946 to John Edgerley. Sold to R. Lent Hooker. Sold in 1995 to Craig Shaffer and Anthony Leiker.





1937 - The John Rodman Hooker House, 410 West Santa Inez, Hillsborough CA. In 1940, Wurster designed another house for him in Lake Tahoe. Sold in 2013 to Yao M. and Connie Chieng.

1937 - The E. W. Laub House, 12 Pershing Drive, Oakland CA. Sold to Robert Hummel. Sold in 1982 to Pamela and Sanford Brawley.

1937 - The Ernest D. Mendenhall House, 1570 Emerson Street, Palo Alto CA. Featured in Sunset, June 1938; Architectural Record, March 1939. Sold in 1988 to William and Alka Jarvis.

1937 - The Charles A. Noble House, 3580 Jackson Street, San Francisco CA. Sold in 1974 to R. L. Dean. Sold in 1976 to John McCredie. Sold in 1978 to Geoffrey Brady. Sold in 1981 to L. G. Sellers. Sold in 1994. Sold in 2013 to Kevin King and Meridee Moore.

1937 - The H. Norris and Helen Reinhardt House, 5659 Cabot Drive, Oakland CA. Sold to C. Jones and C. Welti. Sold in 1988 to Peter and Heidi Risse. Wood driveway replaced with concrete in 1991. Transferred in 2003 to Heidi Mead (the former Heidi Risse).

1937 - The John F. and Sonya Whedon House, San Francisco CA. Sold in 1941 to H. Brodie and Jean Stephens. Sold in 1961 to Helen and Joseph Bernstein. Sold in 2016 to Robert and Elaine Cooper Living Trust.


1937 - 2870 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco CA. Sold around 1953 to Homer Tyler. Sold in 1957 to Joseph Sloss. Sold in 1972 to Marian Miller. Sold in 1975 to Mark and Ruth Franklin. Sold in 2001 to Gavin Newsom. Sold in 2004 to Caley and Heidi Castelein. Extensively remodeled with an addition in 2006.

1937 - The Carl and Betty Helmholz House, 2821 Shasta Road, Berkeley CA. He was a professor of physics at UC Berkeley. Needs verification.

1937 - The Beth Armstrong Renovation, San Francisco CA. Possible address 1267 Lombard Street. House built in 1907. Became a multi-unit building.

1937 - The Marshall Carter House, San Francisco CA. Likely unbuilt.

1937 - The George and Josephine Eggleston House, Brookdale CA. Built.

1937 - The B. J. Feigenbaum Alternations, 2838 Jackson Street, San Francisco CA. House originally built in 1929.

1937 - The Carroll Grunsky House, Stockton CA. In the 1940 census Grunsky is listed at 9 East Pine Street. Address no longer exists or has been renumbered. Needs verification.

1937 - The Mrs. A. G. Armstrong Harrison House, Aptos CA.

1937 - The L. W. Hill Sr. House.

1937 - The Rowland R. King House, Atherton CA.

1937 - The Hylda Knutsen Renovations, San Francisco CA.

1937 - The Louis Lehane House, Palo Alto CA. Landscape design by Thomas Church.

1937 - The Robert L. Lipman Renovation, 180 Stonewall, Berkeley CA. Original house was built in 1925. Unsure of status.

1937 - The J. McFarlane House, Contra Costa County CA.

1937 - The Lafayette P. Monson House, Berkeley CA. Undetermined if house was built.

1937 - The George W. Moore House, Pebble Beach CA. Listed in the historic context survey for Pebble Beach, no address found, undetermined if house was built.

1937 - The Juliana Painter House, Ross CA.

1937 - The A. S. Russell House.

1937 - The Dimitri Schoch House, 32 Currey, Sausalito CA. Needs verification.

1937 - The S. G. Shainwold House, Lake Tahoe CA.

1937 - The Marguerite Brack Smith House, Stockton CA.

1937 - The Ralph and Barbara Soto-Hall, Jr. Renovation, 2519 Pierce Street, San Francisco CA. Needs verification.

1937 - The Soule Steel Company Unit Steel House, San Francisco CA. Low-cost housing project. Unbuilt.

1937 - The Nelson Struve House, Watsonville CA.

1937 - The Benjamin Grant Taylor House, Whipple Avenue, Redwood City CA. Addition. He was the clerk for the California State Supreme Court.

1937 - The Marie Thompson House, San Francisco CA.

1937 - The Walter B. Wessels House, 1356 Greenwich Street, San Francisco CA. Needs verification.

1937 - The George West House, San Francisco CA.

1937 - The Charles S. Wheeler Alterations, Walnut Creek CA.

1937 - The Mrs. Eugene Wilhoit House, Stockton CA. House was in an area called "El Pinal."

1937 - The H. Allyn Wood House, Walnut Creek CA. Possible address of either 1600 Orchard Lane or 1611 Orchard Lane.

1938 - The Clay and Louise Sherman House, 2431 Leimert Blvd, Oakland CA. Sold to the Hotchkiss Trust. Sold in 1999 to Matthew and Dawn Antonelli.


1938 - The Robert Aird House, 160 Palo Alto Avenue, San Francisco CA. Sold in 1945 to Douglas Campbell. Sold in 1988 to Andrea and Roberto Nachtigall.

1938 - The Leslie Van Deusen House, 1598 Hawthorne Terrace, Berkeley CA. Sold in 1994 to Carol Amyx.

1938 - The Blake Darling House, 142 Britton Avenue, Atherton CA. Deeded to Joyce Pabst Todd and Marjorie Todd. Deeded to William Dorsey and Janet Refvem. Sold in 2014 to 142 Britton LLC, aka Jason and Kaitlin Godfrey, who destroyed it.

1938 - The R. W. Hanna House, 1802 Floribunda Avenue, Hillsborough CA (legal address shows as Burlingame CA). Hanna and his wife lived at this address until 1944. Wurster did alterations for another home for Hanna (1958). Sold in 1993 to Herbert Dedo.

1938 - The Marion Hooker House, Mill Valley CA. Possibly Harker.

1938 - The Hiram Johnson III House, 176 Madrona Avenue, Belvedere Tiburon CA. Renovated in 1942. Sold in 1994 to Claus and Carolyn Lund.

1938 - The Alexander Donald House, 2887 Woodside Road, Woodside CA. 1 bd/1 bath guest house built in 1951 (no indication by Wurster). Small article in paper June 9, 1938 saying that a permit had been issued, and an open house was held 12/16/38. Sold to Chachuagua Partnership. Sold in 2006 to Carolyn Davidow Putney and Stuart Bates Putney. Major renovation to main residence in 2006. Demolition of barn/out building 2000. Pool house renovation as well as demolition and replacement of old pool and spa. Address is same for both main house and guest house. Putney Farm as it is now known, received a plaque from the local preservation committee in 1913.

1938 - The Robert C. Green Camp, aka Greenhill, aka Green Camp, Mt. Diablo CA. Landscape by Thomas Church. Featured in House Beautiful, February 1941.

1938 - The W. F. Langelier Renovation, 52 Alvarado Road, Berkeley CA. Original house was built in 1910. Sold to Gary and Cynthia Roach.


1938 - The Life Magazine/Pollard House, No location found.

1938 - The Grace Ogg House, aka the Mrs. Alfred W. Ogg House, 145 Woodland Avenue, San Francisco CA. Sold in 1976 to Geoffrey and Patricia Greene. Deeded to Patricia Greene.

1938 - The Richard Raoul-Duval House, Burlingame Hills CA. Featured in The San Mateo Times, 2/27/1937. Landscape by Thomas Church.

1938 - The H. Brodie Stephens House, 17 San Andreas Way, San Francisco CA. Built in 1937. Sold to Joseph and Helen Bernstein. Sold in 2016 to Jeffrey Cooper. Video.

1938 - The John & Elizabeth Stephenson Renovation, 3662 Clay Street, San Francisco CA. Original home built in 1910. Renovated again in 1946. The Stephenson Trust sold the house in 1993 to British Pacific Investment Corp. Sold in 2005 to Robert T. Holden and Grace Won.

1938 - The Alfred and Rose Sutro Renovations, 3660 Jackson Street, San Francisco CA. House built in 1907. Wurster did a remodel in 1938, with an addition of a caretakers cottage in 1940, and alterations in 1941, and 1942-1944. Sold in 1978 to Fred Carroll. Sold in 2013 to Nmieke LLC.

1938 - The Donald Alexander House, Woodside CA.

1938 - The David Ball House, Carmel CA.

1938 - The Beaver House, Hollywood area of Los Angeles CA.

1938 - The Thomas Beck House, Hollywood area of Los Angeles CA.

1938 - The Earl C. Berger House, Los Altos CA. Addition in 1942.

1938 - The Richard Breuner House, 515 Miner Road, Orinda CA. Thomas Church, landscape architect. Remodeled in 1957 and an addition/ alteration in 1966. Sold to Peter and Marian Zischke. Deeded to Zischke Trust.

1938 - The Frank Brown House, Woodside CA.

1938 - The Paul C. Campbell House, Fremont Street, Stockton CA. Destroyed.

1938 - The Benjamin H. Cory House, Fresno CA.

1938 - The Vallejo Gantner House, Los Angeles CA. Probably unbuilt.

1938 - The Olin Garrison House, Happy Valley, Lafayette CA.

1938 - The Charles Grunsky House, Pasatiempo Golf Course, 6th Green, Santa Cruz CA. The Santa Cruz Sentinel mentions the house in January 1939.

1938 - The Mary Grace Hamilton House, San Rafael CA. She was a Professor of Humanities at Dominican College.

1938 - The Robert Harker House, Santa Cruz CA.

1938 - The Kent Woodlands, Lot Q Model Home, Kent Woodlands CA.

1938 - The William Kent Jr. Farmhouse, near Muir Woods in Marin County CA. Likely built; mention of a Mrs. William Kent Jr. cooking in her house in Marin County.

1938 - The D. D. MacGregor House, Pleasant Hill, Contra Costa County CA.

1938 - The Bliss Magly House, Mill Valley CA.

1938 - The W. S. Markham House, Salinas CA.

1938 - The Jessie McKinney House, Larkspur CA.

1938 - The Albert K. and Ellen Merchant House, Stockton CA. In late 1940s he was living at 1624 North Hunter Street, Stockton, built 1918. Possibly this is a remodel. Needs verification.

1938 - The John F. Neylan Renovation, 5050 Alpine Road from 1937 until 1944, when he moved to San Francisco. Original house aka Villa Lauriston was built in 1922 for Herbert E. Law by architect George Schastey. Neylan bought the home in 1937. The only mention of work that he had done was the addition of frescoes in the breakfast room.

1938 - The Dorothy Parker House, El Cerrito CA.

1938 - The G. Sheldon Perham House, Los Altos CA. Perham bought Deer Hollow Farm in 1937 and ran his construction company on the land. He is said to have died at his Los Altos ranch in 1955. Needs verification.

1938 - The George Pope House, San Mateo CA. Likely a vacation house.

1938 - The Postelwaite House, Kent Woodlands CA.

1938 - The John R. Reid House, Palo Alto CA.

1938 - The Augustus C. Schwager House, Millbrae CA.

1938 - The C. A. Webster House, Linden CA.

1938 - The Julia Wolf House, San Francisco CA.

1938 - The George Wolff House, San Anselmo CA.

1939 - The Lawrence and Flora Arnstein House, 30 Cragmont Avenue, San Francisco CA. Sold in 1991 to Allan and Maisie Wong, still owners as of 2016.

1939 - The H. W. Bradley House, 19 Hollins Drive, Pasatiempo Golf Club, Santa Cruz CA. Sold to Erik and Rhonda Nelson.

1939 - The Robert P Bullard House, 250 Locust Street, San Francisco CA. Alterations in 1953-1960. Landscape by Thomas Church. Sold in 1961 to John Rogers. Sold to Suzanne B. Orrick.

1939 - The California 1-4 U. S. Housing Authority, Valencia Gardens Development, bounded by Valencia and 14th and Guerrero and 15th, Mission District, San Francisco CA. The old Recreation park baseball stadium was razed in 1938 to make way for the 246-unit project funded by the USHA. It opened in 1943. Court-plan using inward facing buildings at the perimeter of the site, creating spacious and protected courtyards. The units had continuous balconies overlooking large interior courts. Glass-brick and smooth, concrete facades gave the building such an elegant look that the Museum of Modern Art singled it out as an outstanding example of modern housing. The development was razed in the mid 1990s and replaced by another building of the same name, bottom photo.

1939 - The Henry Dobie House, 22 Aladdin Terrace, San Francisco CA. By the mid 1950s it became a duplex. Sold around 1991 to Christopher Bigelow.

1939 - The Eleanor Gardner House, 70 Arden Road, Berkeley CA. Appears to be broken up into 4 separate units. Sold to Bryce F Howard. Sold in 2000 to Kathryn Kennedy.

1939 - The Frank and Martha Gerbode House, 2560 Divisadero Street, San Francisco CA. Additional alterations by Wurster throughout the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. Martha Gerbode was the first woman on a federal grand jury in San Francisco in 1939. Martha died in 1971, Frank died in 1984. Sold arouind 2003 to Douglas Shorenstein.


1939 - The Sadie Gregory Remodel, 1030 Vallejo Avenue, San Francisco CA. Original house built in 1888. Destroyed. Sadie Gregory lived at this address until 1942. Architect Eldridge Spencer lived there from 1945-1961. In 1962 the address disappears. In 1982 this 7-unit townhome (photo above) was designed by Esherick, Homsey, Dodge and Davis architects, readdressed as 1020.

1939 - The L. Chase Grover House, 2666 Broadway, San Francisco CA. Sold in 1946 to Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr., President and CEO of Levi Strauss. Published in California Arts & Architecture, December 1940. Sold in 2011 to John McLaughlin who did a major remodel and removed most of the Wurster character. Sold in 2013 to Mitchell and April Gariguto.

1939 - The William Kent Jr. Cabins, aka Steep Ravine Canyon, Stinson Beach CA. Steep Ravine was a haven for squatters drawn to its sulphur springs. In 1930 William Kent Jr. razed their shacks and built 13 rustic cabins, which he rented at a fair price. The Army took it over during WWII. After the war the cabins were leased to his family and friends. The land was later acquired by the state and, due to government bureaucracy, fell into disrepair. In 1980 the cabins received a much-needed makeover.

1939 - The Alfred E. Raas House, 2240 Cowper Street, Palo Alto CA. Sold in 1962 to Jack and Mary Wheatley. Wurster designed a second story addition in 1964. A patio was enclosed in 1982. Still owned by the Wheatley family as of 2015.

1939 - The Grant Selfridge Apartment Renovation, 2090 Broadway, San Francisco CA.

Around 1939 - The Lawrence Strauss House, 8 Stonewall Road, Berkeley CA. Sold to Terry K & S Fowler. Sold in 1992 to Craig Holvoet. Sold in 2013 to Jenna and Andrew Brimmer.

1939 - The Jerd and Josephine Sullivan House, 19870 Lark Way, Saratoga CA. Additions in 1941, 1955, & 1957. In 1944 Thomas Church did an updated landscape. Sold to Malcolm and Justine Forbes.

1939 - The William Corbus House, 239 Felton Drive, Menlo Park CA. Additions in 1944-1948, remodeled in 1955-1957. Sold to the Carolyn Betz Caloyeras and Virginia Betz Chomat Trust.

1939 - The F. Cecil Baker House, Pasatiempo Golf Club, Santa Cruz CA.

1939 - The Philip Bancroft House, Walnut Creek CA.

1939 - The Belvedere Land Company, Belvedere CA.

1939 - The R. D. Berst House, Walnut Creek CA.

1939 - The David Bouverie House, Glen Ellen CA. Probably unbuilt. David Bouverie was a London architect who moved to Glen Ellen and bought a large piece of land in 1938. While there is a home there, built for author MFK Fisher, it was designed by Bouverie.

1939 - The John Breschini House, Salinas CA.

1939 - The Howard Brown House, San Francisco CA.

1939 - The Robert Brown House, Hillsborough CA.

1939 - The Clara and Malcolm Bruce Multiple Residential, San Francisco CA.

1939 - The Prentis Burtis House, 3591 Jackson Street, San Francisco CA.

1939 - The Horace Cagwin House, Mill Valley CA. In 1940 he's listed at 164 Summit Avenue. There is no longer a 164, there is a 160 and a 170, both of which were built in the early teens. Addresses have probably changed. Only house found on Summit Avenue built in 1939 is 343, which wouldn't be the house.

1939 - The George J. Calder Alterations, Mill Valley CA.

1939 - The Herbert S. Chapman House, Stockton CA.

1939 - The Allen Chickering Jr. Ski Cabin, Soda Springs CA. Part of the Sugar Bowl Ski Cabins.

1939 - The Gardner Chiles House, Point Richmond CA.

1939 - The E. M. Cipperley House, Richmond CA.

1939 - The Jack and Lois Clumeck House, San Francisco CA. Address from the late 1930s until at least mid 1940s was 3990 Clay Street, a home built in 1908. May have been alterations.

1939 - The Hugh Crawford House, Orinda CA.

1939 - The Mrs. William Denman House, San Francisco CA. If completed, it was an alteration. In 1941, the Denmans lived at 2140 Pacific Avenue, built in 1929. By 1943 they are at 2990 Green Street, built in 1923. The second home is now 2 units.

1939 - The John Donovan House, Reno NV.

1939 - The E. M. Gallagher House, San Francisco CA.

1939 - The James A. Gould House, Old Lyme CT.

1939 - The Walter Hass Jr. Ski Cabin, Sugar Bowl, Soda Springs CA.

1939 - The Fred T. Hale House, Santa Cruz CA.

1939 - The E. H. Heller House, Atherton CA. Altered in 1951 and 1964.

1939 - The Julian C. Jacobson House, Santa Cruz CA.

1939 - The Gerald Kennedy House, Stockton CA. Additions in 1953.

1939 - The L. W. Langdon House, Hillsborough CA.

1939 - The V. F. Lassagne House, Happy Valley CA.

1939 - The Frank Lyman House, Atherton CA. Featured in House & Garden, 1941.

1939 - The A. F. Maier House, Marin County CA.

1939 - The Thomas McCormack House, Rio Vista CA. The McCormacks had a historic home on South 2nd in Rio Vista built in 1902. He was a California senator.

1939 - The Minor Homes Development, Floribunda Avenue, Hillsborough CA. There are two homes on Floribunda with dates in this range, 1800 and 1802. Needs verification.

1939 - The G. F. Morrill House, Los Altos CA.

1939 - The James Moser House, Richmond CA.

1939 - The Darrow Palmer House, Pasatiempo, Santa Cruz CA. Sold to the Seigle family.

1939 - The Albert Petit House, Kent Woodlands CA.

1939 - The Mabel Pierce House, Saratoga CA.

1939 - The Leland Rosener House, Atherton CA. Altered in 1946.

1939 - The William Roth House.

1939 - The Hannes Schroll House, Placer County CA. Hannes Schroll was an Austrian Alpine ski racer who was one of the founders of Sugar Bowl Ski Resort. This is likely one of the cabins Wurster designed.

1939 - The Vernon Scott House, Orinda CA.

1939 - The Archie Stevenson House, Atherton CA. Additions in 1941.

1939 - The Helen Trevor House, Berkeley CA. Possible address: 2436 Street, Berkeley. Trevor was living at this address in 1941. House was built in 1906, effective year built 1928, so it could have been alterations.

1939 - The Lynn A. Vietor House, Eureka CA. Unbuilt. Vietor commissioned John Yeon to design a Modernist house in 1941, which was completed.

1939 - The John W. Watson House, Sausalito CA.

1939 - The Gatis Yates House, San Francisco CA. In the 1942 directory he is listed in Los Altos, no address found.

1940 - The Wakefield Baker Renovations, 2750 Broadway, San Francisco CA. Original home built in 1908. Sold to Peabody Estate. Sold in 2012 to Nancy Alder and Arnold Milstein.

1940 - The Doris McMillan House, 2551 Greenwich Street, San Francisco CA. Commissioned in 1938. Sold in 1953 to Archie Wedemeyer. Listed as 3 apartments in 1955, with Wedemeyer being there until 1965. Listed as 3 apartments through 1980. Sold to Clara and Harry Bowman. Sold in 2012 to Sharon Purewal.



1940 - The Sugarbowl Ski Lodge, Soda Springs CA. Started by four men including Sherman Chickering. Cabins were designed by Wurster for Chickering, Walter Haas Jr., and Brooks Walker in 1938-1939, as well as the main ski lodge. A description from an early newsletter reads: "The sleeping quarters consist of separate rooms for about 25 persons supplemented by a men's and a women's dormitory, each of which accommodates 10 guests." The lodge also included a dining room, bar, and ski shop.

1940 - The Martin and Francis Dinkelspiel House, 301 Ascot Road, Hillsborough CA. Sold in 1998 to Andrew and Wendy Klein.

1940 - The Ludwig Emge Renovation, 109 Edgewood Avenue, San Francisco CA. House was built in 1908. Mrs. Emge lived there until 1982. Sold to James and Lititia Brown.

1940 - The James J. Farley House, 91 Stonewall Road, Berkeley CA. Sold to the Mishkin Trust. Sold in 2009 to Jonathan Westover.

1940 - The James Flood House, 331 Greer Road, Woodside CA. None of the historical records of this house indicate that Wurster was the architect, although there are drawings and photographs in his collection. All reports just say that Flood built the house in 1941. Thomas Church is credited with the landscape, although reports read that Mrs. Flood was more in charge of the plantings, and most of the Church plants are no longer there. His signature oval pool was still there when Mrs. Flood died in 2011 and the children put the home on the market. Sold around 2017 to 331 Greer Road LLC.

1940 - The Eleanor Gardner House, 70 Arden Road, Berkeley CA. Sold to Howard Bryce. Sold in 2000 to Kathryn Kennedy. Part of the Panoramic Hill Historic District National Register listing.

1940 - The Eugene Grau House, 470 School Street, Fremont CA. Sold in 1965 to the City of Fremont to be a community center, still active in 2017. Grau also had Wurster design a new medical office and emergency clinic on Main Street. Said to be the first specifically designed medical services building in Niles, it is also still in use as of 2015.


1940 - The Alfred and Alma Hitchcock Alterations, Scotts Valley Ranch, Santa Cruz CA. The Hitchcocks purchased the home from the original owners, Bruce and Helen Cornwall in 1930. They extended the wine cellar and kitchen. Roy Rydell landscaped the property with a "deux oiseaux" ("Two Birds") mosaic by Georges Braque. Sold in 1974 to James Scoppetone. Sold in 1978 to Robert Brassfield.


1940 - The Johns-Manville House Prototype. Wurster designed a 4-room, small house for their catalogue, which they felt was "too modern for our products." In the final design Wurster questioned whether his name "should be under such an emasculated affair." The prototype appeared as "The Beacon" in the Housing Guild's 1940 Small House Catalogue.


1940 - The Charles B. Kuhn Addition, 3751 Old Yerba Buena Road, San Jose CA. Bay window added and further additions in 1950 and 1953.


1940 - The Robert and Mary Leet House, 6238 Estates Drive, Piedmont CA. Wurster also designed alterations in 1960. Dr. Leet owned the home until at least 1972. Sold prior to 2014 to David Rovno.



1940 - The George Lyman House, 3673 Jackson Street, San Francisco CA. Likely a renovation of an existing house. Needs verification.





1940 - The Oliver B. Lyman House, Tiburon CA. Featured in Architectural Record, November 1943.


1940 - The Kenneth Mortsolf House, 19 Sargent Lane, Atherton CA. Destroyed around 2004, new house built in 2006 (last photo).





1940 - The Gail Oliver House, 1515 13th Avenue, Sacramento CA. Sold to Daniel and Laura King.

1940 - The Saxton T. Jr. and Jeanne Pope House II, Acalanes Road, Orinda/Lafayette CA. Featured in House Beautiful, February 1941; House & Garden, August 1943; Pencil Points, October 1943; California Arts & Architecture, December 1943; and Ladies Home Journal, 7/7/1949.


1940 - The John Raggio House, Wildwood Gardens, Piedmont CA.






1940 - The A. G. Reynolds and Maud Clark House, 6470 Mount Madonna Road, Gilroy CA. Interior decorator, Everett Sebring. Wurster employed the use of ramps instead of stairs throughout the home. Sold prior to 2014 to Bruce and Coral Harper.





1940 - The Helen Dunning Rich House, 173-175 Chestnut Street, San Francisco CA. Wurster also did additions in 1969. Sold in 2018 to Michael and Gabrielle Boyd who restored and updated the home. Restored by BoydDesign. Sold in 2020.



1940 - The F. Drennon Stoller House, 719 Bay Street, San Francisco CA. Part of a multi-family complex built in 1937. Both units of 719 were sold in 2014 to Lisa Grimes Cohen, with one listed as vacant. The addresses run 719-731 with a total of 8 units.





1940 - The William R. and Ina Claire Wallace Remodel, 930 Chestnut Street, San Francisco. Interior remodel of a 1900 house. Ina Claire Wallace was a vaudeville star. Sold in 1953 to Selby McCreery. Sold in 1955. Sold in 2018 to JI Property, LLC.





1940 - The George Sibbett Multi Residential Project, 1120 Greenwich Street, San Francisco CA. Published in Architectectural Record, January 1941.

1940 - The Hans Barkan Remodel, 3653 Jackson, San Francisco CA. House originally built in 1913.

1940 - The S. W. Beeman House, Burlingame CA.

1940 - The Alice M. Bellman House, 396 Diamond Street, San Francisco CA. Converted into townhomes addressed 394-396 Diamond. Sold to John Jeffrey Davis and William J. Peters. Sold in 1995 to James V. and Sandra Visser. Sold in 2001 to Fu Hua Chen. Sold in 2004 to Jeffrey Baker.

1940 - The B. D. Burch House, Livermore CA.

1940 - The Alice and Marion Burr Additions, 1772 Vallejo Street, San Francisco CA. House originally built in 1875 for Ephraim Burr, then Mayor of San Francisco. Wurster designed assorted residential units on other parts of the property.

1940 - The John David Campbell Renovation, 2920 Lake Street, San Francisco CA. House originally built in 1928. Additions and alterations from 1942- 1953. The house was under a different owner after 1953 but still listed in Wurster's collection as alterations done for the Campbell house in San Francisco in 1963. Sold in mid-1980s to John C. and Dorthea Stein.

1940 - The Paul Case House, Piedmont CA. Alterated in 1942.

1940 - The L. S. Connick House, Lafayette CA.

1940 - The Harold A. and Virginia Fletcher House, Wolfe Grade, Kentfield CA.

1940 - The R. P. Flint House, Woodside CA.

1940 - The John H. Furday House, Mill Valley CA.

1940 - The Millen Griffith House, 111 Upper Road, San Rafael CA. Additions by Wurster in 1948. Landscape by Lockwood DeForest. Sold in the early 1960s to Ed Chamberlain. Sold around 1967 to John H Chase. Sold in 1972 to Edward and Marjorie Ruff. Sold in 1990 to Thomas and Diane Durst. Sold to Astrid Deeth and Bo Stehlen. In 2011 they did a remodel led by architect Steven Willrich.

1940 - The Edgar and Nina Haber House, Mora Drive, Los Altos CA.

1940 - The Morgan Hind House, Kent Woodlands CA.

1940 - The Frank Hinman House, Woodside CA.

1940 - The Muriel Knowles House, Vallejo CA.

1940 - The Warren McKibben House, Nary Red Road, Alta CA.

1940 - The Balfe Ranch for Victor McLaglen, Clovis CA. Sold in 1950 to William Bizieff.

1940 - The Adolf G. Meyer House, San Francisco CA.

1940 - The Henry Newmark House, Palo Alto CA.

1940 - The Richard Pencharz House, Kentfield CA.

1940 - The G. D. Pettigrew House, Atherton CA.

1940 - The Mrs. Samuel G. Scales House, San Francisco CA.

1940 - The Robert Schurman House, Green Oaks CA. Probably unbuilt. In May of 1940, Schurman and attorney Thomas Ashby purchased 115 acres adjacent to the Lindenwood residential area from Maud Flood, whose family owned the Flood Estate "Lindenwood Towers." After the death of Mr. Flood, the land was sold in parcels. Mr. Schurman died in February 1941 at the age of 54.

1940 - The Billy Wilder House, Los Angeles, CA. Unbuilt.

1940 - The Howard E. Williams House, Woodside CA.

1940 - The William Wurster Apartment Building, San Francisco CA.

1940 - The John Zuckerman House, Stockton CA.





1941 - The Ewing Sibbett House, 1116 Greenwich Street, San Francisco CA.


1941 - The Frank Belcher House, Saratoga CA. Additions in 1945-1950.


1941 - The William Bender Alterations, San Francisco CA. Possibly 130 Dorantes Avenue (above photo). Needs verification.

USModernist USModernist

1941 - The R. D. Berst House, Walnut Creek CA.




1941 - The Caquinez Heights War Housing, aka CAL 4086, Vallejo CA. Housing for 1,677 war workers. Closed down in 1953. 400 units were offered for sale, the rest would be carted away by June 1955. The development was featured as an abstract interpretation by Ray Eames on the cover of Arts & Architecture Magazine, May 1942. Altered in 1947.


1941 - The Ann V. Craig House, Scenic Road, Carmel CA.


1941 - The Edwin B. Fuld House, 1030 Bristol Avenue, Stockton CA. Wurster built additions in 1946-1949. Sold to Thomas Peter Campora.


1941 - The Kenneth Gardner House, San Francisco CA.


1941 - The Albert Grunsky House, 680 West Sonoma, Stockton CA. Sold in 2011 to Gregory Barnett.





1941 - The Wilson and Patricia Stegeman House, 2727 Montecito Avenue, Santa Rosa CA. Sold to Harold and Georgia Yang. Sold in 2017 to Tom and Carol Henry.


1941 - The Lisle S and Margaret Hamm Remodel, 3414 Washington Street, San Francisco CA. Original house built in 1900. Sold in 2017 to the Vankatesan Family Trust.


1941 - The S. W. Hurwitt House, 2517 Cabrillo Street, San Francisco CA. Sold in 2007 to Mark and Nataliya Kirovsky.


1941 - The Don King Remodel, 207 Cherry Street, San Francisco CA. Original house built in 1909. Sold in 1978 to J. Gordon Turnbull. Sold in 1986 to Maryann Kirchner.



1941 - The A. L. Mosher Remodel, 2450 Green Street, San Francisco CA. Original house built in 1907. An addition to the front of the house was built in 1959 by Harold Ringrose, the owner at the time who lived there until his death in 1967. It is now listed as "flats and duplex, with 3 residential units." Sold in 2011 to the Plazman-Dowling Family Trust.


1941 - The William Nigh House, 3636 Jackson Street, San Francisco CA. After Nigh's death in 1952, William Nigh Jr. and his wife owned the house until 1962. Sold in 1962 to Kjell Qvale. Sold in 2014 for the first time in over 50 years to Ray Dolby. One of the most expensive houses sold that year in San Francisco at $11M.





1941 - The Harley and Georgiana Stevens House, 1641 Green Street, San Francisco CA. Alterations by Wurster in 1958-1961. Owned by Mrs. Stevens until her death in 2004, just shy of her 100th birthday. Sold in 2014 to her nephew, John Kirkwood, who previously owned the house, now condominiums, next door. For a brief time in the late 1940s, while the couple was in Beirut, the house was rented out. Thomas Church did the landscaping.


1941 - The Henry Timby House, 621 Knoll Drive, San Carlos CA. Wurster also designed additions and further alterations from 1944-1967. Still in the Timby family as of 2020.


1941 - The Everett Turner House, 1010 Brady Avenue, Modesto CA. Thomas Church was the landscape architect. Sold to Barbara Han.




1941 - The Jacob P. and Philippine Rettenmayer Alterations, 206 Edgewood Avenue, San Francisco CA. Original house built in 1900. Sold in 1956 to Van Volcott. For sale in the early 1980s and 1990s. Sold in 2004. Sold to the Alice Larkin Trust. Sold in 2018 to Michael Chui and Kathleen Gabel.




1941 - The Cornelius G. Willis House, 650 Baldwin Court, Sierra Madre CA. Sold in 2011 to Greg and Sarah Jane Harman.


1941 - The Allen Chickering Jr. House, 2909 Woodside Road, Woodside CA. Wurster did subsequent alterations in 1951 and 1956-1960. Wurster worked on at least nine projects for the Chickering family, including 1934 alterations to 2730 Union in San Francisco. Sold in 1989 to Christoper Skarakis.

1941 - 2514 Gough Street, San Francisco CA. Sold to George H. and Hester Stevenson. Sold in 2014.

1941 - The J. C. Baker House, Hillsborough CA.

1941 - The John Bradley House, Burlingame CA. Additions in 1955 by Wurster.

1941 - The Galt Bell House, Los Angeles CA. Bell was a theater actor.

1941 - The Paul Casey House, Woodside CA.

1941 - The Mrs. Edmund Dexter House, Carmel Valley CA.

1941 - The J. Lloyd Eaton House, Berkeley CA.

1941 - The Felton Elkis House, San Francisco CA.

1941 - The B. J. Gratama House, Sausalito CA.

1941 - The Jerome Hill Ski Lodge, Sugar Bowl CA.

1941 - The Faye Hogue House, Berkeley CA. Hogue was Wurster's secretary.

1941 - The R. F. Johnson House, Kent Woodlands CA.

1941 - The W. J. Kitchell House, Sonoita AZ.

1941 - The Joseph Leon House.

1941 - The Theodore and Louise Lilienthal House, Hillsborough CA.

1941 - The Oliver Lombardi Ski Cabin, Sugar Bowl, Placer County CA.

1941 - The Peter and Barbara Lowe House, Lovell Avenue, Mill Valley CA.

1941 - The Oliver B. and Hilda Lyman Remodel, 2675 Green Street, San Francisco CA. Original house built in 1912. Sold in 1956 to the Hunt family.

1941 - The R. B. MacBride House, Modesto CA.

1941 - The Douglas McCormack House, Rio Vista CA (Solano County).

1941 - The Mary McDougal House, Emerald Bay CA.

1941 - The Warren Palmer House, Kent Woodlands CA. Altered in 1946-1948 by Wurster.

1941 - The San Francisco Housing Authority, aka CAL 4155. Multi-residential war housing development with architects Hutchinson and Bernardi.

1941 - The Augustus V. Saph Jr. House, Berkeley CA.

1941 - The U. S. Housing Authority of San Francisco Dos Rios Low cost housing development, built on 32 acres on North 12st Street, known as the Amy Greenlaw property, Sacramento CA. Unbuilt. It was to be a $570,000 housing project consisting of 310 units in 61 buildings for 1,250+ people but ended up as 170 1-4 bedroom duplex units. Wurster did not get the job, the architects were Harry Devine, Charles Dean, and Leonard Starks.

1941 - The Roma Ware Alterations, Harrington Hill, Warrensburg NY.

1941 - The C. A. Webster House, Linden CA.

1941 - The C. A. (Charles Lamberson) Webster House, Oakland CA.

1941 - The Henry Jr. and Roberta Westbrook House, Smith River CA.

1942 - The Everett Glass House, 70 Twain Avenue, Berkeley CA. Commissioned in 1939. Designated Berkeley Landmark in 1995. Glass was an actor and Professor of Dramatic Arts at Berkeley. Sold around 1992 to Jay and Zela Claiborne.


1942 - The Homer C. and June Bolter Alterations, 430 Kentucky Street, Vacaville CA. Original house built in 1939. Sold to Christine Van Zant.



1942 - The United States Housing Authority Defense Housing, aka Chabot Terrace (CAL-4211), located north of present day Highway 37 and east of Broadway, near Vallejo CA. 3,000 units. Wurster and Ernest Kemp worked together to design a single demountable row house. 644 units could be deouted into 4' sections. Two types "A" and "O", the differences only observable at sale. Each had 1, 2, and 3 bedrooms. By 1957, the units were all sold off, buyers had to remove them from the land. Picture from the Michael J. Semas Collection.

1942 - The Wolski House, San Frandisco CA. Built for two musicians on a narrow lot.


1942 - The A. L. Adkins House, Vallejo CA.

1942 - The Mary B. Alexander House, Las Aromas, Orinda CA.

1942 - The George Bannister House, Tiburon CA.

1942 - The Grinnell Burt House, Palermo CA.

1947 - The Florence Walters House, aka Ferryboat House, San Francisco CA. Featured in House & Home, September 1952.


1947 - The Donald Sprague Nichols House, 450 Fulton Road, San Mateo CA. Commissioned in 1941. Destroyed in 2006.

1949 - The Case Study House 3, 13187 Chalon Road, Los Angeles CA. Designed with Theodore Bernardi. Destroyed.


Around 1950 - The Perry Allen House, 769 Duncan, San Francisco CA. Also included 777 Duncan. Destroyed in the late 1980s.

1951 - The Heller House, Noth Lake Tahoe CA.

1953 - The Helen E. Myers House, 10 Normandie Terrace, San Francisco CA. Sold in 2016.

1956 - The George Pope House, Madera CA. Won a 1957 AIA Journal Western Home Award. Featured in Architectural Record, April 1960

1957 - The W. Henderson House, Hilsborough CA. Landscape design by Thomas Church. Featured in Architectural Record, April 1960; House & Garden, August 1961; House Beautiful, August 1963.


1958 - The James V. and Alma Coleman House, 2850 Broadway, San Francisco CA. Landscape design by Thomas Church. Sold in 1988 to Larry Ellison. Extensively renovated, leaving little of Wurster's design.

1959 - 3610 Washington Street, San Francisco CA. Sold in 2016.


1961 - 2424 Jones Street, San Francisco CA. Sold in 1990.

1962 - 796 Cedro Way, Stanford CA. Designed by Wurster, Bernardi and Emmons. Sold in 2024.

1963 - The Morley and Frances Baer House, Big Sur CA. Featured in House & Garden, June 1970.

Sources include: The Houses of William Wurster by Brostrom and Peter.